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069: How to Integrate Spirituality in Business with Kc Rossi

Think your spiritual and business paths are separate? Think again! It’s time to embrace and integrate your spirituality in business–and watch your results grow!

Do You Balance Your Spirituality in Business?

In the old business-as-usual paradigm, incorporating spirituality into your business was typically a big no-no. It was seen as “unprofessional” and not widely accepted.

Today, we’re ready to bust that paradigm! People are craving authenticity, the integration of work and daily life, and are ready to create their own reality where they write the rules.

The best part is, when you come from this place, your ideal clients start gravitating to you and you get to hang out and serve the exact people who are fully aligned with your mission and higher purpose!

Today, we’re talking all about this intersection of business and spirituality. How do you incorporate both into your mission, into your own day-to-day life, and how do you actually serve your clients from this place? Listen to find out!

How to incorporate spirituality in business and be a soul driven Entrepreneur

My guest today, Kc Rossi, is a Business & Leadership Coach who helps women scale a profitable and soul-aligned business. She is the Founder of the Soulprint Method™, a system that helps entrepreneurs leverage their strengths joyfully to enhance performance and thrive. She is the host of the Women Developing Brilliance® podcast; a show dedicated to growth strategies for leaders with a purpose.

Kc’s been a full-time entrepreneur since 1991 and has built 6 and 7+ figure businesses. Kc is also a Certified Aromatherapist, Mind-Body Eating Coach, and NLP Practitioner which allows her to bring a holistic and intuitive approach to her coaching.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The difference between spirituality and religion, and how to incorporate spirituality into your business
  • How to implement digital minimalism–even if you own an online business!
  • The practical tools you can use to slow down, get quiet, and actually hear your intuition
  • Kc’s holistic Soul Print Method for balancing both the feminine and masculine sides of business
  • How to tap into your heart wisdom and experience your highest potential

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FAQs About Spirituality in Business

What is spirituality?

Spirituality is a broad concept with room for many perspectives. In general, it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and it typically involves a search for meaning in life. Spirituality is very individual and there is no one right way to feel it. Spirituality doesn’t take away from anything that you already feel connected to, like a particular religion, but rather adds to it.

What is digital minimalism?

Digital minimalism is a philosophy that helps you question what digital communication tools (and behaviors surrounding these tools) add the most value to your life. Digital minimalism requires that you identify what values and activities are priorities in your life, determine which digital tools promote those priorities, and implement constraints for using these tools to maximize their benefits and minimize their harm and distraction.

What is spiritual bypassing?

Spiritual bypassing is a way of hiding behind spirituality or spiritual practices. It prevents people from acknowledging what they are feeling and distances them from both themselves and others. It’s when you’re conceptually taking in information, but not applying it or embodying it into your life.

Kate Kordsmeier 0:00

Welcome, welcome, welcome. We're back with the Success with Soul podcast. I'm your host, Kate Kordsmeier. And today we are getting spiritual. So we've got KC Rossi in the house today KC is a business and leadership coach who helps women scale a profitable and soul aligned business using her soul print method. It's a system that helps entrepreneurs leverage their strengths joyfully to enhance performance and thrive. She's also the host of the women developing brilliance podcast, which is a show I was recently on as well. So after you listen to this episode, go listen to our chat over there. And KC knows her stuff. She is a certified aroma therapist, a mind body eating coach and an NLP practitioner, which allows her to bring a truly holistic and intuitive approach to her coaching, which is so cool that she truly has the credentials to back up her work. So today, we're chatting all about the intersection of business and spirituality, like how do we incorporate both into our mission, our day to day into how we speak to our target market and to how we design our programs and actually support our clients. We're covering it all. It's a good one. So buckle up, let's go. You're listening to the Success with Soul podcast with Kate Kordsmeier x journalists turned CEO of a multi six figure blog in online business. But it wasn't that long ago that Kate was a struggling entrepreneur who lacked confidence, clarity, and let's be honest money. But all those failures, experiments and lessons learned helped Kate create a thriving business that impacts 1000s and brings freedom, flexibility and fulfillment to her life. If you're ready to do the same and make something happen with holistic, soulful, step by step strategies from Kate and other experts, you're in the right place. here's your host, writer, educator, Mom, recovering perfectionist, bookworm and sushi connoisseur, Kate Kordsmeier. KC, welcome Success with Soul. Thank you so much for having me, Kate. It's always fun when we can go on like each other's podcast. So I was on your show a couple weeks ago. And immediately after chatting with obviously she needs to now come on Success with Soul is so good. And I just feel like we have we're cut from the same cloth. So I'm very excited to have you here today.

KC Rossi 2:18

Same I totally agree. And I love these collabs I feel like the conversations just continue to get deeper and deeper and deeper. So

Kate Kordsmeier 2:26

I'm thrilled. Me too. Okay. Well, I think the main focus that I want to have in our conversation today is about merging spirituality and business together. And I feel like it's something that, particularly in the masculine model space of business is not something that we talk a lot about. So I know this is something that that you've been focusing on, I'd love to know why you believe it's important to kind of incorporate spirituality and intuition into your coaching and business.

KC Rossi 2:55

Yeah, for me, I feel like it's such a solid foundation, and you can't have one without the other because we truly bring herself with us wherever we go. And leadership and running a successful and sustainable and soulful business begins with ourselves. And when we're in alignment with our faith, when we can press pause long enough to cultivate the stillness to even have the big listening ears of what intuition is calling for us to do. It's going to change the trajectory of everything. The other big piece I feel about that is like when we, as entrepreneurs bring that spiritual aspect into our business, we look at it in such a bigger way where it's not just profit driven. But we're connected more to a mission, we have a higher purpose, we're connected more to our deep why. So it just it makes for something that's one way more enjoyable. And too We're connecting to our divine right clients, because like begets like, so it just feels like to me the way that I want to proceed forward. And I think that what I'm seeing are more and more people are giving themselves permission to integrate. Because I think years ago, especially it was the case for myself, I lived in a very black and white life. I had my nine to five, I was buttoned up, I was super professional, and then I could live in color home, do my thing, do my yoga, do my meditation, and whatever. But I never really brought them together because I didn't think it was quote unquote, professional or accepted. And I think we're now ready to bust that paradigm and create a new reality and be like, actually, we can be integrated, and people are craving that integration and they're craving that authenticity. And those that aren't doing it are going like Why haven't I been doing this before? And we're getting inspired by watching other people do it and doing it with grace. Totally.

Kate Kordsmeier 4:49

There's this great book that's not about this topic at all. And I feel like I'm quoting it all the time. But Dr. Angela Lauria wrote it's called make them beg to work for you. But one of the things she talks about is work life balance and how for so long, especially women have been striving to find this elusive work life balance, but that work and life are not two separate things that they are truly integrated. And so the scale is something that has many measuring trays and on it is family and hobbies and chores and work and other life things. And it's balancing all of those things and integrating them all together. And so I love that you shared that and thinking like it used to be the old paradigm is you can't bring your life to work. That's unprofessional. But actually, particularly when you're an entrepreneur, and you're creating things from scratch, you're creating the work that you want, we get to write the rules.

KC Rossi 5:41

Yeah, that's the most exciting thing you get, write the rules. And then it's like this big surprise moment that you're actually having more people gravitate towards you and people that you're excited to hang out with and to serve. Right, right.

Kate Kordsmeier 5:56

So when I guess let's kind of go back to basics here. What does spirituality mean to you? I know that, you know, I grew up in a kind of conservative household. And just generally my upbringing, aside from my family even was like you were either religious or atheist. And, like, you know, it just kind of seemed like there was this if you said, like, I'm not religious, but I'm spiritual. It was sort of like some hippy that was kind of like the, you know, so

KC Rossi 6:24

I completely relate, I came from a very strict Catholic, Italian family. So very similar to what you're just describing, it was like, What do you mean, you're not going to church, I get my car keys taken away if I didn't go to church, you know, when I was 16. So yeah, it was, it was the same kind of deal where if you claimed you were spiritual, or interested in anything metaphysical or separate from the path you were born into the religion you were born into, I should say, I was very much looked at that I had joined a cult. Because at 18, I had found my spiritual path, which included meditation and a lot of inward contemplation. And I started to experiment a lot more with just being super curious with other religions in general, and then non religious things and spirituality. So that was kind of the gateway for me of like, oh, my goodness, like I actually have the autonomy to make my own decisions. And there's a great big world out there, outside of the Roman Catholic Bible, that was just my particular path like, so to me, spirituality is very individual, I don't feel that there's any one right way I feel, you can absolutely add it to the religion that you're on. So it feels to me like this extra bonus, if you will. And I remember this one story that I heard that just really stayed with me. And it was a spiritual master that was going to a village. And in their culture, it was very customary to greet that master with gifts. And so they had kind of chatted in, they're like, you know, we're completely fine here. We don't need anything, we don't want somebody coming in and sharing their dogma with us. So when he comes, we're just going to send him away and be like, we're all good here. Thanks. But we're all set. So they decided as a symbol, they were going to hand him a full glass of milk and that he being, you know, spiritual and intuitive, would understand that, that means they're full, they're full. So that's what happened when he came to their village. And they handed in the full glass of milk. And he picked a jasmine flower that was on one of the bushes, you know where he was, and he put the jasmine flower on top of the milk, and he handed it back to them. And he said, I'm not here to take anything away from what you already have. I'm just here to add fragrance and sweetness. And so to me, that's how I look at spirituality is it is the essence of bliss, and fragrance and joy and sweetness, and it doesn't take away from anything that you already feel connected to.

Kate Kordsmeier 8:57

Yeah, I love that. So beautiful. And so what does spirituality look like in business? Like how do you is are there spiritual tools that you use? is it and how you are talking about business or talking to your clients? What is it?

KC Rossi 9:14

Yeah, awesome. Love this question. So what I think it is following by example, and being dialed in to your own heart to your own faith, and not just to our mind center, but to our heart center and our gut, the the brain cells in our Valley and being integrated with those three strong powerful energy centers is the basis for how we can branch out and be lighthouses. So once we have the intention, it starts with that, too. For me, I have meditation as a daily non negotiable. I've been a meditator for 30 years. And so whatever that practices for you that quiet see outside noise and allows you enough of an opportunity To see what naturally creatively bubbles up for yourself, that has to be something that that in my opinion happens every single day. Because if we're helping other people integrate spirituality into their business, we absolutely have to be doing it ourselves. This is not about spiritual bypassing, and it's absolutely not about Do as I say, and not as I do, and people will feel it, and you're going to feel it. So being in alignment is first having the awareness second, following the practices as best as you can, as much as you feel you're drawn to, but on a consistent basis, so you're embodying what you're teaching, and three, giving yourself permission to not be afraid to integrate this into your work, because it's still on the newer side. And I think that there's still some fear of, oh, gosh, if I, you know, incorporate XYZ, then I'm going to drop my metrics, you know, then the, then the real important stuff is gonna fall to the wayside. So I think it's truly about embracing what it looks like for you. For me, it's about consciousness. It's about treating others how we want to be treated, it's about people over profits, and give back for sure. I mean, all of those pieces that feel super spiritual, that aren't just about hustle, grind, more money, and less time. And the other thing, I think that's a big part of it, that I'm really passionate about is the digital minimalism. That to me, is hand in hand with a spiritual business. And I want to explain that a little bit, because I know that that seems a little contradictory. And I've actually had a few haters online, where they're like, Yeah, but you're on social media, or Yeah, but you post all the time, what are you talking about, you know, going on a digital detox. So it's all about balance. And what I'm especially seeing right now is, we're so plugged into our devices, that there's this fear and sense of insecurity and unfamiliarity. When there is quiet,

Kate Kordsmeier 12:06

yeah. Like, Oh, my gosh, I'm not being constantly stimulated. Now I just have to be still and feel my feelings or think my thoughts, and we can't do it.

KC Rossi 12:16

We can't get comfortable. It absolutely is. And in fact, I just had a client session today. And that's what she was saying, you know, I try to be in bed by nine. But I have to do something to keep myself busy, because I don't have the bandwidth to listen to the thoughts in my head. And so we're actually band dating the thing that our soul in my opinion is crying out for that stillness, it's crying out for us to unplug our screens, and actually go inside and just just be just breathe, just have that comfort in closing your eyes and feeling that grounded stability. So I feel like the the digital minimalism when we're looking at it overlaid with a spiritual business, is putting in those boundaries of where are we in how often putting in those time, parameters of slowing our scroll on social media, and how long we're even allowing ourselves to be in social media. Because as we know, that is just a huge rabbit hole for comparison, and self doubt, and all the things we don't want, right? Like all the things that can like make us spin and make us go into fear of missing out and all of that. So, so very important to me. Like, when I think of spirituality and the identity of it, I really think of it like a lighthouse, where we have this grounded tranquility, where we're so stable in our own self, but we have this radiant light force around us that touches many people and really becomes like a beacon of hope to improve their present and future life.

Kate Kordsmeier 13:56

That's such a beautiful metaphor. I love that I'm going to I'm going to steal that for sure. So one thing you mentioned a few minutes ago was this concept of spiritual bypassing, what is that?

KC Rossi 14:10

That's when you take in all the theory, but you don't do the practice and you're certainly not going to have mastery. So you may be reading the books, you may be putting hearts on quotes that give you a little dopamine hit that sound cute, but you are not embodying the actual work and the practices, you're not taking the time to look at your shadow side, and then come up with personal and spiritual development tools that can help you navigate those terrains. Because none of us are perfect, in my opinion, were birthed into this human body to dissolve our karma. And so it's a give and take, right, we're here for a reason to get our balance sheet to a nice, even neutral. And so we can't do that if we are shying away from the work and just putting on the spiritual gangster t shirt because it looks But we're really not doing the thing.

Kate Kordsmeier 15:02

Right. Okay. I love that. And then you also mentioned shadow side. So for anybody who's not familiar with that term, can you explain what shadow side means?

KC Rossi 15:11

Yeah, absolutely. So we all are a combination of positivity and negativity. And sometimes negativity sounds like doom and gloom and like Darth Vader. And when we say it in the term of shadowside, it just is shining a flashlight on different traits and qualities inside our own self, that are less than ideal that don't feel that they're serving us or our highest good, that could be lost anger, greed, attachment, any thing that's in that kind of more lower vibrational realm, you can also look at it on that perspective, as well. So whatever term feels comfortable to you, it's really taking the opportunity to embrace all the facets of ourself to release the need to be perfect to release the concept that perfectionism even exists. And understand that we're this yin yang combination of black and white positive and negative high vibration, low vibration, and taking it from there. So that's, that's what I'm meaning when I'm saying shadow side. Yeah.

Kate Kordsmeier 16:15

Okay. So in order to do the work, then what are some tools that you use in your own life in business that you mentioned meditation? What are some other practices or tools that you incorporate?

KC Rossi 16:28

Yeah, absolutely. So yeah, meditation, for sure. 100% movement, I think is really important, and movement that feels good in your body. And I think this, again, always goes back to giving ourselves permission to follow our own idiosyncratic path, not something that's outlined by a quote unquote, expert. And I'm saying that because like, for many times, I tried to push myself into the box of whatever it happened to be like, zoom was the thing, I'm gonna burn a bunch of calories, I better do zoom. But you know, and it was like, okay, that doesn't really work for me, or like hot yoga, I'm gonna go and like sweat it all out. And 140 degrees like, but that didn't really work for my system. And it took me a little time to be like, Okay, what does work, you know, like, more of a fast paced walk in nature, you know, where I can just notice and I can witness and I can learn from nature that works for me, you know, a slower pace yoga that works for me, I'm doing this program body groove, which is just so freeing and fun, and like more fluid dance that works for me. So I think embodying your desires, like getting in touch with your body, I think is a huge part of, of a tool. And that's again, where the stillness comes up and where the intuition comes up. Because you could be like, Oh, the trend is p90x, I'm going to do that, or I'm going to go like, crunch out a bunch of burpees. But if that isn't in your rhythm, then you're going to feel like you're going against the grain and you're gonna not get the results that you want. So meditation, movement, big things, contemplation, which I think is different than meditation, and that can look like journaling that can look like affirmations or visualizations. But I think that piece where there's still stillness, but intention behind this stillness is a really, really powerful exercise.

Kate Kordsmeier 18:28

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I love that you differentiate, you know movement. And sometimes I even want to differentiate it like movement from exercise, even though they're kind of the same. But I think we have this connotation of exercise as sort of this punishing thing that we're doing to change our bodies. And movement is so much more about what feels good. And like, you know, moving stagnant energy out and getting that like just getting that it's that stillness, because you're moving, obviously. But it's almost like this weird form of stillness for me, like, I am somebody who I live for hot yoga, I absolutely love it. But I love it because it is the only hour of my entire day that I am doing nothing else. But focusing on exactly what I'm doing. Like I am never more present than I am in a hot yoga class. And so it is this way of slowing down and slowing my mind and getting quiet. Yeah, but I agree. Like, if that's not what works for you, you don't need to do it. And don't, don't choose something because it's trendy, don't choose something because it's going to burn more calories than something else. Because there's a big difference. I think in approaching movement from more of that gentle nourishing place.

KC Rossi 21:33

100% and then connecting your breath with it, I think is a big part of that embodiment. And that connection piece. And I love that you talked about the stagnation because we hold so much in ourselves and in our muscles, and to have something that we do that flushes things out, that releases any blockages. I think that's huge. Speaking of blockages, I mean, I'm a fan of, of Emotional Freedom Technique, which is the tapping. And I think when we're looking at like, trapped emotions and stagnation, that's another awesome tool that your listeners can DIY like, you don't have to, you can like I have an EFT coach, but you don't need one. Like you could literally DIY it on, you know, some some high quality YouTube videos. But that's something that that they can put into place. Absolutely.

Kate Kordsmeier 22:22

Yes, I love tapping and during the pandemic, there was an or there still is, but I was introduced to an app that now I can't remember, I feel like it was maybe called the tap solution or something like that. But they had some free, you know, just kind of tapping meditations that you could do. I mean, you're sitting there, I know, you guys can't see me. But if you're watching the YouTube video, this you could, you know, you're like tapping your forehead with a couple fingers moving down your nose, your chin, and when you first start doing it, you're like, what the hell is this? possibly going to do something. And I cannot tell you how calming, it was like it is this huge release of like pent up energy and anxiety. And it's so simple. It is. It really is. And like anything else, the more you practice it,

KC Rossi 23:10

the more you results you feel, the deeper the layers you go into. And I think any of this kind of deep work, it's it's exciting. And it's illuminating, because you keep peeling back another layer, and then you're like, Oh, you know, and you can test these things like you can see how it works for you. And then kind of go from there.

Kate Kordsmeier 23:26

Yeah, for sure. Okay, so can you talk us through your soul print method?

KC Rossi 23:31

Yeah, absolutely. So basically, the soul print method is really a continuation of what we're chatting about with that combination of yin energy and Yang energy. So it's really addressing the female aspects of our personality and our business, which include flow, fluidity, intuition, self trust, that kind of creative side, and then also the respect for the masculine properties. So we have a profitable and sustainable business, which are metrics or analytics, we're starting to look at data now. You know, I'm a spreadsheet girl. So you know, we're really kind of getting into more of the linear nuts and bolts. And again, it's that holistic approach, bringing in both sides of it. So we're not just all going strategy, strategy strategy, but it is that combination of the inner game, which is our mindset, practices and principles, and then the outer game where we're putting into action or implementation plans. So it's, it's really a method where I take creative entrepreneurs, I work with a lot of holistic people, Roma therapists, nurses, healers, and we overlay this on their business, this this kind of model or method and go from there. It absolutely is. At the core of it is self leadership. At the core of it is getting your shit together. It's getting your life dialed in, right, it's getting the building blocks, and it's putting the principles into practice. So we take it out of our head. And I know this because I spent a lot of my beginning years in my head. So I, you know, took a while to realize the disconnect and to realize like there's a life below your brain waiting for you to harness it. So it really is, it's about that it's really about kind of connecting the head and the heart and the gut.

Kate Kordsmeier 25:24

Yeah. Okay.

I love that you talk about kind of the yin and the yang. And I think, you know, under patriarchy, especially we're taught everything is so black or white. And either or, and even that the word patriarchy can be kind of triggering to people because they think it like, oh, you're a man hater, or something. And I think what you shared is like, we need both, and what what we've witnessed for the last, since the beginning of time, is hyper masculinity. And, you know, the feminine being worth less, and, but if we go the other direction, and the pendulum swings, that's not the solution, either. It's not to eliminate masculine energy for men. But if we go too far feminine, then like you said, sometimes then it's hard, because we're lacking some of those the metrics that drive the ambition, some of the things that are part of that masculine energy. And so it's like, you need both.

KC Rossi 26:17

Absolutely. And you really hit it, Kate, because especially in like heart centered entrepreneurs, or entrepreneurs that have that creative, or the healing aspects, the masculine is often ignored. And it's resisted. They don't want to balance their checkbook, I'm using generalizations. But in my years of experience, this is what I've come up against. There is this resistance of looking at profit margins, and even understanding, putting Google Analytics in or checking those metrics, there's kind of a push back, there's more, I just want to heal, I just want to do the thing I'm good at, I just want to be in flow, and not have to have my mind and all of that, quote, unquote, admin stuff. So to your point, it is about that balance mark. It's that point in between, it's the integration, that's going to bring you what you're looking for, if you want sustainability. And as we know, because we both been entrepreneurs for a chunk of time, you have to have profitability, in order for it to be sustainable. So you need that masculine side. So I love that you brought that up.

Kate Kordsmeier 27:21

Yeah. And so you mentioned kind of these three energy centers and heart centered entrepreneurs, how do you help people tap into what you call your heart wisdom, to experience their highest potential?

KC Rossi 27:33

Yeah, that's awesome. It's absolutely a practice for sure. Once you have those foundational pieces of your basis, which are your practices, the stillness, contemplation, meditation, even singing, even moving, like, whatever that is for you, and taking time, like when you have business decisions, what comes up for you, that is a natural reaction is your intuition. Or it's connected to your heart. And I think that being dialed into your mission and your y is going to absolutely set you up for success to be more heart centric and heart open. I think practicing heart opening related things during your day, which we have a million opportunities to do, whether it's compassionate, listening on zoom, and not multitasking, whether it's taking a moment or a beat, before we press go on the email, and sit back and take a look at our email. It's like conscious emailing, basically, you know, breathing in taking a look, reviewing what we've written, thinking about how the other person is going to interpret our response, and then sending it and I think in a time where we're very dialed in, and a very instant gratification type of hyper response, it's super easy to just want to bang it out and reply. But I think that having an opportunity to put these heart awareness practices in even in the mundane, especially in the mundane. And I think that that's a that's I want to underscore that because I think a lot of times people that may think, well, this sounds great, but I don't have the time, you know, really don't have the time to necessarily like press pause. I'm super busy. It is our opportunity to just like play with it, practice it, make it simple, and use it on those super little mundane things at first. Yeah.

Kate Kordsmeier 29:28

And I think it's interesting to play with that concept of time, especially if I don't have time to do this thing. And my friend Madison is always like, flipping anytime that you have even just to yourself, you have sort of an objection or resistance to something to say, What if the opposite were true? So what if I did have enough time to do both and one example that I've seen in my own life with this is going back to hot yoga. You know, I wasn't going to the studio last year during the pandemic and I really missed it. But then I kind of got into To a habit of like, I don't really move like that anymore. And I am just kind of working and sitting at my desk all day. But then I was fully vaccinated and ready to go back. And I thought, well, I don't have time. And I just said to myself, What if I had time to do both? What if I could go to yoga in the middle of a work day, and still get the things done that need to get done? And I'm just going to pretend that's true, and see what happens. And if like, after a month or two, it's like, everything's falling apart. You can't do this, then Okay, I can, I can change my ways. And of course, what happens? It's true. And I feel so much better in my work. And, you know, I feel like, everything just improves. And it just takes kind of flipping that script and just playing with it. Like you said, we I think we have this tendency to take everything so seriously and feel like if we made a change, and it didn't work out, it would be the worst thing in the world. It's like, let's just try it. What if the opposite were true? And experiment

KC Rossi 31:01

100%. And I think you're right, I think a lot of times, we convince ourselves that it has to be this monumental thing for us to like, look like we're showing up and doing it. And it could be so very simple. I mean, it could literally be starting out with on your calendar, when you're opening up your day, you set your intention, my intention to show up as my highest heart centered self is, that could take you 30 seconds, and that could prime your whole day, and change your interactions throughout the day, that could be a super easy thing that's practical that has a positive ripple effect. I think the other favorite thing that I that I think is super simple for people to start, is opening up a tab, clicking YouTube, going to a high vibrational frequency music channel that's instrumental that are known to open up Heart Chakra is known to balance I mean, there's some beautifully mixed by neural Beats Music as well, you can just put that super low, and have it running in the background and know that that actually has the power to shape shift your vibration, and where your energy is going during your day. And you don't have to do anything but be present.

Kate Kordsmeier 32:11

Yeah. So what would you say? I'm sure we're gonna have a few skeptics listening that, that and some of the other things we've shared, it's, you know, maybe they think it's Whoa, whoa, or they think it's like pseudoscience or whatever some of the resistance that we hear, what would you say to people who, who have that, that thought of like, that can't possibly work? Or like, really, you're going to pull cards from an Oracle deck? Like they're saying, you know, what, what's your response to that?

KC Rossi 32:41

Yeah, I would say, Don't knock it till you try it. And honestly, like, again, it goes back to that we're all unique and different. But absolutely, if you're feeling a poll, or you're resonating to anything to try it, because I'm a believer in not having blind faith, but experiencing it, and once you experience it, but you're truly trying, we're not just again, trying it once or rolling our eyes. But if we have an openness, and we try it, then you can be like, you know, boy, that boy, I had a really great conversation with my partner. And usually there's like more resistance around this topic or that topic. I wonder what change like, I think if we can approach it with curiosity, that opens the door. I think that if you're listening to this, I would say embrace the Whoo. Right? embrace the Whoo, because there's some really cool things there waiting to be discovered. And I'm a believer in serendipity where you wouldn't be listening to this, if you weren't meant to hear it. Maybe not every single solitary thing. That's cool. But what's one thing you can put into place today that may have an incremental shift for you? And I think, a real fan of getting super honest with ourselves. When you look at those facets of your life, and you were talking about this earlier, like you've got your family life and your relationship life, there's so many different facets in our life, you know, are they a perfect time? And if not, what is coming into your sphere right now into your reality right now, that can actually help you move the needle, not only in business, but possibly in spirituality, personal relationships, family and so forth.

Kate Kordsmeier 34:21

Yeah, yeah.

Hey there fellow wholehearted entrepreneur. That's a little bit of a tongue twister, wholehearted entrepreneur. Are you ready to grow your audience organically with no paid ads and no social media required? Yeah, you heard me right. That is exactly what I teach inside the Success with Soul incubator. at the most basic level. Here's how the incubator works. Once you learn how to grow your traffic, it leads organically, that's for free with content marketing. So you can to build a steady stream of passive income. So you can three Have the time you deserve to replenish your spirit embrace your feminine energy and focus on your family home and health. sound amazing. If you'd like to learn our proprietary method for growing your audience organically with free weekly content and sustainable visibility, in order to build genuine expertise, authority and trust with your audience, all while expanding your sphere of influence and your income than the incubator is for you. To learn more head to If you've already built a business, but are burnt out overwhelmed and can't see how you can grow and scale without working longer, harder hours, then you, my friend are exactly who I designed the incubator for. Again, go to to learn more about this advanced level program that will take you from business burnout to building a life of aligned abundance. You mentioned like if something is resonating, even just a little bit like approach it with curiosity. And I think obviously, maybe it's not obvious, but approaching things with more curiosity. And less judgment is something that is difficult for a lot of people, myself included to do. But it makes life so much more fun when there's when you do approach it that way. But also that sometimes when I feel a lot of resistance to something, it's like, what is what's beneath that resistance? Why am I feeling that? And there's usually, I've now learned that the more resistance I feel, the more I actually need to look at that thing or try that thing. And do that work. And it's like a sign like, this is where you need to focus now the place that you're like, No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

KC Rossi 36:41

Yeah. And being that that curious self being the detective and, you know, choosing a flashlight for our tool of choice versus a hammer. I think it brings a lot more grace to the situation.

Kate Kordsmeier 36:55

I love that flashlight versus a hammer. Yeah. Do you have as we're coming up on the end here do you have? I hate asking him like your number one secret? But do you have something that you feel like you wish every entrepreneur knew something that comes up again and again, and just feels like cash if only people knew?

KC Rossi 37:16

Yeah, absolutely. Two things, but they dovetail together, I think the first thing is that you have everything within you that you need for everything that you need in your life. And I think when we can embrace the, the concept that all of the macrocosm, the whole of the universe, the whole of the world, the whole of cricket creation, is within our microcosm, we house it in our soul, which means all of the answers lie within. So that's huge. The second piece that I wish I knew 30 years ago, when I started my entrepreneurial journey, and I would say is probably the number one thing to start cultivating. Now, unless you're rocking this is confidence. Because once you can lean into your own confidence, trust yourself, build that muscle of listening to that inner voice, listening to the heart wisdom, listening to the belly wisdom, everything opens up in a much more fluid way. It's way more enjoyable. And, and it's not like we're going against the grain. Because when we do it the other way, we're our own worst enemy. and nine times out of 10, that common denominator when we're stuck is our own self. And so in order to flip the script on that, learning to listen to ourselves, and our intuition can change the trajectory of our life and business.

Kate Kordsmeier 38:40

Yes. And I love that you described confidence as a muscle because I think that while there are a few of us who are just born fearless and totally confident no matter what I think, particularly as women, confidence is not something that just comes supernaturally to most of us. But I think people hear that and they think, Well, I'm not confident I'll never be confident. So that's it. That's the end. And it is just something like you said, it's a muscle that you have to continuously flex and practice in order to build to build it up.

KC Rossi 39:12

100% I was not born with it. It's taken a lot of painful years and coaching and personal work in order to even understand the concept that it could be something that we could practice and develop exactly like a muscle. And here's where that crucial piece comes in. You're not going to get there by reading books. You're not going to get there, you have to put the theory into practice. And the only way we overcome and stretch that muscle is if we go to the gym, metaphorically, and we do the work. And then we through practice and action have the ability to prove to ourselves that it can be strengthened and improved.

Kate Kordsmeier 39:52

Do you have I just was thinking that it's sort of like exposure therapy to that often. I'm always like, you know action stops fear And that the more we just kind of feel the fear and do it anyway, the more confident we become because probably 10 times out of 10. But let's just say nine times out of 10, to be safe, you do something and whether it works out or not, you're better for it. And so and that builds confidence. But I also have I kind of hate the advice of just power through it feels, you know, so do you ever run up against kind of that conflict of like, how is it it's different from just power through, it's not, don't feel the fear and do it anyway, feel it, address it head on, but then still do the thing.

KC Rossi 40:39

That's such an excellent distinction. So so very important. And if you were to look at two sides of it, you've got that procrastination that's pulling you back, because it's your safe zone. And it feels really, really comfortable. So our mind can trick us into feeling that if we stay over here in our comfort zone, then all will be well. But also, that is a recipe for stagnation and non growth. And on the other side, which they usually say of fear, or just outside your comfort zone is the opportunity for those challenges to make us stronger and to grow and become better. This is where intuition comes in. What is it for you when you get really honest with yourself? What is it when you truly lean into your deep why, and the core reason of why you're showing up, because you won't take up two minutes for you to go yet I actually I'm procrastinating out of fear, I am afraid of leveling up, I'm afraid of success, I'm afraid of failure, whatever it is, you know, like your heart will tell you that like you won't even need two seconds for it to come up. And I think the flip of that is, and Mel Robbins 54321 her hers, you know, five second rule that really really helped me because I stayed over here in this comfort zone for a really long time. And I needed a tool that's a super easy tool, if anyone's feeling stuck, to count down backwards 54321 and then do the thing. Whatever it is, it could be floss your teeth, it could be press go live on the Facebook button, you know, whatever the thing is that you're like, Nope, I'm going to step back and not do that helps bypass our thinking mind that's trying to keep us safe. And to what you just said a few minutes ago, in regard to building the muscle, we're not only building the muscle, when we take the courage to count down, do the thing to reverse fear called the other side, whether it was perfect or not, we're stronger for it. We're also creating new neural pathways in our brain. So the more we repeat that, the easier it becomes, the less that old groove pattern of the path of least resistance keeping you in your comfort zone kicks in. And that is so very empowering is that we get to recreate our GPS, our mental GPS. If that's not exciting, I don't know what is. That's like so exciting.

Kate Kordsmeier 43:14

It's so cool how that happens. And I mean, I've heard plenty of you know, celebrities like rock stars who are asked, Do you still get you know, stage fright? And almost every one of them says, Oh, yeah, I still am totally nervous and butterflies and everything, even if they've performed 1000s of times in front of hundreds of 1000s of people. But every time they do it, it gets a little bit easier. It gets a little more manageable. You know, they've kind of practice that muscle flex that muscle on learned how to feel the fear, okay, I'm feeling it, but I'm still doing it. And each time, it's easier and easier. But I think also knowing that doesn't mean the fear is going to go away completely. I don't know that it ever fully goes away.

KC Rossi 43:56

Yeah. And I think you know, I heard a quote, once that stuck with me that fear is excitement without the breath. And so when men feel the fear, and acknowledge it and say thank you so much for keeping me safe. Let's breathe through this together and we've got this. It again shifts and reframes our action steps.

Kate Kordsmeier 44:16

Yes, that's good. I love that. Really, really powerful. Okay, we're coming up on the end here. KC can you tell everybody where they can find you?

KC Rossi 44:27

Absolutely, they can head to my website, I have a free three part free video training called Know thyself and lead. And they can grab that at if these topics resonate with them, or they're interested in heart wisdom and they're curious about how to develop their sweet spot and get into their reason for being that's a free resource for them. Love it.

Kate Kordsmeier 44:53

Thank you so much. Now at the end, we always have our quick lightning round of questions. So we'll power through those real quick why Is your favorite way to make time for self care? scheduling it? Yeah. Otherwise, it won't work. I find you know, even I feel like hot yoga is my theme today. But getting back in, it's been like a month of going back to the studio. And I'm like, oh, because I have to book a class in advance, put on a calendar, and I'm charged, whether I go or not to that class. And so scheduling something like that, having that kind of built in accountability with it, it makes me do it. Whereas even just working out at home or something, instead, I would be like, Oh, well, I wanted to work out at noon. But you know, I'm kind of busy with this other thing. I'll get to it, maybe 1230. And you know, before you know it, it's like, well, it's four o'clock, it's over. Same 100%. Yeah. Okay, one, this is maybe similar answer one tool or strategy used to help with time management.

KC Rossi 45:52

I do deep work blocks. So I have a very specific, most important thing that is aligned with my weekly goal, that I will block out a 90 minute period in my day that it becomes a non negotiable, I turn off all devices turn off my ringer, and I focus on that block or segments of blocks, depending on what I schedule in. So definitely creating those boundaries for myself and turning off the notifications that is absolutely huge. Otherwise, we are just allowing our pings to navigate our day.

Kate Kordsmeier 46:28

Totally. Yeah, I don't have notifications for anything anymore. And it is so liberating. It is what's one of the most powerful mindset books you've ever read? Oh, you're gonna stump me on that one. Um, it could be even just it doesn't have to be the most just one of the one a book that maybe you come back to again and again, could be an entrepreneurial book as well. But something that's, you know, just really stuck with you?

KC Rossi 47:01

Well, I guess I'll just, you know, the Mel Robbins five second rule, because it was a practical tool. It was the mindset of getting out of our own head, stop procrastinating just do the thing. And I know that that was instrumental for me because I mean, I had go live on Facebook three years ago, every day for a year. And it was that book that actually helped me be like, Okay, what the heck is going on here? So I'm gonna call that one out. Okay, great.

Kate Kordsmeier 47:28

I love it. Do you have a mantra or affirmation you're telling yourself lately?

KC Rossi 47:33

I am enough is one of the most powerful and simple ones. I'm a believer and Marissa peers work and that really came from her book, actually, um, I am enough. And that's been a very simple and amazingly transformational affirmation for myself and my clients.

Kate Kordsmeier 47:51

Yeah, awesome. Okay, last question. podcast is called Success with Soul. What does Success with Soul mean to you?

KC Rossi 47:59

It means being in tune with yourself with your higher purpose, and committing to alchemize our work as worship and being able to serve people in a really beautiful way, touch their lives in a beautiful way, and stimulate and cultivate healing, both for ourselves and the other person because when we show up together with that similar intention, we do have the power to change the world.

Kate Kordsmeier 48:26

So good. Okay. Thanks, KC. Thanks, Kate. Wait a minute. I know I know you're eager to get back to your life. But before you turn off this episode, I want to share something super quick with you. I know you're probably sick of hearing other podcasters ask you to leave reviews. But here's the deal. If you like a podcast, and you want them to be able to continue delivering you free episodes every week, we need your support. If you subscribe on the apple podcast, Google podcast, app, Spotify, or wherever you listen, it makes it possible for me to continue to provide free helpful content and bring you amazing guests. And if you take it one step further by giving us a rating and review with your honest feedback, we can improve better serve you in the future. And you could even be featured on a future episode during our listener spotlights. Because if we don't get the reviews, we don't get the rankings and it makes it a lot harder to continue justifying the cost and time expense of producing a podcast every week and convincing amazing guests to come on the show. And of course your reviews are super helpful and motivating to me personally and I love hearing from you

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