3 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets to Profitable Blogging

How I Made $58,000 While On Maternity Leave: A Q4 Income Report

In my Maternity Leave (Q4 2018) Income Report, we’re looking back on what worked and what didn’t while I was away from my blog for four months. I’ll also share my business strategy and tips that helped me earn $58,000 blogging while on maternity leave. Welcome back to Root + Revel’s traffic + ... READ the POST

Blogging Business: Outsource, Delegate + Invest for Fast Growth

When it comes to your blogging business, do you need to spend money to make money? How do you decide what and how to delegate and outsource, and what to do yourself? What kind of external support do you need to make your blog a success and your life easier? Should you invest time and money into your ... READ the POST

10 Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginner Bloggers

Monetizing an online business with affiliate marketing? In this guide to affiliate marketing for beginners, you'll learn step-by-step how I increased my affiliate marketing revenue by 380% in just 5 months (averaging $8,600/month in 2019), and how you, too, can make money and increase your income ... READ the POST

The 22 Best Books for Entrepreneurs + Bloggers

Whether you want to start your own company or side hustle, become a full-time freelancer or blogger, create a part-time extra revenue stream, found a charitable business or anything in between, this collection of the 22 best books for entrepreneurs and bloggers will give you a prime education and ... READ the POST

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