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055: Tips on Being an Entrepreneur Mom with Yael Bendahan

Calling all entrepreneur moms: if you’re struggling to balance being a mom with building your business, it’s time to learn how to baby-proof so you can enjoy both a profitable career AND raising your family.

Are you an Entrepreneur Mom?

Many new mothers see raising children and growing a family as a full-time job–because it is! But, more and more mothers are also feeling inspired to take on the full-time job of raising children while running a business—all at the same time. 

What makes moms such great entrepreneurs? Some skills like patience, persistence, multi-tasking, and knowing how to make the most of every spare minute really come in handy!

But the real key is learning how to baby-proof your business with simple strategies, systems, and scalable offers. Yes, you can build a 6-figure+ business that you can grow in 20 hours a week or less WHILE you grow your family – without sacrificing school parties, baby cuddles, and date nights without guilt!

Today, we’re talking about how to do just that!

My guest today, Yael Bendahan, is a marketing and visibility coach for female entrepreneurs who want to create consistently growing income and hit six-figures PLUS with simple, “baby-proof” sales systems. She grew her own business from zero to six-figures within 18 months and specializes in helping her clients unblock the mindset that’s holding them back and create “baby-proof” businesses – that is, businesses that can grow alongside your family!

Yael is a New York ex-pat and not-so-hidden mega-nerd – she geeks out over Harry Potter, Hamilton, and Disney – and lives in Israel with her husband and 5 kids (4 boys and a baby girl!).

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Yael grew her own business from zero to six-figures within 18 months
  • How Yael simultaneously managed being pregnant, raising 4 kids without childcare, AND building her business
  • Tips for entrepreneur moms who are balancing motherhood with online business
  • How to come up with offers that work with your lifestyle

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FAQs About Being an Entrepreneur Mom

What’s a mompreneur?

When a woman sets up and runs her own business on top of caring for her young child(ren), she’s considered a ‘mompreneur’. About one in three small business owners in the United States are mothers.

What are some stay-at-home mom entrepreneur ideas?

Some online businesses you can run from the comfort of your home are consulting, freelancing, becoming a Virtual Assistant, blogging (here’s how to start your blog!), copywriting, graphic design, social media management, and so much more!

How do I start my mompreneur blog?

Watch my free video series here where I teach you how to start your blog from scratch the right way!

Kate Kordsmeier 0:00

Hey, Hey, Hey,

welcome back to the Success with Soul podcast. I'm your host, Kate Kordsmeier. And today, this episode is dedicated to all of the working mamas out there. Now, even if you're not a mom, you will get something out of this incredible episode, I am sure but those of you who are trying to raise a family and run a business will especially resonate with our guest today. So y'all Yael Bendahan. She's got a really cool story. I mean, like really inspiring. She went from high school dropout to multiple six figure business owner and is a mom of five, count them 12345 kids. I don't know how she does it. But she's here today to share her simple baby proof systems for growing your business from zero to six figures. She did it within 18 months, you might be able to do it sooner now that you have her advice. Let's go. You're listening to the Success with Soul podcast with Kate Kordsmeier ex journalists turn CEO of a multi six figure blog and online business. But it wasn't that long ago that Kate was a struggling entrepreneur who lacked confidence, clarity, and let's be honest money. But all those failures, experiments and lessons learned helped Kate create a thriving business that impacts 1000s and brings freedom, flexibility and fulfillment to her life. If you're ready to do the same and make something happen with holistic, soulful, step by step strategies from Kate and other experts, you're in the right place. here's your host, writer, educator, Mom, recovering perfectionist, bookworm and sushi connoisseur, Kate Kordsmeier. Welcome to Success with Soul Yael, I'm so excited to have you here.

Yael Bendahan 1:55

Thank you so much for having me. So excited.

Kate Kordsmeier 1:57

So you and I have some cool things in common, I think because some of what I've like, by accident become known for is that I have taken several maternity leaves and made really good money while I was on them not working at all. And people are always like, wait, I need to know how you did this. And then in in 2020, with the pandemic, I had no childcare I had to under two, it was a shit show. But my business actually doubled in revenue, and I was working less than ever before. So people are always like, I don't understand how you're a mom and how you take these leaves and you spend time with your kids and you have a successful business. And you have a business. That's basically all about baby proofing your business.

Yael Bendahan 2:40

Yeah. Yeah, I love it.

Kate Kordsmeier 2:42

I feel like we're gonna have so much to get into. And right before we hit record, we were just starting to laugh because I was like, wait, I thought I was crazy with two kids. And you have five.

Yael Bendahan 2:54

And you want more, I want more I do I you know, I forgot how I took a long break. I like to say like, I have my first four that I started my business. So I like to just joke that had like my businesses that have my next baby, cuz my kids are all about two years apart. So like, around the time when I would really get pregnant. But when I really started my business, so after for four and a half years, I had my most recent baby, my first baby girl after four boys. And my goodness, I know it was it was crazy. And it was a surprise. I didn't know that. I didn't know she was a girl. So it was like it was this huge device. Like when she was born. I I think I kept like checking checking to make sure so if you have like 45 minutes, like,

Kate Kordsmeier 3:30

are you sure we didn't miss something? It's

Yael Bendahan 3:32

somewhere. I was, like I just saw, like, I just saw that I was that in 45 minutes was and so it's shot, you know, I was totally expecting more number five to pop out. Like I had the name and everything and like, and then it was not. And the funny thing is I having her and like having older kids now my oldest is now 11 it's just such a different, you know, I mean, he just had he had 202 that is really hard. Like I also had to do my first two we're under we're under two years, 21 months apart. And it's hard. like to have a bunch of little kids. It's that is like those first like, I had four, six and under my fourth one was born in my oldest and just just just turned six. And and that was really like that's not easy, right? But once your kids start to get a little older, you really appreciate the baby stage so much more. So like under hanner I was like, I forget how fun this is they're so small and cuddly. And then they stay where they are when you put them down. And all they need is just food and and sleep and they want you to hold them like there's no like complicated emotions. And they're like, You're not listening to me than me and you know, having a problem in school. It's like just so sweet and simple, but I'm just like, I just need this for longer. I need I need more of this in my life. So I know Yeah,

Kate Kordsmeier 4:46

well it's it's funny you say that because when we just had my first and it was just my husband and I and one little baby. And I remember thinking like this is so hard. Everything was so new. I spent so much time just like googling things. And reading books and making sure you know, you're like so worried that you're doing the right thing. But then we had our second. And I mean, it was it was crazy town when they were both at home, but then sometimes my parents would take my son, and then we would just be with a newborn. And we were like,

this is so easy. What were we so

stressed out, or, you know, before the first time and I realized like, Oh, it's because now we know what to do. So we're not like, now we can just hang out and I don't have to freak out about every little thing that happens. But the newborn stage and the like infant young toddler, you know, baby stage overall, I feel like is very physically exhausting and demanding. But mentally it's like, like you said, there's no like complicated emotions, really, I mean, toddler, maybe we're getting a little bit there. But it's still relatively easy. So I feel like you just kind of trade one for the other is like chasing them around everything they do is like danger, they could die and, and you're not in that survival mode, but you trade it for like, okay, now I actually have to, like, raise a human and hopefully a good one.

Yael Bendahan 6:06

Yeah, I mean, now we're in a different kind of survival mode. Now they just to survive each other. This is what I was trying to, like, just look for my four boys, right? Like, they're all about two years apart. So I'm just kind of like just pulling them off each other. Like, I'm just like, just stop, just stop. You know, like, literally, but I have to leave the house for anything. I just, I just pray like, they're all like, still alive. When I come home. Like, I'm pretty much like, that's what I that's my best. My best case scenario like this. As long as you all know, each other, you know, no one's like bleeding and bleeding anymore. Because my son My son, like, just you readily get them. And it's funny because I, you know, I've heard saying, you know, I'm going through maybe, maybe to bed, I'm like, do not come into this room, unless the house is on fire, or somebody is bleeding. And I see my son really open his mouth and be like, not a nosebleed. Those things don't count as weird. Yeah, you know, but the truth. You know, it's really funny that you said that because first of all, I was totally that mom, I have an entire bookshelf full of baby books full of like, baby eating baby sleeping, like pregnancy. Like all the things I was like, I'm like the the ultimate researcher and I like there must be like the magic bullet somewhere, one of these books to tell me like how I'm going to get the baby to sleep. I mean, it has to be a first baby was my actual, like, most intense, hardest baby of all my children and the rest of them. I mean, they're not they weren't easy, but they were easier than him. And the funny thing is, when after six weeks after I had my fourth baby, so we had a two and a two year old and him he was six weeks old. And my husband, I flew to London to his cousin's wedding. And we left the two bigger boys at home, you know, with my parents. And we were on the plane with like a baby and a toddler. And we just looked at each other. And we're like, we remember doing this are two older ones. And we thought that was so hard. And now it's just us these two little like, this is this is a piece of cake. Like why do you think it was so difficult? And I don't even know when one kid leaves the house. It changes the entire dynamic like I want like my nine year old right now it's time to sleep over. And like, the whole evening was so much calmer. It doesn't doesn't matter which kid can be any any any. Right? Yeah, it's just like the certain like, there's a certain kind of dynamic in the house and you move one variable and also everything changes. So like, Yeah, definitely. It's like a whole it's a whole different reality. I think you have a baby with older kids. And it might my oldest son he changes her diapers. Like Yeah, finger diapers dresser, like, watch her, you know, feed her. My kid, my friend. My three oldest was the convener or food. Right? That's so nice.

Kate Kordsmeier 8:25

Yeah, because right now my son is two and a half my daughter's nine months old now. And it's gotten so much easier. But that beginning when they were both, like truly babies was just like, Oh my gosh, I don't know if we're gonna make it

Yael Bendahan 8:40

so hard. No, once once you before you get to get into a good routine. Once you get to your routine, you know, like what happens when like, you know, like, even like my bedtime routine, just trying to figure out like, after a second, like, how do I babies was with me, like, how do I get right? Like, there's like, what do I do, you know, and like, but once I figured out like, I would actually be them together. And then I'd like to be outfitted in the BBC and then take the old one out and put and then like, the baby's diaper on versa, I put the diaper on them. And it was I figured out like a rhythm like yeah, and it did become like much simpler. And then the cool thing is and entertain each other. It's so much harder for me to imagine having one. Like I always say like people are like, Oh, I'm one and done. I'm like, don't do that. Just have to because like nobody will leave you alone. You know each other like there's so much there's so much more ease and having like someone else in the house to like occupy them. Whether Yeah, entertaining or by driving them crazy. Doesn't really matter, at least in my driving you crazy, right? So like, right, right? Right? Yeah,

Kate Kordsmeier 9:34

that's been cool to see now that they're really like playing with each other. And you know, now she's my daughter's old enough now that she like has more personality. She's playing with them like, you know, so I do hope they're 20 months apart and I'm like, I think they'll be really close. I hope okay, but let's let's go back a little side of total psycho. Well, I've know a lot of our listeners are moms and so they can definitely relate to a lot of what we're what we're sharing here. But How old is your youngest now?

Yael Bendahan 10:02

So she's eight months old, almost eight months. Okay. So yeah. Oh, very close. Okay. And then

Kate Kordsmeier 10:07

your business is how old?

Yael Bendahan 10:09

So it's about four and a half years old. So I started when my then baby was about nine months old.

Kate Kordsmeier 10:18

Alright. And now I saw this on your website, you grew your business from zero to six figures in 18 months with at the time four kids. And now you've added a fifth.

Yael Bendahan 10:29

Yeah, yeah.

Kate Kordsmeier 10:31

How was it real easy question with a simple answer. How did you do it?

Yael Bendahan 10:38

How to do it? Is this three simple steps? I'm kidding. No. No, the truth is, the truth is, I think that it was it was really not easy. Because there really was starting, like, starting from scratch is not the word. Like I, I didn't even finish high school. Okay, I did not put it because my family moved to Israel, I moved from New York to Israel when I was when I was a teenager, like a preteen, basically. And I did not do very well, in high school here, because of the culture, it was just culture shock was just really difficult to do. And, you know, it's very, it's hard. It's hard enough as a teenager just to get through high school, but then to like, move to a new country in a different language and have to, like, deal with all that. It was just, it was really difficult. And I ended up, you know, man, meeting my husband when we are seven. But I think the first time I met it was when you're 16, and 17 years old. It was my friend's brother. And, and we got married when we were 18. And 19. I did not I did not finish high school, I didn't go to college. I you know, like I had no higher education whatsoever, except for like, what I could read, you know, like, I'm like an avid reader reading. So I was four years old. So I just like, I like to know stuff. I like to like gather information. And so I definitely had a lot of mindset stuff at the beginning of like, not feeling like qualified to do anything, because I didn't go to college. Like how could how, why would anyone hire me to do anything if I didn't go to college? You know, and I have had like a sister who the sister below we've got a master's in educational psychology. And the next one is a nurse. Right? And my brother's doing industrial engineering, right? It's not and my parents are a doctor and a lawyer. All right. Oh, yeah. Yeah, like this, this coming thing where the black sheep family, right? Like this, like, you know, all you know, high school sucks. So I left you know, like, it was pretty much just pretty much like that. And, but the truth was, it was definitely a journey, like, you know, starting off with like, oh, be a mommy blogger, because I'm a mommy and I can do blogging. Right. And then realizing that logging is a very long term income strategy, which does not necessarily, you know, contribute to. And that's what I was really started in the first place. Because we had our fourth Baby, I was a stay at home mom, and my husband was like, after a few months after he was born, he was like, Listen, I mean, like, you manage stay home till now. But I really don't think we can afford it anymore. Like, you really need to get a job. And I was like, I can't, because I don't even I don't care. What am I qualified to do. Like, even if I got like a minimum wage full time job, like the difference in like, my wage, and the amount it would cost me to, like put my baby in daycare would be like, minimal, I would not be walking away with a lot at all, like, not enough to make it worth it. I was like, I'm not I didn't have this baby. So I'm gonna leave him. You know, I was like, very, like, you know, very firm on that. Because my mom actually, my mom quit being a lawyer to stay home with us. And she was like, I'm sick of never seeing my children. And she literally quit when I was six years old. And, and I very much grew up with that, like mentality of like, it's important to be there for your kids. And so I started like, you know, exploring, you know, as one does researching know, what can you do online? What can you do from home. And, you know, it's all these different things. I tried cake decorating, I did photography, at one point, I did gift basket making a man, I tried all kinds of stuff, right? And then I realized, like, I'm good at computers, I'm good at writing, I could be a plotter, and then I ended up becoming a blogging VA, because again, like I said, blogging is not a great, you know, it's a long term strategy.

Kate Kordsmeier 13:43

With the old guy, you got to be careful, because what I teach is blogging as an income strategy. So

Yael Bendahan 13:49

for sure, but it's not like it's not like you can't like start blogging and start making 1000s of dollars a month, like, in a second immediately. Right. You know, I mean, like, and it wasn't it was he

wasn't going to be a year saying blogging is a longer term, longer term

income strategy.

Kate Kordsmeier 14:02

I see what you're saying. I thought you were saying blogging is not a long term. strategy.

Yael Bendahan 14:07

No, no, sorry. It's a longer term. And it's time to build it up, basically. Yeah, it was, frankly, it was time we didn't have. And so the grid and what I actually recommend to anyone who's starting a blog and saying as someone who started a blog, right, you know, at the beginning, and this is what I did, I wasn't planning on stopping my blog, honestly. But I figured, like, I'm learning all of these skills. So I may as well like you know, make some money in the meantime selling my skills to other people and to other bloggers. So it's actually a really cool way to kind of, you know, I haven't go services she like a services page on my blog. You know, and so, so people were finding me and I started getting some a bunch of blogging clients, just like that as a blogger being in blogging groups, and literally learned stuff from my own blog. I was a write other people. So like, it's a great kind of, like interim sort of thing as you grow your audience as a blogger and as you're growing your traffic sources. I don't mean to like put down blogging. I'm not saying blogging is no, no, I

Kate Kordsmeier 15:03

understand now I misunderstood what you said before.

Yael Bendahan 15:05

Okay. Yeah. So yeah, it was it was gonna take longer than then we had then we can we can write. And it's funny because at the time I

Kate Kordsmeier 15:13

was like blogging is a slow burn and like, you know, so I made over 100,000 let's see what was it 150,000 by my third year, but you might not have three years to start bringing in that kind of money.

It does take a while

and it depends on Yeah, what what kind of money are you looking to make? Maybe you're only looking to make 50,000 I'm like, Oh, I could teach you how to do that in a year. But you need more than that.

Yael Bendahan 15:38

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's and I was like, I was like, Okay, I'm cool with that, you know, it's gonna take time. But in the meantime, a friend of mine was like, Listen, you know, I know a lot of people were looking for a VA, he's like, Well, you know, you learn all this stuff, you're, you know, you're good at it, why don't you just start selling your time? And I was like, Okay, I can do that. Right. So, um, so that's what I started doing. I started, you know, I got my first VA client at $50 an hour. And I was like, so freaking proud of myself. And I was like, just three of these and I can hit like, $1,000 a month, like, How awesome would that be? And I remember saying to my mom, she was, Wow, that's a lot of money. And like, I know, you're so proud of, you know, of myself, you know, because I'm coming from like, again, like, no, real, you know, no qualifications whatsoever, right. But as I started doing the VA work, I realized actually kind of like that more than like having to grow my own thing, right. Like not like being able to just like do the marketing, I started doing more social media marketing. And then I started moving into Facebook ads, and then sales funnels. And then like, marketing strategy in general, I just, I kind of fell in love with the whole marketing side of things. And I was like, this is this is like, this is so much fun. I love it. I love playing it. I love doing it. And so I just basically shifted out of the blogging thing into, like, full on no done for you. Marketing. So like funnels and ads generally, and, you know, doing launches and things like that. And that did. I did I did pretty well. But But I was I was working a lot more than I wanted to be right. And I definitely like if I can say one of the big mistakes that I made, it's not hire people to help me early enough. And I and I'm looking back, I mean, obviously, I'm going to have a journey, but I should have, I should have hired some help. earlier than I did. I did eventually, but not as quickly as I should. But yeah, it's it's, it's your only one person. And I think like, I think that because God knows we're all very, very capable of so many things. Like we're very good. You know, bloggers and online business owners are very good at learning all kinds of things to help them grow their businesses. And so because we can do all these things, we don't think to hire someone else to do them, because they're like, but I can do it myself, right, rather than to do it. Right. But like, just because you can't It doesn't mean you should and that's like something I tell my clients now all the time, like, you know, I had one client who was like, I had to do this funnel, and I keep putting it off because I was client work and like, I really want to have this done. And I was like, why don't you hire someone to do it. And it was really, like, she had the copy. She had everything, she just needed some like tweaks. And she found the way to do it for like, I don't know, $250. And it's like, yeah, weight off her shoulders. And I was like, sometimes, you know, you really have to weigh the cost benefit analysis here. Like sometimes in order to keep things going, you know, the bloggers I was working with, were able to keep going and putting out their content and doing a lot of stuff because I was able to help them with other stuff. So I think it's a good thing to remember as well, like we don't we very often take a lot on ourselves, especially as moms, right, we get to default to Oh, just do it myself will be faster, right when it comes to in our house or business.

Kate Kordsmeier 18:36

And we're conditioned to like, we're celebrated for being super women for doing it all. And so it makes us feel guilty or bad about ourselves when we're like I can't do it, or I need help. Or it would be nice if I had help. And so there's so much like unlearning that we have to do about you know, the conditioning that we've had, that tells us we should be able to do everything and do it by ourselves. And that that's the goal. And I'm like, that is not my goal.

Yael Bendahan 19:04

No. I know at this point, I'm like, I'm like I'm doing all the hiring this year this year is like my year of delegation. We're like, you know, and I'm, I'll get to that. But like, basically what happened was, I grew this and I was doing I was doing great. And I was like hitting, you know, six figure years plus, you know, doing all this stuff. And then November 2019, I found out I was pregnant with baby number five. And I was like, Well, shit. I mean, I was excited about it. Okay, because I wanted to have a baby. And it just, it's funny, cuz we're like, we were kind of trying a group we were like, trying but like not trying or just like, see what happens, you know, and it wasn't really happening. So I'm like, Oh my god, like maybe I'm just getting old. I'm not old. I'm 30. Right? Like, maybe I'm just getting old. Like, who knows? Maybe it is and then all of a sudden I was and I was like oh my god, like, I know it's gonna happen in about three weeks. I'm gonna like fall flat on my face and not be able to like move for a good like 1012 weeks like I know this about myself. But first semesters is terrible. Terrible. Yeah, I realized at that point that the business I was building wasn't the business I was building is wasn't congruent with the life that I wanted to leave, right. It just wasn't aligned with what I wanted to be doing. And I realized, again, I, I don't want to let my clients down and I and I realized that, you know, at that point, the way I was doing my clients, we the offers that I had, and the way I was serving them, and the level of involvement that I personally had in their stuff was not going to allow me to be that reliable person to them anymore. After had to be because babies are, by their nature. Why weren't reliable is a very, very weak word for what they are. Yeah, they're like, um, type A, and maybe like, the anti type. Right? Totally.

Kate Kordsmeier 20:42

I felt like that would that's one of the hardest parts of like, trying to work when you think, Oh, well, babies sleep a lot. I could get a lot done. And it's like, but you don't know when like, my babies never slept when they were supposed to or not like it was or some days they would, and you'd think like, you'd have a couple days in a row. And you're like, Alright, now I know, from 12 to two, I can get my work done. And then something else happens then the next day.

Yael Bendahan 21:03

They're like, you know what, 12 two wasn't working for me. Yeah,

Kate Kordsmeier 21:06

I like that. I'm on to the next schedule. And you're like, yeah,

Yael Bendahan 21:09

yeah, exactly. And I was like, maybe, maybe, maybe this this week was quite a lot but diabolical and she, she likes like, random, like sleeping. She like you'd rather give me a full night and I'd be like, Oh my gosh, she's so good. Like, wow, look at her since the night like, like, she's early that all her brothers like, this is amazing. Then the next few nights, she's like, you know what, forget it. You know, I tried that didn't work for me. You know,

Kate Kordsmeier 21:30

I'll go Let's wake up every hour. Yeah, but yeah, exactly. Hmm.

Yael Bendahan 21:33

You know, so yeah. So I was like, you know, what I wanted to figure out like, okay, so obviously, something about when my business was not gonna work for me, you know, going forward. And so I started much more incorporating like other things where business started doing some programs and and you know, like some shorter programs and masterclasses and I actually launched my, what now is my signature program, it was the kind of the, was it, the second version of it, like I kind of run it once over an eight week kind of thing that I realized, okay, people, the more I read it for three months, now, it's six months, but like, I read it, I'm like, you know what, like, I have so much knowledge, I know, I know how you're in business, I can help service providers and go to school of business. I know we can do it. So let me just help them do it. And it went really, really well. It came right up to my duty. I think I did my last call, like a couple days before I was due with a baby or coldest even had my sorry. And then I was like, okay, like this is this is where I need to be doing. And the funny thing is, as I was incorporating these other things like this, you know, all these different offers. And like, you know, I was still doing client work, I was still you know, doing launches, and my clients and funnels with my clients is up. And I said goodbye to my last thumb for you, client, like, a week or two before I had my baby. I don't know your last URL, give me your last one applies, because we really don't like yeah, I'm not doing this anymore. Like, this is not gonna work for me. And we don't and I don't and I don't mean this to say, No one should have an agency and no, which is cert sold up you services, right? Because there is a way to do it. Right? That can work for you. And that will enable you to take maternity leave without worrying about it and how the whole team, but what I realized about myself is that, thank God, I have many people in my life that I need to manage. And the idea of having to manage a whole agency just did me. And that would be the only way I can remove myself enough to take breaks and not have the whole the whole business depending on me. Right? Right. Right. Oh, so I'm like, okay, so I was able to shift my offers, my marketing became like, I get to market my business in like, under 30 minutes a day. And I was just, I mean, I don't like see money rolling in, because it sounds so like whatever. But like, my business grew, okay. You know, and after, like a first semester where I basically didn't work at all, because I was so sick and exhausted, as, like, zero, I mean, like, maybe like $1,000 like, you know, in one month, and then like $2,000 the next month, they could not take on any clients. But when it came back to work, everything just exploded, people were like, almost like on a waiting list, like, Oh my gosh, I need your help, I need your help. And then kind of like 15k 20 25k months, and I was just I just I looked at my numbers at the end of 2020 after I figured out that I wanted to be launching these coaching programs, I wanted to you know, kind of structure my business differently based on what my business needed and what my life needed. And I actually made the same amount of money in 2020 as in 2019. And I think I didn't work about like close to five to six months out of 20 Yeah. Which is insane, right? Yeah. So like had I worked the same amount I would have made double right like and I was like wow, so this works like this whole this whole like re I kind of like rejigging of your business in to make it work for you can work and it can still be super profitable. I was like okay, I need to do something about this like this is this is amazing because I was able to have my baby, you know, do the do a weekly coaching call. You know, like with the right clients didn't care if I had to hold my baby during the coaching call or whenever. It was just so like fun and I was I thought I was finally making money in a way that I loved that area. He enjoyed. And I was working with the people that I wanted to work with. And like, everything just felt like so different. I was like, wow, this is this is it this is my business like this business is very good. That's like where I came up with the name for my program, which is the bigger group of Excel accelerator. It's like, literally that like, I want people to build a business that works on their life, whether it is retainer clients, whether it's social media, whether it's doing, you know, funnel projects, or whether it's doing coaching, I don't care, it doesn't really matter. But it has to, like work for you and for the hours that you have in the day. Right? Because I tried the all nighter thing, you know, multiple times. Really, like, no fun and not great. I mean, I you know, I put on so much weight. During those years. I was like hustling around the clock, like I was not healthy at all, you know, and yeah, it's just not so I was like, You know what, like, people need to think I think people think that like, it's just it's like, things are just impossible. But you know, you can't have your cake and eat it too. Right. Like, and and and i and i think you can I mean, it'd be totally Thank you can

Kate Kordsmeier 26:08

I remember the exact moment I hit publish on my very first blog posts, so many feelings like hope and excitement? And oh, yeah, that sneaky old imposter syndrome to like, Who am I? Who's gonna care about what I have to say? I also had so many questions about the day to day process of managing a blog. And perhaps my biggest question was exactly how do I master this tech of starting a blog from scratch? So that journey from beginner to six figure blogger created my new passion for helping entrepreneurs just like you start your blog from scratch the right way. Would you like to learn how to get started? Perfect, because I've just created a brand new free video training series to show you how to get your blog idea out of your head and into the world. You'll learn the number one paradigm shift happening in the marketplace today plus insider secrets that will set you on the path towards moving the needle on your business in ways you never imagine. In this free training. I shared the number one mistake most people make when trying to grow their audience and revenue and what you should do instead. And just in case, you're sitting there thinking but Kay, I don't need a blog. Guess what you actually do? Even if you have no desire of becoming an influencer? I'll explain exactly why in this video series. Ready to learn more get free access by registering at That's to get your blog started today. I've been in the middle of a launch myself at the time of this recording. And one of my big messages is like, I think we're told particularly as women, you can have your business or you can have your life or a family. Yes, but you really can have both and it doesn't require that you like give everything of yourself and there's nothing left and like, I don't know, I feel like I need to come up with a catchier way of like, it's not that I'm saying you can have at all it's more than I'm saying like you can have the life that you want. If you're willing to like delegate let go of some control create a business that is not totally reliant on you having to show up and like do the work the time for dollars trade and all of that. But of course, that's a mouthful, I need to catch your way to say

Yael Bendahan 28:33

no, it's I think it's like I mean when like when my son just said it really well. You can you can have it all but you don't have to do it all right, like exam can't do it. All right, you can have it all but you can't do it all. We just feel like we are just human beings and we again we over we overestimate what we can do. Right? Right. My one of my coaches calls it trying to alter the laws of time and space. Like we're like do all that in an hour. We can't really not do all that in an hour I mean like like there's only so much right and it's really a matter of like again like prioritization of you know, when I was a stay at home mom I was like a Pinterest stay at home mom like I was like the one who liked it mommy camp and did all the projects and had all the menu planning and like the cleaning schedules and even big fancy cakes, you know, and like now my kids have one cake to get to the root they haven't got us a giant cupcake. Yeah, cupcake pans. And I mean that is the birthday cake of the vandamme family you know there's no jungle cake there's no castle cake there's no teddy bear picnic like those days are over. Okay, that was an all we have time for that right?

Kate Kordsmeier 29:32

But guess what all off like the kids didn't care you were almost doing it like for you. Like it makes you feel good. To be like look, I made this amazing cake for my kid and your kids just like it's cake. I don't care. I know can

Yael Bendahan 29:46

I can I eat that giraffe now? Like, yeah, like the draft you work so hard to like, you know, painstakingly make. Exactly. It's and my kids nevolin boy, you know, they look at pictures of like, wow, right when you say this case? I'm like yeah Like, you know what, like, I can say that making those cakes until late at night, and we got very, very cranky in the morning and be very cranky with you guys or I can make the cake. I mean, like it's really, or I can just like make the the easy cake that is still very delicious. Right, right. Right. And then everyone's you know, and then I'm not crazy, you know, like, it's really, it's I think it's just like deciding what is more important to you? I guess it's like, yes, you know, and not everything has to be.

Kate Kordsmeier 30:22

That's right. Not everything is important. I think that's one of the things like the lessons that I've learned in the last couple of years, especially is like, I do the Eisenhower matrix, where you have, you know, important and urgent not important. And at first like the first couple of weeks you do it, you put everything in the important version. Yeah, I ladies weren't realizing, you know what, this actually, maybe what if I put this in the not important but urgent column or urgent but not important. And then all of a sudden, you start like working that way, and you realize, like, there's really only like, five things I do in a week that are important. And everything else is kind of just like busy work and micromanaging and checking in on things to just be like, so hyper aware of every single thing that's happening and

yeah, okay, so

one question for you that I hear I say this myself, I hear a lot of other coaches and online business owners talking about like, okay, yeah, you can be a mom and you can have a business. How does it work for you? Because I think some people hear that and they think I can be a stay at home mom with no childcare and have a business. And that has not been my experience. Has that been your experience?

Yael Bendahan 31:31

Maybe? Navy, okay, let's it um, okay, so I know and I see this as Okay, okay, let me just have to qualify this. Okay. Um, until I had my baby. So my, my, when I when I started my business, I started setting my maybe my time out for like, three hours a day, like three or four times a week, right? So there was no like, Major, like another nanny or anything, but like, I had some time during the week to get stuff done. I got a lot done at night. I am a night owl. So I tend to do a lot of like, really good work at night. But again, it's kind of like a you know, is it more important to get the work done or that my kids get to school on time in the morning? Sometimes the work isn't important. Right? Yeah, but like, um, until I have like, my until I have like, not till I had my baby until COVID happened. Okay, but the funny The funny thing is, I'm like in my first semester, but I'm like, Oh my god, I feel terrible and like, this is horrible, but it's gonna be like end of the tunnel, right? Like, you know, goes about 16 weeks I'll be fine. And around 16 weeks was like March I get pregnant and Cote Coronavirus, like is like, far away like Chinese thing that like when no one's really thinking about then all of a sudden, I'm like, Okay, I'm ready to be during the world. Everyone's like, Well, guess what?

Shut down,

you know, and my kids were all homeschool, you know, on zoom School, which, as we all know, has been absolutely wonderful for the children of the world. I mean, they're just loving it. I say that. Yeah, no, they're not they it's been hard. It's been it was actually horrible. And it was awful. Like for Passover. So like, I don't know about you know about that. But like, it's a big freaking deal. It's like spring cleaning on steroids basically getting ready. And it was a natural fit it alone normally go to my parents, my husband, parents, for like, for the big meals and everything. But we were we couldn't because my parents didn't love my mom actually has. My mom has asthma. And you know, we were worried the kids were passing me on to her and you live across the street from me. And we're like, all by ourselves. They didn't see them for like months. It was horrible. And so the funny thing was, I say this, like, here's my my baby, my kids were old school, but it's not true. Even before I had my baby, my kids were not in school. And so what I learned is, again, you decide what's, you know, what's important to you. And sometimes your kids just have to watch a heck of a lot of Netflix while you get stuff done. And that is what you know, like, Is it better for them? It was good for them to have that screen time in a day. Probably not. wasn't necessarily the time. Yes, it was. That was my childcare because you can even bring anyone in. Now the problem no one's No one's going around to other people's houses doing stuff. Like, I barely get my cleaner and I still have my cleaner once a week. Like that was like she was okay because she was whatever. I don't know. I don't know. She's Eastern European. And she found and she subscribed much like they did the whole Coronavirus thing anyway, so I was like just coming to just wear a mask. And like I you know, I don't even care what we have. But my house needs to be cleaned once a week like it was really I'm not saying that was the right thing to do. But at the time, it was like I was pregnant. It was my survival. So yeah, so my kids were in and out of school a lot. Because what I found was, we had to have some level of routine, okay? Sometimes the kids were just not being there's no classes, and I have to kind of just let it go and be like, they will catch up eventually. Right? Which was hard for me because I'm a very like, I was a very caring mom, everyone has a caring, okay, I just like things matter a lot to me. But he doesn't just matter like so much. I'm like, What if they miss things and then and then their teachers will think I'm a horrible mother because I'm not prioritizing your education. You know, and at some point, I was like, the twins you just call them like, you know, and notice he hasn't been joined us most. I'm like, Listen, I'm pregnant. I'm working. You know, I work people in the States. I'm working late at night. I don't I just I don't have the energy right now. Like smoothies, my kids on zoom all day, I can't do it, I guess I can do it for a couple, you know, class in the morning. And that's pretty much as far as like my energy goes. And that's just understand that and that's the thing. I think, like, what COVID did was showed us what we were capable of, but also showed us like, sometimes you got to just like, you know, pride is not looking at, it won't take you very far. Like, you guys let it go sometimes. And, and I did, and I let things go. You know, I started getting my kids do their own laundry, that was a really big thing. Like I washed their laundry, I smacked down their basket. And at that point is their problem. Like if they put in their drawers, that's great. If you leave in the basket, it gets all wrinkled the whole week, I don't care. It's washed, it's clean. It's there, right. And I like remove myself from that issue, right. And I was able to do that from a lot of my household things by like, just making it other people's responsibility. And that's again, going back to like, we it's not our natural tendency to do that. Right. Like, we feel, I guess we are responsibility. I really am like, you know what, I guess because I grew up mostly sisters, like, I have two brothers, but we were mostly girls. So I was like, I guess cuz all my boys are boys, I just didn't see them as as capable of doing things. Or they actually work. And then I was like, You know what, you can learn to cook, you're old enough, you're 11 You know, my two older boys are 11 or nine years old, like you're 11 or nine years old, you can damn well learn to cook. Right? And they did. And you know, they started making this dinner once a week. And it was like really interesting dinner, right? Because I wanted it to be like an apple pizza, which I think I'm pretty sure was meant to be a dessert, you know, themselves, if you made homemade applesauce, like to like, it was like, it was amazing. And I was like, You know what, like, they also learn what they're capable of. And that was a gift to them as well.

Kate Kordsmeier 36:41

I know 100% especially because, you know, I talk a lot about like dismantling the patriarchy. And a lot of it comes down to for for women's rights, and because of the damage, it's done to women. But I also talk about how it's not just women that suffer and men aren't able to show up as their full selves. Because we're, it's, you know, the patriarchy is all about putting us into these very narrow gender roles. So this is a great example of you saying like, you know, I had this conditioning to think like other boys, they're not capable of doing this. But then when you actually tested that theory, it was like, no, they're actually capable. And now look at what they're doing. And like, they're, I'm sure taking a lot of like self satisfaction in the fact that they were able to do this thing and by themselves, and like, what a gift that is,

Yael Bendahan 37:25

yeah, and I should just point out again, that I'm saying I am married, I realize I've not mentioned my husband in any of this. Any of this is because he is an EMT and ambulance driver. And so we're everyone else's husbands. Not everyone else's, but many husbands were like now working from home, or we're home with them more, he was home less, because the problem was because there's so many people going to the hospital at any given time during the whole like, outbreak. A lot of people you know, in MDA, which is like these, you know, there's really, you know, emergency services. A lot of people were having to go into quarantine. And then they were they were short, a lot of people who's working who's working even more than your family did. Alright, so I was literally home pregnant with four boys who are thoroughly sick of each other's faces. And like, he, you know, he was he helps when he's around. But again, it's been a night shift the night before, and he has an afternoon shift the next day, yes, sleep in the morning, otherwise, you won't be able to like, go to work. Right? Yeah. So that's why I'm saying and he is super helpful when he is hot. Like, whenever he's amazing, you know, and like he, you know, is that to the point where he can, you know, he'll just I'll be in here, I'll be here doing calls at night until like, we'll just sit at the kitchen like shining, like I would do it, you know, like, and because he knows, like, that's important to me, like I you know, like having a clean signal is really important to me, right? So like, Yeah, he does, he really does his best. But again, he's not around that much. So I had to like, realize that like, I can't do I can't depend on other people. And I have to like make things happen for myself. And I think that like a lot of it. And a friend of mine who has blessed her. She has 10 children and she's homeschooled on purpose. Okay, so like I have like, so much respect for her. Her name is Ashley Ufa. And she has this like, smart kids chores system, which side which I signed up for, like, back, you know, when I got pregnant, I was like, Yeah, I need this, like right now. Like, I seriously need this now because I'm gonna have a baby and I can do all the things. And she basically she started she changed her things called like to call the home CEO. And I think that a lot of the qualities of being a good CEO. help you be a good manager of your family too. Right? Yeah, same idea. I mean, you're not hiring you know,

bad employees

in house already literally, you know, but um, but again, listen to you for you. It's different because you have two very little kids and who need supervision on a regular if, you know, I could say I do without childcare and I did there was no childcare. It was me I was the childcare, but you have small children, right? And there's no one like older to watch like they have older siblings, you can keep an eye on them like I can give my baby to my son and be like, watch her. You know, she plays on the floor. Now she she crawled around, you know, I can say okay, so the player with her watch her and you could play on the phone or whatever, but make sure it's happening in your mouth and you can check with her I'm actually looking dangerous, right? There's a very, very big difference. I think people have to realize that to like, you, sometimes you just you need the childcare. And at this point, I'm actually I'm actually speaking to my neighbor, and I'm planning on sending her out my neighbor for a few hours, a few days a week, to, you know, again, so I can have that time, but I have not had any, any childcare since she was born. So now, it's just a lot of work at night, I know that as the time that I know, my kids are in bed, and I can get work done, and it's going to be quiet. And that is what it is now, you know, every season, and it's going to change, right, and now that people are getting, you know, in Israel, a lot people are getting vaccinated. So it's definitely much more like circulation, and I can hire mother's helper a couple days a week, you know, it doesn't have to be all or nothing. I think that people think like, Oh, I can't afford to get an attorney full time, I would not be able to work, right? Like, like, I need to like, go all the way. But you don't need to go all the way like there are in between little options that you can like, you can like, if you're creative, you can find a way and like, that's what I'm basically doing with my you know, my neighbor is amazing, she lives upstairs for me, you know, she's a cute little dog, and I want my baby to not be scared of animals. So it all works out, you know, and she has a couple of daughters who like who are, you know, like my kids, they were happy to come with you like four and eight before the whole pandemic thing started. You know, they were they were up some of the foreign aid helped me, you know, dinner and stuff. I could lock myself up in my office for a couple hours. And then they would clean up at the end of the day. Like, yeah, not all or nothing, you do not need to like send your kid out to full time daycare or have a full time nanny. Or like, you know, it's it can you can do things a little bit. And I think that's what a lot of people miss, right? Like, you know, it's enough to be perfect. Basically what I'm saying, Yeah, no,

Kate Kordsmeier 41:39

I think that's so true. And I know I'm even I'm guilty of having some of that black or white thinking and thinking we gotta be all or nothing and that it is such a good reminder that like, No, you can get little

bits of help.

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But one thing that was coming up for me when I was listening to you talk is so yes, you know, during this pandemic, you have not had childcare. I didn't have childcare all of 2020 either and now I do but I'm wondering like, Yes, you did it that way it is possible. But what is your ideal, like if we're no pandemic, and we're just kind of talking like okay, things are, you know, quote, unquote, back to normal. And you're you're a mom of whether one or 10 kids like, do you think the ideal is Yeah, you would have some childcare? You would have some so you have some dedicated time to work. Yeah, and

Yael Bendahan 44:56

yeah, yeah. That's me, dude. I mean, that's, that's Me and like, also, I mean, granted, this is my first baby and almost five years, and I just, I just love being with her. And I just want to put all that time where, you know, so even the idea of sending her out for a few hours for me, like, just feels like, Oh my god, but but on the other hand, I realized that, you know, I work best, you know, between like, 10 and one. Is there like my best, like, mental working time, like I know, in the morning, obviously not sometimes at night to actually. So, like, um, so I'm like, you know what, like, she will be okay. You know, it's good for her, you know, and I don't need to send her out to like, a whole, like, daycare of 25 children. Right, right. I think I thought a creative solution, right was a neighbor who has, you know, some older kids who doesn't have like, a lot of like, you know, a lot of little kids at all. And right. So for me, that is optimal, like, you know, finding that like that middle ground where it's not like, you know, I also, it's very hard to find a full time nanny here, it is not something that's a common thing, I think. And like, it's just because there's just, I don't know, I don't know what it is, like, you know, like in London, where my husband's from, like, there are a lot of like, no students who come in, you know, then there are au pairs for a lot of people there and stuff, there just really isn't that much here. And people tend to get married younger. So either they are in school, and not interested in being around kids, because they're not, you know, or they're married, they have their own kids. Like, it's like, it's really hard to find like those in between people who, like, don't have kids or don't have little kids music care of but also wanted to hear someone else's kids, you know, and don't have an official daycare. So free, I do not think it's optimal. I do not think that is the ideal thing to do to try to do it all yourself. It was pretty, alright. But again, what I want you want me to realize is that it's possible. The one is it's possible, I think a lot of people take a lot of their life situation, whatever circumstances and this they make, they make excuses like, Oh, I can't do this. Because whatever, because I have kids because I'm, you know, whatever. Um, you know, my husband works full time because I have a full time job because I whenever I finish high school, right? Like, there are so many my my clients like, Whoa, what's up with the excuse buster, like, give me an excuse at all. And I like the Matthew, you know, like not not like to minimize anything that people are going through? For sure. Right? Like, I'm not a single mom, you know, think I don't know how single moms dads just do this dynamic? I do not know, right? Because, again, my husband when he was home, he was helpful, you know, to the best of his ability. But I did I do do like I'd say like 75% of the home management and childcare and everything in here is me. Yeah, you know, maybe even more. So, is it possible to get your business started and get start getting up and running? Even if you have no childcare? And, you know, no cleaning help? And whatever course it's possible, you know, right. Is that what you should be striving for? Eventually? No. Right. Yeah. Like that, though.

Kate Kordsmeier 47:51

So your program is called? How to or baby proof business accelerator? Yes. And I believe inside of it, you teach this three part framework? Can you tell us a little bit about what your framework looks like?

Yael Bendahan 48:02

Yeah, sure. Exactly. So again, so it kind of stems first of all kind of from the offers so so I call it the kind of the three I call it the simple simple framework, right? Because it's simple to market simple to manage and simple to deliver. Okay, so simple to deliver means it has to be an offer that fits with your life and I'll give you an example. right a lot of people now are doing VIP days right and which I love I you know, I'm building a website like solely on like three VIP days for my friend center that I know like, it's the best the best thing I've got, but I did a VIP day. Maybe he was about four weeks old. So I ended up finding myself on a zoom call with a client thank God because the camera was so she didn't see all this happening. I was on a zoom call the client and during that three hour call with her, I nursed my baby chain, maybe it was diaper dirty diaper. Okay, blow out pump put her sleep in the baby carrier juggled her on baby carrier while I was talking to my client. Then she woke up nurse her again pumped to today bring it like all this is happening while I was on this call. Okay, and I got a call. We'd like you can imagine my adrenaline levels that point you're like at like yeah 300 and I was like, yeah, so this is not going to work for me right now. It's not gonna work for me. Right? So what I want people to realize is there are so many different ways that you can create offers that do work for you and do work for your lifestyle right and now I do like kind of like a hybrid VIP day where I do like a call the evening before on an evening and I'll do whatever work I need to do throughout the next day. You know, not during like between this hour in this hour because I can't be right right. And then I'll do another call at the end of the next day. So typically the 24 hour sort of thing. But if that's what works for me, you know what my clients have not complained about it right. And it works. It works for my lifestyle now because I can help my client call my clients and at night when my kids are sleeping and Moran choir our call and my kids are sleeping and get the work Throughout the day, when I have the time to do it, right, and that's why I think I think I just encourage my clients to kind of be creative, right, and then I kind of outside the box a little bit. So that's the first part is like simple to deliver, or it has to be something that is that you can actually do. Right? Right, you don't want to promise when you can't do and then letting your client down, that's gonna just like it's kind of just shoot you in, you know, shoot me in the back, basically. So that's the first thing is simple to deliver. And the second one is simple to market. Again, I think people feel they have to be like everywhere all the time in order to like successfully market their businesses. I don't think that's true, right, I really do feel that if you have like one or two primary places where you're showing up on a very, very, very consistent basis, then you know, that your people are there, you will just you will get people in the door, you will get clients and I know this right. I did this for a while LinkedIn, like, that's how we were we originally connected you like, Oh, your LinkedIn person, I did this for a while LinkedIn. And I showed I showed that a lot on LinkedIn. And I messaged people, and I connect with people. And I got a lot of clients through LinkedIn. And my other my other one was Facebook groups, it's pretty much LinkedIn and Facebook groups, those are like my two main places where I was showing up on a regular basis, and it really, really worked for me. So again, I don't think that you need to be creating so much content and like, being everywhere and commenting on everything, you can dedicate like 30 minutes a day to marketing your business. And that can be effective. Okay. And so that's kind of what I teach is a second part is like the marketing part of it. And the third part is simple to manage. So, again, I also want the the marketing and the offers, you know, need to have systems, right, you need to be able to outsource, when necessary, like we discussed, like delegating, you know, delegating, not when you're like choking, right, but before you get to that point, you know what, I usually never get that point. And you have to have these consistent systems of marketing and delivering and managing, you know, whatever team you have, which is for me, until now it was pretty much a bleed a VA, like a couple of contractors here and there, you know, only now they really started to grow in like a much bigger way. So it's basically simple to market, simple amount of steel to deliver. And all that together makes it simple to scale, right. Because if you have offers that fit in with your lifestyle, right, that can be potentially leveraged, and you have marketing that's easy to deliver, you know, if you deliver consistently, in very, very small amounts of time per day, and you have systems that are working for you, then you can scale your business, I truly believe to $10,000 a month and more. All right. And I truly believe that I know it because I did it.

Kate Kordsmeier 52:20

Right. And so in your program, are you teaching people how to create an offer like this? Okay, so that's like you want? So people if you're listening, and you're like, Yes, I want to create an offer like that, go check out your sales program and learn how to do something like that. Yeah,

Yael Bendahan 52:36

yeah. And another thing, my thing is, I'm not gonna say like, this is the one offer you need to have, this is the one way to do it. Because you can't do that. everyone's life is different, right? But what I do what I do give my clients options, and I help them kind of workshop their ideas into, into offers that work for him. So for example, one of my clients is a social media manager. And she was like, you know, I'm trying to think of like, I want you to get some money and like a quick cash injection. And so I was thinking of doing like, you know, one hour like strategy calls for $97. And I was like, Okay, how many of those Do you want to sell? Because I don't know, maybe like, 10%, you know, maybe $1,000 a door, maybe turn those people into clients? And I was like, okay, you have, she's home now with three little children. Okay, who are not in school? I think she's one of them in school, but two of them are home, okay. And I was like, do you have 10 hours to spare? to just give away for $97 each? And she's like, you know, I don't think I really do. And I say, Okay, so let's find an offer for you. That's also a good kind of, like, intro offer that you can still sell for that price. Right, but will work for you. And we got settled on social media audit, which you can do in our own time, she can record them, and then also play and she can still sell them, because she can still sell them into or you with her later. Right? Right? But it's not it's in a way that works there like, right you can do because you can do it quickly, water kidnapping, right? Like, if the kid wakes up, she can pause it and go back to it later. Hearing that idea. The idea is to kind of be creative and figure out the ones that kind of work on your life. And once you do that, you'll see that like, there's no like shoulds or have to it's really like what aligns with you. And I think that, yeah, I just encourage people to kind of be creative with how things are the box a little bit, because you can find that there's so many options, honestly, and so many ways people can use your help without it being the way it's always been done. You know, I mean,

Kate Kordsmeier 54:23

yeah. 100% Okay, I love it. So we're coming up on the end here. I have a couple quick lightning round questions for you. But before we get there, tell everybody where they can find you.

Yael Bendahan 54:35

Yeah, sure. So I mean, I my one of my websites actually in the middle of being created. So I mean, technically as the album comm, you can find a link to my Facebook group on there, being by me on Facebook, you know, as the album to Han and want to check out my program. He's going to work with or the link listed below. So I know you're going to have the link in the show notes. So you can check me out there. And yeah, that's me on Facebook. It's, or the Facebook via into him, or Instagram at the elbow and to him right. So it's probably I'll be down there too. But yeah, I'd love to, you know, send me a DM. Let me know that you heard me on here. I love hearing like the people have gotten anything from this. Like I would really love to know because I just feel like all moms need to know that this is possible for them. Like, this is my life's work. I love it.

Kate Kordsmeier 55:19

Okay, so quick lightning round is just five questions and just first thing that comes to your mind. So what is your favorite way to make time for self care?

Yael Bendahan 55:29

Oh, god reading I mean, I'm obsessive reader. So like, if I can just like that's, that's my self care. And I can read through it pretty much anything I tried reading while giving birth of the baby. That was the one thing I couldn't do everything else I could. So I read while rollerblading I read while washing dishes I read while doing all kinds of interesting things. So yeah, that's pretty much just like me, and my Kindle ring of historical romance novel is, you know, that's like my easiest way of winding down, which is, by the way, where your chin was not as good Netflix series. First, it was a series of books. And I stand by that because then we go like, Oh my gosh, this new thing. It's not okay, I read these, like 15 years ago. So

Kate Kordsmeier 56:05

just okay, what is one tool or strategy that you use to help with time management?

Yael Bendahan 56:13

Hmm. Okay, so kind of two. And at any given time, like, so one is batching. Okay, so batching obviously is like, it's, you know, we'll know batching is right, doing, you know, a whole bunch of thing, a whole bunch of videos, a whole bunch of stuff at the same time. But what I will say is, the other thing is what I'm using right now, because of my lifestyle, because I have a baby who is unpredictable. And that's breaking things down into little tiny pieces. So on any given task and break into small little bits. That for me is working now better just because I waited to do things till I had like a chewer full hours to batch it out. I would never do it. So I can break these big, big tasks into like micro tasks, I'm able to get a lot of micro tasks done in small periods of time. And basically that labels would get a lot done. You know, even though my life seems very bright it My life is very busy. Doesn't seem it is yes, yes. Well,

Kate Kordsmeier 57:04

you've got five little ones. That's crazy busy. Okay. So as a book lover, this will be a good question for you. What's one of the most powerful business or mindset entrepreneurial books you've read?

Yael Bendahan 57:15

It's like trying to pick a favorite child.

Kate Kordsmeier 57:18

It could just be one that like you've read recently, that was really powerful. Or when you come back to again and again. Okay, okay, why

Yael Bendahan 57:25

don't come back. Okay. When I come back to beginner then is the big leap by gay Hendricks. I I just it just opened up so much for me. And it's a small simple book, and it's simple, like ideas. But it really like it just it just resonated me what really just just stuck. I don't know. It's amazing. What am I was actually really good that I found really interesting was outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. He talks about like, how, you know how successful people became successful, and it's super fascinating. So like, that's just that's been a really interesting one.

Kate Kordsmeier 57:53

That's a good one. Okay, cool. I haven't read that one before. But I love the big leap. Yeah, um, do you have a mantra or a quote or an affirmation or anything you're telling yourself lately?

Yael Bendahan 58:02

Yes. Just because they can doesn't mean I should love it. Yeah. So good. So good.

Kate Kordsmeier 58:08

Okay. And last, this show is called Success with Soul. What does Success with Soul mean to you?

Yael Bendahan 58:14

I guess, being able to work with people who I want to work with, like, and the reason why I work with moms because I feel so strongly that I want them to have had everything to be able to work with the people who like I truly, truly resonate with, without also feeling all that mom guilt of like letting my family down. And I think I like I'm able to do that now. So I think that's like, I feel like my soul feels fed by my work. Right. And I think that's what Success with Soul really means is we're like you love what you do so much that you would like do it even if you didn't need to. And that's kind of what I'm that's what I'm doing now. Which is the best, right? So. Yeah, love it.

Kate Kordsmeier 58:50

Thank you so much. This is so fun.

Yael Bendahan 58:52

This was. Thank you.

Kate Kordsmeier 58:57

Wait a minute. I know I know you're eager to get back to your life. But before you turn off this episode, I want to share something super quick with you. I know you're probably sick of hearing other podcasters ask you to leave reviews. But here's the deal. If you like a podcast, and you want them to be able to continue delivering you free episodes every week, we need your support. If you subscribe on the apple podcast, Google podcast, app, Spotify, or wherever you listen, it makes it possible for me to continue to provide free helpful content and bring you amazing guests. And if you take it one step further by giving us a rating and review with your honest feedback, we can improve better serve you in the future. And you could even be featured on a future episode during our listener spotlights. Because if we don't get the reviews, we don't get the rankings and it makes it a lot harder to continue justifying the cost and time expense of producing a podcast every week and convincing amazing guests to come on the show. And of course your reviews are super helpful and motivating to me personally and I love hearing from you

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