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Hi there!

I live in Atlanta with my husband, Matt, our kiddos, Jackson and Gemma, and our 3 fur babies, Scout, Boo, and Finch (yes, like the book!). 

I’m a Libra, an Enneagram 3w2 (that’s code for overachiever…I’m working on it), an INTJ, a Questioner, a Generator, an outgoing introvert, a bookworm, information addict, sushi fiend, animal lover, an OCD planner and an entrepreneur down to my bones.

I’m Kate Kordsmeier, a working mom, writer, educator, coach and creative entrepreneur.

Though my first digital course, 6FBA (the exact, step-by-step system I used to grow Root + Revel into a valuable asset I later sold for multiple six-figures) was successful, that's not the whole picture.

Let me be clear: mine isn’t an overnight success story with a “six-figure launch!” on my first try. Nor do we help our clients create momentary success. We are in this for the long haul, creating a business that can stand the test of time, leaving a legacy, and creating a future. 

It is my mission to revolutionize the way women live and work by supporting them to build highly profitable, soul-aligned and hands-off online businesses without burning out so they can reclaim their lives, and create massive wealth, power and freedom. 

I should know. While I've made over $1.7 million from my blog, courses and coaching programs, I've also had 2 babies (and taken 6 months of paid self-employed maternity leave), dealt with chronic health conditions and crippling anxiety and panic attacks, taken so many weeks of vacation, created incredible friendships and memories, and experienced more joy, freedom and fulfillment than I ever thought possible.  

USA Today, Travel + Leisure, The Washington Post, Forbes, Esquire, Conde Nast Traveler, Wine Enthusiast, SELF and Real Simple. I’m also the author of the cookbook Atlanta Chef’s Table: Extraordinary Recipes from the Big Peach.

In October 2015, after being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and hypothyroidism, I created Root + Revel, a holistic wellness blog with a focus on true mind-body-soul wellbeing, no dieting required! 

After turning the blog into a profitable, purpose-filled business, I started getting questions from people nearly daily about how I did it. And so the Six-Figure Blog Academy (6FBA) was born. 

For nearly a decade, I was a full-time, freelance journalist for over 125 magazines, newspapers and websites, including...

This is not an overnight success story!


How’d we get here?

It’s been A JOURNEY

Ditched corporate cube life after 4 months and became a freelance journalist where it was literally my job to travel the world and report on the most delicious foods, hottest restaurants and happenings. Talk about a dream job--getting paid to eat and travel!


 Started a holistic wellness blog, Root + Revel, after being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and hypothyroidism to share my story and help others find
true mind-body-soul wellbeing.


Welcomed my first child into the world and took a 4-month paid maternity leave (something I never thought possible as a self-employed entrepreneur). Made $58,000 while not working, snuggling my newborn and healing. 


Launched the Six-Figure Blog Academy, a digital course teaching the exact, step-by-step system I used to grow Root + Revel into a six-figure business in just three years. 


The Success with Soul Podcast was born, 1 month before my 2nd child made her debut (and I made $135,000 on this maternity leave thanks to my evergreen funnel for 6FBA)! 

Launched 21 Days to Impact, my second online course, after seeing a need to simplify the tech side of creating + launching a website, blog and online business. 


Launched the Success with Soul Incubator and in an effort to simplify and streamline by own business, I also retired 21 Days to Impact and 6FBA as standalone courses (both are now housed exclusively inside the Incubator) and I sold my blog, Root + Revel, for multiple six figures.



Bringing in nearly $50K months without social media, paid ads or burning out!

I teach and empower course creators and coaches and other online business owners inside my Success with Soul Incubator coaching and mastermind program to help them flourish as the soul-aligned CEO they were born to be. 


Jayce Marie Dayap

Jayce is the behind-the-scenes guru slaying on all things customer service, admin support, and systems assistance. She's passionate about creating the life you love, therefore, helping Team KK lead the way for female entrepreneurs to do the same. When not at her work desk, she's a cuddly cat-mom to Murphy & Missy!

operations admin

Meet the

Dream Team

Indira Dejtiar

A certified Online Business Manager (OBM), Indira manages the back-end of Team KK. A feminist and proud member of the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities, Indira is vehemently committed to social justice issues, politics, and the 14th Amendment. She's also a Board Certified NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner and Life and Success Coach, and mom to an amazing Leo boy and a fiercely loyal Sagittarius dog.


Rachel Silves

After working as an herbalist, Certified Level 1 Aromatherapist holistic health coach, and over a decade of owning her own businesses rooted in social justice, community health and coaching, Rachel brought her passion for helping entrepreneurs succeed and her natural coordination abilities to get things done to Team KK. Rachel is a mom to two energetic girls and loves spending time in nature.  

Program + Marketing Coordinator

Kelly Marshall

As a certified Money Breakthrough Business Coach with over 20 years of experience in corporate accounting and bookkeeping, Kelly is obsessed with numbers and helping women breakthrough their money mindset blocks. Though she could work anywhere, Kelly chose to focus on working with heart-centered entrepreneurs because she deeply believes in the need for their work to heal and bring joy to the world. Her two first loves are her husband, Justin, and daughter, Lily.  



Belema Ronabere

Belema is our tech and automations wizard, lending her hand inside our fancy software tools like Kartra, Zapier and Airtable. The co-founder of Nabily, Belema is an expert in launching, scalable systems, websites and tech set up. Belema calls Barbados home. We'd be utterly lost without her! 


Caroline Fausel

Caroline Fausel is an Incubator Alumni who loved the program so much she decided to join Team KK as our Sales Representative. Her goal is to help enroll more women to achieve massive transformation in their business and life. Caroline is also health and wellness blogger at Olive You Whole where she helps women build healthy, connected, and intentional lives that fulfills their greatest purpose. 


Siri Myhrom

A former college composition instructor and ESL teacher, Siri is the copywriter for Team KK. She has an M.A. in Creative Nonfiction Writing, has been freelancing for 15 years, and has wanted to be a writer since she was in the third grade. When she's not working, she's biking Minneapolis with her husband and two daughters, daydreaming by the lake, enjoying a cold plunge, or puttering in her garden. 


Olivia Blase

Olivia has followed many different paths and passions (as a true Gemini) since graduating in 2015 with a degree in International Studies and Community Development. She has worked primarily in the nonprofit sector, serving as a writer and a program manager at organizations that serve women and youth. Her passion for seeing others live their best lives is what motivates her to support Team KK and all the amazing women they serve. Currently, she lives in Madrid, Spain, and is loving the European life (and wine!). 

operations asssistant

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Whether you’re interested in blogging, SEO, organic traffic without social media, evergreen funnels, or other passive income streams, the Success with Soul blog will help you create a profitable online business where you never have to point on an Instagram reel again! 



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