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How to Make Money Blogging: The Best Online Courses For Starting a Successful Blog

Wondering how to make money blogging? In this post we share the best online courses and resources that teach you how to make money blogging by building a sustainable, successful, and profitable online blog and business.

How to make money blogging: The best online courses + resources for starting + scaling a successful blog

This post was updated on November 30, 2020 with new courses and relevant trainings, including freebies, to get you started!

By now you’ve likely heard about this whole ‘make money blogging’ thing and how people can create a full-time income (and then some!) from blogging.

But if you’re new to this concept, let’s briefly start at the beginning.

What exactly is a blog?

In my opinion, all websites are blogs. And all businesses need one.

Yup! Whether brick + mortar, service-based, retail or online, you need a website. And in 2021, if that website has any content on it, it’s a blog. Why?

Blogs are your home base—they’re how people find you. 

Creating content online is the fastest way to show up in Google search results, which will bring more people to your website, increasing your visibility and, in turn, helping you sell more products, courses, programs, coaching sessions, services, etc.

Even better? You can also monetize your blog itself with ads, affiliates and sponsors!

What does it take to have a successful blog?

In 5 years, I went from not even having a clear idea of what I wanted to blog about (despite a deep knowing that I was meant for more and had a powerful message to share with the world) to making over $677,000 FROM MY FREAKING BLOG!

That’s not even counting what I’ve made from selling online courses and coaching programs. That’s just from monetizing my blog itself. You can do this, too!

But there are so many resources, eBooks, schools and courses out there these days (believe me–I’ve taken a lot of them!), it can almost be more overwhelming to figure out where to start.

So today I’m sharing with you my favorite online courses and resources for creating a sustainable and successful blog. If you want to start a blog, or if you have a blog you want to grow and monetize, then this post is for you!

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10 Resources to Teach You How to Make Money Blogging

21 Days to Impact

1) 21 Days to Impact

Best course for: beginner bloggers

My beginner’s course, 21 Days to Impact, will help you go from idea to implementation in just 21 days! I’ll show you, step-by-step, how to start your blog from scratch the RIGHT way.

No confusion. No ambiguity. Complete hand-holding. 

If you’re an aspiring blogger, an Instagram influencer, or an ambitious creator ready to get your idea out there and turn your passion and purpose into profits, I’ve got the proven system to get you there.

You’ll learn how to figure out your niche, overcome imposter syndrome, buy your domain name, navigate all the tech and get your blog up and running quickly, without overwhelm!

And just in case you worry you don’t have time for yet another online course, we’ve made 21 Days to Impact quick and easy to follow, so you can hit publish on your very first post and be on your way to financial freedom in 3 weeks or less! 

With my proven framework, you could get your blog up and running in a matter of days (even hours) as I break this blogging thing down piece by piece, in a way you can actually understand (no confusing tech lingo!).

Learn more about 21 Days to Impact here!
Also, be sure to sign-up for my free video training series called How to Start Your Blog From Scratch, the Right Way.

In this free training, you’ll learn:

  • The BIG paradigm shift happening in online marketing today, and what this means for bloggers
  • The #1 mistake bloggers make when trying to grow their audience and revenue.
  • The worst thing you can do for your blog when you’re getting started.
Six-Figure Blog Academy

2) Six-Figure Blog Academy

Best course for: existing bloggers who want to scale, monetize, and grow their impact and income

In my signature course, the Six-Figure Blog Academy, you’ll learn how to turn your blog into a six-figure business WITHOUT a huge audience, spending hours on social media or a penny on paid ads, burning out, or selling your soul!

If done right, you CAN turn your hobby blog or passion project into a profitable business–one that gives you freedom from overwhelm and flexibility so you can live life on YOUR terms.

The Six-Figure Blog Academy is the only roadmap you need to make money blogging about what you love. My superpower is making BIG profits with a small audience, and a whole lot of soul!

I went from making $0 from my blog to over $24,000 a month! Today my blog makes nearly $250,000 a year, WITHOUT selling courses or services. And, how about this:

  • I spend less than 15 minutes a day on social media, and just a few hours per week creating content.
  • In 5 years of blogging, I’ve taken two 4-month maternity leaves and my blog still earnedover $677,000.
  • I’ve made multiple six figures from my blog with a small email list and less than 150,000 pageviews/month!  
  • In the middle of the 2020 pandemic, I made over $42,000 from ONE SINGLE BLOG POST that I wrote 3 years ago!
Want to learn more? Start off by watching my free webinar: 3 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets to Six-Figure Blogging! (Plus, get a free bonus just for showing up!)
Free Masterclass with Amy Porterfield

3) List Builders Society

Best course for: entrepreneurs new to email lists and list building

What’s the most important asset of your blog?

If you guessed your email list, you’d be right!

When it comes to building a thriving email list, quality is infinitely more important than quantity. You don’t just want an email list of randos and freebie seekers, you want an email list of people who will eventually invest in what you have to offer. That right there makes all the difference!

When you’ve got an email list brimming with ideal clients and customers, even a few hundred subscribers can completely transform your business.

One of my favorite mentors, Amy Porterfield (listen to her interview on my podcast here where she talks all about how to create a digital course), has been teaching list building since way before it was cool. She knows her stuff and has helped many thousands of online entrepreneurs build businesses fueled by thriving email lists.

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Amy’s course, List Builders Society, will teach you a proven step-by-step framework to start and grow an engaged email list that can’t wait to hear from you! She’s taken everything she’s learned building an 8-figure online business where the majority of her revenue comes from… you guessed it… her email list!

Start by watching her free webinar, How to Start and Grow an Email List (Without the Stress, Tech Confusion, or Crazy Overwhelm).

Here’s a glimpse at what you’ll learn:

  • The biggest list building shifts you NEED to know about. (Hint: if you keep creating stellar content only to have it reach six people… with half of them sharing your last name, you won’t want to miss this!)
  • Amy’s short list of favorite list building strategies–InstaStories, Facebook Live, Podcasting–it’s enough to make an online entrepreneur go crazy! Amy will dive deep into what’s currently pulling the most weight for her business.
  • How to know when you’re ready for Facebook ads. It’s time to ensure you’re set up to get a return on your investment instead of wasting your hard-earned money. Amy will show you how to ease into Facebook ads (when you’re ready) without breaking the bank.
  • Why building your email list is more important than ever and Amy’s TOP strategy for turning social media followers into ready-to-buy email subscribers. Your email list WILL make you money if you do this one strategy consistently.
  • And soooo much more!
Watch Amy’s free List Building webinar here!

4) Simple Pin Media

Best course for: learning all things Pinterest

Pinterest is my #2 traffic source after organic search from Google. Pinterest is a must for any blogger, regardless of your niche.

Even though Pinterest is often classified as ‘social media’, it’s important to realize that Pinterest really isn’t a social platform, rather it’s a search engine.

To get started, we recommend Simple Pin Media’s free Pinterest Image Guide and Pinterest Planner. Simple Pin Media (run by Kate Ahl, the Pinterest Queen!!) also has a monthly membership called Collective for ALL things Pinterest!

As a member of the Collective, you get access to:

  • A step-by-step framework for how to develop a Pinterest marketing strategy that actually grows your business. (No more wondering where to start and whether or not you’re using Pinterest correctly!) 
  • Up to the minute, real time Pinterest training. Stop stressing about how to navigate Pinterest’s frequent updates and what they mean for your Pinterest strategy. (They do the heavy-lifting for you.)
  • Live bi-monthly Q&A calls. Get direct feedback from me to help you master your Pinterest strategy. Everything from creating Pinterest images, figuring out Pinterest analytics, determining your ideal keywords, and everything in between. 
  • Monthly training sessions. Get a bite-sized, easily-implemented, value-packed session each month to help you harness the power of Pinterest and grow your online business.
  • Access to a vibrant online community of other online business owners. Stop trying to figure out Pinterest on your own! In the members-only Facebook group, you’ll get immediate information about last-minute Pinterest changes, daily access to Kate and her team to answer your questions, and feedback from other online business owners who are all using Pinterest to grow their income and make a bigger impact in their audiences. 
Check out the Collective monthly membership here to become a Pinterest whiz!
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Traffic transformation guide

5) Adventures in Blogging

Best training for: SEO and people new to keyword research

Author Lena Gott, founder of WhatMommyDoes and, more recently, the blogging resource school, Adventures in Blogging, offers multiple courses, eBooks and challenges about successful blogging based on what she’s learned over the past 8+ years.

The Traffic Transformation Guide is a 100+ page guide where Lena put together her top 21 traffic generation tips, theories and a list of what NOT to do, so you can apply what’s she discovered over the years to your own blog. While the book is more geared to beginners and newbie bloggers (and focused on growing traffic rather than monetization strategies), I did find some really helpful tips in the book, particularly about keyword research tips, harnessing the power of holidays, and using analytics to grow your readership.

The newest revised version 3.0 contains reflections from her past 23 MILLION PAGE VIEWS!

The Traffic Transformation Guide is just $79–get your copy here–you can also sign up for Lena’s FREE Blog Traffic Bonus Guide, which contains 3 solid traffic generation tips that aren’t included in Traffic Transformation.
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Power Up Podcasting

6) Power Up Podcasting

Best course for: anyone who wants to start a podcast

Did you know that podcasting is one of the best ways to build an audience, connect with others in meaningful ways, and build your brand–even from scratch?

If you’re a blogger and want to expand your reach, adding a podcast is a natural fit that will help you create a deeper connection with your audience.

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If you’re ready to stop thinking about starting a podcast and actually want to get started today, join Pat Flynn’s podcast course Power Up Podcasting!

Power-Up Podcasting is designed to walk a new podcaster through the entire process of launching your show, including equipment selection and set-up, technical training on recording and editing, and how to properly launch your show in order to attract the maximum number of listeners in the first month.

This is the exact course I used to start my podcast, Success with Soul. Pat is the father of podcasting. He is a professional blogger, keynote speaker, Wall Street Journal bestselling author, and host of the Smart Passive Income and AskPat podcasts, which have earned a combined total of over 60 million downloads, multiple awards, and features in publications such as The New York Times and Forbes (listen to his interview on my podcast here all about podcasting). 

When you sign up for Power Up Podcasting through our link, you’ll get a bonus from me: access to the exact Podcast Plan I created before launching Success with Soul, so you can get inspiration and see an example of how I did it! Simply email our team at with a screenshot of your receipt and we’ll send you this bonus!

7) Instagram Courses by Your Social Team

Instagram Training for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Best course for: learning how to optimize Instagram

Manu Muraro, the founder of Your Social Team (listen to her interview on my podcast here where we talk all about Instagram Metrics), helps brands and entrepreneurs use Instagram to connect with more people and get more customers and clients. 

She brings to the Instagram world 20 years of experience in creative, marketing, and strategy, working full time for brands such as the Cartoon Network and King of Pops.

With Your Social Team, Manu has taught over 100 classes and workshops, created several online trainings and started a membership (that she swears is the best thing since sliced bread!).

Oh, and want to hear a secret? Her biggest corporate *dream* client found her on Instagram when she had only 500 followers! That’s proof that you don’t need thousands of followers or the swipe up feature to grow your business with Instagram.

Here’s a few of Your Social Team’s Courses you can pick from:

  • Legit Insta Growth: Set up your Instagram account strategically to grow and grow a targeted audience that wants to buy from you
  • Organic Engagement Pro: Grow engagement and drive sales from Instagram with the help of Superposts™, a formula created by Manu to finally remove the guessing game from your content creation and bring you immediate results
  • Caption Copy That Engages: All the strategies you will need to optimize your Instagram captions for engagement and get clicks on your link in bio
See all of Your Social Team’s Instagram Courses here!
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Rock Your Affiliate Program

8) Rock Your Affiliate Program

Best course for: online entrepreneurs with courses or programs looking to scale

If you have a course, product, or service and have been considering partnerships to make more money and get more sales, I HIGHLY recommend you listen to my interview with Laura Sprinkle, and then join her Rock Your Affiliate Program course!

Laura Sprinkle is an affiliate launch strategist for online course creators and coaches who are ready to take their product launches to the next level with the help of affiliate partners.

Partnerships are a win-win for both you ( = more sales and impact, without even having to pay for traffic) and your partners ( = they get to make money without having to deliver the product or service, all while helping their audience meet a need).

Grab Laura’s free Get Started Kit here if you’re ready to start your partner program!
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Now, over to you! Which of these online courses or products are you most excited to try out? Are there any that you’ve found to be useful that aren’t listed here? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

9) Impacting Millions

Best course for: anyone who wants to boost your publicity and PR strategy to get more media coverageImpacting Millions is a comprehensive program designed by publicity maven Selena Soo that walks you through exactly:

  • Who to pitch to (and how to find them)
  • When to pitch
  • What to say
  • How to create a publicity calendar
  • How to get access to the right contacts and lists
  • How to become “business famous” so you can easily get known to clients
  • How to create a media and PR strategy that you can count on
  • How to leverage publicity once you get it to maximize every post, every interview, every article, and every event — so it’s never one-and-done, but turns fans into paying clients

On all these things, IM delivers. This is a course that is designed to position you as a leader in your industry, as a stand-out presence — even if there are thousands of others “doing the same thing” as you are. 

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10) Digital Course Academy

Best course for: anyone who wants to learn how to create a profitable digital courseDigital Course Academy helps online business owners and entrepreneurs turn your knowledge and know-how into a digital course that will generate consistent revenue through live and evergreen webinar launches. The program provides a step-by-step process for the entire course creation journey–from strategy, to planning, to creation, to launching–with NO fluff and no stone left unturned!If you’re struggling to make money online, feeling stretched too thin, and feeling uncertain of what you should be doing to create a profitable asset in your business, then DCA will teach you how to make the ultimate shift into building and launching a digital course that you can launch over and over again!

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Here are just some of my biggest takeaways from DCA:

  • Amy taught me about the concept of a pre-launch runway, which grows your email list and nurtures your audience in the 60-days leading up to your launch, so that you have a warm audience who is eager to buy from you–and so you’re NOT selling to the same people over and over again (a mistake I made before, when I didn’t really grow my list in between launches).
  • I also made a ton of changes to my webinar strategy, both in what I taught on the webinar (hint: don’t overteach!), how I structured my slide deck and content, and how I followed up with people after they registered. I went from a 0-1% conversion rate last year to an 11% conversion rate in January with her strategies!
  • A HUGE part of DCA is all the stuff that’s done for you, so you don’t even have to think about it. Amy provides email swipe copy for email marketing inspiration, sales page templates with custom coding that make them so easy to design, and other plug-and-play resources.
Real talk: if it weren’t for DCA, I believe I would be in a VERY different place today, struggling to make things work and feeling down on myself. Her step-by-step trainings, easy to implement strategies, and all the extra support Amy gives in the course have literally changed my entire business.

Affiliate Disclosure Policy

This post includes affiliate links, and I will earn a commission if you purchase through these links. Please note that I’ve linked to these products purely because I recommend them and they are from companies I trust. There is no additional cost to you.



  1. Sarah Newman says

    These all sound amazing! I’m a member of FBP and love it, but am super curious about all the rest. I’m very curious about Jenn’s course – that seems like something I could really use right now to help me balance my life. As always, thanks for the resources!

  2. Susan Velez says

    Hi Kate,

    I personally think it’s important to invest in different blogging courses to help you grow. I bought Lena’s book back when I first started my blog.

    While I don’t use all the traffic methods in the book. I do use most of them. Just by using the methods on a consistent basis, I’ve been able to see some growth on my blog over time.

    Starting a blog is easy. The challenging part comes when you’re trying to grow it and actually make some money.

    Congrats on the success of your blog, and thanks for sharing these courses with us.

    Have a great day 🙂


    • Kate Kordsmeier says

      Thank you so much, Susan! Yes – you’re absolutely right. There’s so much to learn in the blogging world and I love learning from people with experience who have been in shoes and can help me grow in new ways. <3

  3. san says

    When it comes to monetization, I’ve tried it all.

    I started with Adsense… but was let down by the low CPCs.

    Then I promoted affiliate products… but I couldn’t get the traffic to convert.

    Then I tried CPA marketing… and quickly realized that it was THE best way to monetize.

    (In fact, CPA helped one of my sites go from 0 to $10k/month in record time), so as a blogger I
    suggest to join (maxbounty-mostCPA-peerfly) and choose YOUR niche, suitable offers and then start write some blogs about those offers. I guarantee that you reach out your money goals.

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