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Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy Review + Affiliate Bonuses

Thinking of joining Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy? I’m here to share my Digital Course Academy (DCA) review and honest experience with you, plus give you a sneak peek of all the bonuses I’m offering this year when you enroll! 

Review: Amy Porterfield's Digital Course Academy

Thinking of joining Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy?

I’m here to share my Digital Course Academy (DCA) review and honest experience with you (enrollment is open again on September 9th, 2020 for a limited-time!).

For those unfamiliar with Amy or DCA, it absolutely changed my life and took my business to the next level!

During my last live launch of my Six-Figure Blog Academy in January 2020–after implementing the exact strategies I learned in DCA–I increased my revenue by 7.5 times and had my first ever six-figure launch! Yep–that’s $100,052 in gross revenue in two weeks by following the guidance and lessons in DCA. Bam! 

It was one of those dream moments for me, where all my hard work and lessons learned paid off.

You see, before that, I actually lost money in my previous launch in October 2019 after overspending on Facebook ads. I was in the red for the first time in my entire life, and honestly, I was in a bad place. I felt like a failure and considered quitting altogether.

After giving myself permission to wallow for a bit, I realized I needed to try something different and get some guidance from a mentor with proven results. That’s when I discovered DCA. I’d been following Amy for years and knew I already loved and trusted her, so decided to take the leap of faith and enroll.

Real talk: if it weren’t for DCA, I believe I would be in a VERY different place today, struggling to make things work and feeling down on myself. Her step-by-step trainings, easy to implement strategies, and all the extra support Amy gives in the course have literally changed my entire business.

Now, I feel so confident in the value of my course, in my knowledge, in my ability to sell authentically, and I take myself more seriously as a business owner. DCA gave me the launchpad I needed to now sustainably scale my business, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

If you’re ready to learn how to create a profitable digital course in your business, keeping reading!

PSST… If you join DCA with me this year, you’ll get access to over $1,500 worth of bonuses! I may be biased… 😉 but I truly believe my bonuses are the best DCA bonuses I’ve seen out there to get you the results you’ve always dreamed about. 

What is Digital Course Academy?

Let’s start at the basics.

Digital Course Academy helps online business owners and entrepreneurs turn your knowledge and know-how into a digital course that will generate consistent revenue through live and evergreen webinar launches. 

The program provides a step-by-step process for the entire course creation journey–from strategy, to planning, to creation, to launching–with NO fluff and no stone left unturned!

If you’re struggling to make money online, feeling stretched too thin, and feeling uncertain of what you should be doing to create a profitable asset in your business, then DCA will teach you how to make the ultimate shift into building and launching a digital course that you can launch over and over again!

Amy Porterfield, a woman in a red sweater smiling in a coffee shop

Who is Amy Porterfield?

Amy Porterfield is hands-down the QUEEN of online course creation! You may know her from her podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy.

She has over 12 years of experience creating online courses, first for Tony Robbins (yes–THE Tony Robbins) and now for her own business.

Amy has created and launched eight digital courses to date, including the Digital Course Academy which launched twice in 2019 producing over $9.1 million!

But even more importantly, Amy knows how to teach what works. She’s known for her patient, personable, step-by-step style that does not assume anything, and she delivers the necessities students need to achieve.

I was lucky enough to meet Amy in person and have dinner with her (it was a total fangirl moment as it was my first time meeting her after years of following her!), and since then, I’ve interviewed her for my Success with Soul podcast, and also attended her live Entrepreneur Experience last year.

I’m telling you, Amy is the real deal. She is incredibly kind, uplifting, smart, generous with her knowledge, and genuinely wants to make an impact by helping people achieve their online business dreams.

Is Digital Course Academy Worth the Investment?

Heck yes!

In my business, DCA has CHANGED EVERYTHING!

Like I shared earlier, during my last live launch of my Six-Figure Blog Academy in January 2020–after implementing the strategies I learned in DCA–I increased my revenue by 7.5 times and had my first ever six-figure launch (that’s $100,052 in gross revenue!). How?

Here are just some of my biggest takeaways from DCA:

  • Amy taught me about the concept of a pre-launch runway, which grows your email list and nurtures your audience in the 60-days leading up to your launch, so that you have a warm audience who is eager to buy from you–and so you’re NOT selling to the same people over and over again (a mistake I made before, when I didn’t really grow my list in between launches).
  • I also made a ton of changes to my webinar strategy, both in what I taught on the webinar (hint: don’t overteach!), how I structured my slide deck and content, and how I followed up with people after they registered. I went from a 0-1% conversion rate last year to an 11% conversion rate in January with her strategies!
  • A HUGE part of DCA is all the stuff that’s done for you, so you don’t even have to think about it. Amy provides email swipe copy for email marketing inspiration, sales page templates with custom coding that make them so easy to design, and other plug-and-play resources.
  • Another INCREDIBLE part of DCA are the detailed tech trainings on things like Kajabi and Deadline Funnel and integrations like Zapier. If I had to figure all of that out on my own, it would have taken me dozens and dozens (and dozens!) of hours. The trainings literally go step-by-step on how to do everything you need to, and made things super easy on the tech front, which I know can be so intimidating!
  • Amy also teaches you how to put your course launch on evergreen, which means that you can automate your webinars so that you’re selling your courses without having to go live to your audience all the time. I went evergreen with The Six-Figure Blog Academy in April, and have consistently averaged over $10,000 PER MONTH since then. GAME CHANGER!!

To sum up: yes, the course cost me $1,997… but I’ll spend that any time in order to earn six-figures in two weeks, or $10K per month!

(Note: hopefully this goes without saying, but, you have to do the work. I didn’t make six-figures by chance or haphazardly following bits and pieces of the teachings. I went through DCA in full, implemented about 99% of it, and got the results. If you do the work and follow Amy’s advice, you WILL get results too!!)

Kate Kordsmeier + Amy Porterfield on Zoom

Is Digital Course Academy Right for Me?

Eager to now get these same results for yourself, but wondering if DCA is the right fit?

Digital Course Academy serves budding online business owners as well as more seasoned entrepreneurs who are looking to scale. If you…

  • currently work full-time but have a ‘side hustle’ you wish you could turn into your only hustle…
  • OR you quit a job a few years ago to prioritize freedom, purpose and passion, and now have an established business with an email list of at least 250 engaged subscribers…
  • have a clear vision of who your customer avatar is and maybe have a blog or website and a small email list (but don’t know what to do with it to grow an online business)…
  • are burning out and desperately wants to shift your business model away from relying solely on 1:1 clients to having an income stream that isn’t tied to how many clients you can take on…
  • are clear on your ‘why’ but struggle with the ‘how’…
  • struggle with imposter syndrome and doubt yourself constantly, but are tired of falling victim to your own internal excuses and are ready to finally change the narrative and try something new…
  • have a few course ideas and a solid understanding of your audience, plus the desire to take action and make a big change…

then DCA is for you!

What’s Included in Digital Course Academy?

When you enroll in Digital Course Academy, you get: 

All 7 Modules ($2,997 value)

  • 7 Implementation Modules showing you literally EVERYTHING you need to do to turn your expertise into a profitable digital course that your audience truly wants.
  • A complete, step-by-step launch plan showing you how to create and deliver a high-converting Masterclass presentation that ethically (and authentically) enrolls dozens, if not hundreds of students, every time you deliver it.
  • The Webinar Fill-Up Formula to make sure you never deliver to an empty room again, and instead get a packed house full of perfectly-targeted, “ready to buy” prospects.
  • Next-level email marketing, sales page, and social media strategies to amplify your results and get up to 3x the enrollments. 

Plus, you’ll get these BONUSES to help you generate unstoppable momentum (and keep it!) right until your course launch:

  • Bonus 1: 12 Weeks of Live Q&A Sessions with Amy (in a Private Facebook Group): Amy will be LIVE in the private FB group Monday – Thursday for 12 weeks answering questions and troubleshooting. This is more than she’s ever offered and it’s a big deal 😉
  • Bonus 2: Ticket to The Entrepreneur Experience: Course Creators Edition, a 3-day live business building event in San Diego in December dedicated to supporting digital course creators with the latest strategies, endless inspiration, powerhouse speakers, and access to an ambitious and supportive community of fellow go-getters. (A $397 value)
  • Bonus 3: How to Use Facebook Ads to Fill Up Your Webinars: This bonus will simplify Facebook ads so you can feel confident experimenting with this powerful platform and following a proven path to ROI. You’ll learn how to leverage the exact Facebook advertising strategy Amy has used to profitably fill up a webinar room with perfectly-targeted audiences. 
  • As an Exclusive “Pay in Full” Only Bonus: if you’re able to pay-in-full instead of a payment plan, you’ll also get the DCA September 2020 Launch Debrief. Get an overview of all the big moving pieces and how to make them all work in sync to create a smooth launch experience that doesn’t burn you or your team out. (A $497 value)

To recap, that’s:

  • 7 modules
  • 12 week access to our private program Facebook group
  • 4x weekly Live Q&A Calls with Amy (that’s 48 calls total)!
  • Ticket to The Entrepreneur Experience: Course Creators Edition
  • How to Use Facebook Ads to Fill Up Your Webinars
  • The DCA Launch Debrief (as an extra pay-in-full bonus)

What DCA Bonuses Do I Get Through You?

As promised, I’m gifting you even more goodies to support your DCA journey, should you choose to enroll with me. Why?

Because I believe so strongly in DCA and how creating a profitable digital course will substantially improve your business and your life!

Disclaimer: Yes, I am an affiliate of Digital Course Academy. I genuinely believe in the results you can achieve following Digital Course Academy based on my personal experience. When you purchase via my affiliate link, you get $1,554 worth of DCA bonuses and I get a commission from Amy. Pretty win-win! 🙂 

So what bonuses will you get?

Bonuses you'll receive when you enroll in DCA with Kate

  • Live Workshop With Me + Amy: How to Use Your Blog to Sell Your Course ($497 value)
    • Amy will join us on a LIVE call where we’ll share how to create weekly content to grow your list, what should be free and what should be paid for as part of your course, and overall how to powerfully combine a blog and a digital course in your business. Bring us your questions live and we’ll answer them! 
  • DCA Afterparty! 2 Group Coaching Calls with Kate + Hot Seats ($397 value)
    • You’ve taken the plunge and joined DCA–let’s get this party started! At the end of September, Kate will help you kick-off this program on the right foot and answer all your questions about getting started with digital courses. You will get direct guidance, feedback, and answers to your questions, along with the chance to have your own personal ‘hot seat’ with Kate, plus get the replay to watch again later! In December, once you’ve worked through the content in DCA (and maybe even successfully launched your first course!), you’ll get to join Kate live again to work through whatever challenges have come up and get more answers to all your questions about digital courses, along with more ‘hot seat’ opportunities.
  • Self-Care Launch Plan + Checklist ($47 value)
    • We’re all about doing less to achieve more, and fundamentally believe in working from a place of rest, not hustle. This self-care plan includes our mindful planning printables, plus a guide to launching your course in accordance with cyclical living to maximize your efforts while staying sane and nourished! 
  • The Ultimate Blogging + Online Business Owner Toolkit: Templates, Swipe Copy + Checklists: This toolkit includes tons of valuable resources: ($397 value)
    • Canva Templates for Course Creators and Bloggers: Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Blog Graphics you can plug-and-play
    • 99-Step Roadmap to a Profitable Blog: a checklist outlining EXACTLY what you need to do, step-by-step, minute-by-minute to create a six-figure blog
    • Blog Post Workflow Creation Checklist: Use this checklist every time you publish a new post to help you optimize your workflow, make sure you’ve got your SEO covered, and what to do after you publish
    • Email Swipe Copy: Pitching Templates for How to Get Expert’s Opinion or Interviews, Guest Blogging, Peer Collaboration, Podcast Interviews, and Media Features 
    • Media Kit Template, Campaign Report Template, and Sponsored Content Contract
  • The Six-Figure Blog Academy Launch Debrief ($19 value)
    • A behind-the-scenes look and overview of all the big moving pieces and how to make them all work in sync to create a smooth launch experience that doesn’t burn you or your team out
  • How to Finally Start a Blog Workshop ($197 value)
    • Learn step-by-step how to build your blog the right way from scratch! In this two-hour workshop, I walk you through everything from buying your domain name to installing WordPress, picking a theme, what plug-ins to use, and so much more!

There you have it–our $1,554 bonus bundle!

Finally… if you’re thinking, “Kate, I’m in! I’m ready to join DCA!” Then mark your calendars for when enrollment opens on September 9th, 2020 and join our waitlist here, because I’m giving one more bonus if you enroll that day ONLY worth an additional $299:

  • 4 Expert Masterclass Trainings on Growing Traffic + Community for Course Creators + Bloggers:
    • SEO Training with Liane Walker: No idea where to get started with SEO? Liane Walker from Foodie Digital breaks down how to leverage SEO to help people find your website through online search engines, plus how to update old blog posts for maximum optimation.
    • Pinterest for Bloggers with Kate Ahl from Simple Pin Media: Pinterest can be one of your top traffic drivers, so don’t miss out on this platform!  Kate shares her best practice strategies to drive traffic to your blog through Pinterest and how to repurpose old blog content with new images.
    • The Biggest Instagram Mistakes with Molly Cahill: A two-part series including tips for writing your bio, caption best practices, choosing your hashtags, tips and hacks for stories, tips for increasing engagement, and SO much more!

With these additional trainings, the total bonus packages comes to $1,853! 🙂

PLUS: If you’re one of the first 10 people to enroll with me, you’ll have a GUARANTEED hot seat at one of the two live coaching calls! This is the only way to guarantee that you’ll get extended time with me personally to go deep on your personal business and digital course and get all the feedback you need to move the needle!

Woman in front of computer screen looking off to the side

When Does Digital Course Academy Enrollment Open?

Registration for Digital Course Academy opens on September 9th, 2020 (and, as shared above, there will be some EXTRA bonuses available if you register that day from both me and Amy!).

Throughout August and September, I’m also going live in my FREE Facebook group, Success with Soul, to teach you everything I know about course creation. Join us here!

Also, click here to join the waitlist for my bonuses when doors open!

How Much Support Do We Get Inside Digital Course Academy?

Tons! This is one area (of many!) where Amy excels.

Not only do you get TWELVE full weeks of LIVE calls with Amy in the private Facebook group, but they happen FOUR times per week! That’s 48 live calls–talk about incredible support! 

Plus, the Facebook group is filled with like-minded course creators who are also completing DCA. If you have any questions at all, all you need to do is ask and you’ll usually get a response in a few hours (or less!) from someone who has been in your shoes.

What Support Do You Get Once the 12 Weeks Are Over?

If you’re worried that you’ll lose out on support after the 12 weeks is over, you don’t need to be.

Once your initial 12 weeks in the DCA program is up, the Facebook Group will be archived and all Digital Course Academy students are moved to Amy’s other private Facebook Group, The Insider’s Club.

The Insider’s Club is made up of everyone who has done one of Amy’s courses, including past Digital Course Academy alumni. (Yes, I’m in there too!)

This means that you not only have the support of your peers, but also the support of those who are ahead of you in the course creation game. And, of course, Amy still goes live in this group once a month to answer your questions, so rest assured that you’ll have ongoing access to her after the 12 weeks.

Ready to learn more?

Take Amy’s FREE quiz to discover your personal path to creating a profitable digital course!

Free quiz - What's your personal path to creating a profitable digital course?

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