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Kate Kordsmeier from the Six-Figure Blog Academy and popular wellness blog Root + Revel shares all of her holistic online business strategies and soulful marketing advice for heart-centered entrepreneurs who value relationships, mindfulness, spirituality and health as much as strategic action and practical tips. Whether you’re interested in blogging, digital courses, or other passive income revenue streams, Kate empowers her tribe to make your dreams of being your own boss and creating a profitable online business a reality, without selling your soul. Kate will teach you how to work from a place of rest, not hustle. Do less, achieve more. Make great money AND have the freedom and flexibility to focus on what truly matters. You’ll learn sustainable solutions for email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media for influencers, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, webinars, Facebook ads, building a team, growing your traffic, and productivity and personal development tactics so you can create something beautiful and profitable without burning out. Expect a mix of in-depth, candid interviews with the world’s top entrepreneurs and leaders, and bold, transparent, and inspiring solo shows with step-by-step guidance and stories from the trenches to help you tackle your goals. Hit subscribe if you’re ready to say goodbye to the soul-sucking 9 to 5 corporate world and hello to turning your passion into profits. Let’s make a life, not just a living.

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  1. Julie DeAngelis says

    I listened to #3 today and I felt like you knew what I needed to hear!! I am enjoying your podcasts!! I love the way you explain things in a simple way. It’s like we are having a conversation. Looking forward to listening to more!

  2. Julie DeAngelis says

    OMG! I just listened to your episode with Molly Cahill. It was a 2Fer for me; two of my fav people I follow. I was hooked at Kate’s intro when she said she hates IG. I don’t necessarily hate IG but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet to change my personal IG to a business account. I’m a Solopreneur Health Coach and I’m a bit overwhelmed with everything. Secretly, I want to be Kate when I grow up. LOL
    This episode made me feel better. I’ve been following Molly for awhile and I really like her. She offers great advice and seems like a real person. I wish for the day I can hire her to run my IG. Anyway, this episode offers some honest conversation and leaves you with inspiration. Thank you Kate and Molly!!

  3. Kandee Cooley says

    I just love Kate! I love your blog, podcast, advice, newsletters, and just overall person. I left a very successful career to raise my daughter and ended up homeschooling her to the point of starting community college at 14. As she has become more independent, I’ve been struggling to find a new path for myself. I stumbled upon your site last year and have been following you ever since. You inspire me. I feel you genuinely care about all of the people you come in contact with and are just authentic. I haven’t had the opportunity to take one of your courses, yet, but I have devoured your free “lessons” and podcasts. You helped me find the confidence to start my own blog. It isn’t much yet, but I’m not giving up! Thank you for being real!

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