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033: Energy, Intuition & How to Get What You Want with Madison Surdyke

Ready to learn how to get what you want? The answer is probably not what you think! Learn how to tap into your intuition and shift your mindset to create your dream life.

Want to know how to get what you want?

In our culture, we’re taught to work really hard and to take constant action in order to get what we want.

But the truth is, running on a constant hamster wheel is the hard way of living and creating that leads straight to burnout, and often, doesn’t ever get us the results we want, anyway!

If you’ve tried pushing and running your business from a place of hustle without success and are looking for a new way, you’re in the right place.

Get ready to ask yourself some life changing questions like:

  • What if you could have it all?
  • What if things were easy?
  • What if you were already successful?
  • What if you could fully know and trust that you are right where you need to be… AND that you can still grow and continue to manifest your dreams?
Energy, Intuition & How to Get What You Want

My guest today, Madison Surdyke, is a globally renowned life and business coach who has devoted 500+ hours of coaching to help her clients achieve extraordinary results. She’s on a mission to help women fully tap into the power of their thoughts, energy, and intuition to achieve more success, abundance, freedom, and impact than they ever thought possible.

Madison’s signature method works from the inside out to transform your life, leveraging insights from the latest research in Subconscious Reprogramming and Brain Science. Madison has been featured in well-known publications like Reader’s Digest, Institute for Integrative Nutrition and THRIVE and she’s worked with clients from around the world, including entrepreneurs, best-selling authors and high-level professionals.

They all seek her coaching for one reason: life-changing transformation. Through their work together, many of Madison’s clients have started their own businesses, landed their dream jobs, healed their relationships with food, improved their health, or eliminated their anxiety and self-doubt–all while feeling more aligned with their purpose and fulfilled.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The importance of giving yourself permission to be a beginner
  • How to let feeling good be your only job
  • Understand what actually creates your outer reality
  • How to balance feminine energy of being vs. masculine energy of doing
  • How to tap into and practice using your intuition

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Kate Kordsmeier 0:00

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all. It's Episode 33 of the Success with Soul podcast and I'm your host, Kate Kordsmeier. I just want to say how grateful I am for each and every one of you listening. I started this podcast back in April and it has been a literal joy and bright spot in my life. I cannot tell you how much it has fulfilled my soul to come and chat with you every single week. I hope it has been as meaningful to you as it has been to me. Thank you for showing up for being here and for listening. I am also so grateful today to have my friend Madison Surdyke on the show. Madison and I have been friends for literal years back when she was an actuary. But today after running a successful food blog turned intuitive eating coaching business turned spiritual life and business coach. She is on top of the world and better than ever. I don't want to give too much away. But towards the end of the episode, she has a mic drop moment unlike any I've had on the show so far. I had actual goosebumps sitting in my chair. I can't wait to share this interview with you. So we're talking manifesting we're talking alignment. We're talking intuition. But all with Madison's no bullshit lens. I love her style. She asks the best questions in the world. And I love the way that she makes feeling good her only job. So it might sound self indulgent. But I promise you magic will happen when you follow her lead. Madison's clients can attest that after working with her they finally reach that holy shit is this even real life? That's Madison's promise, and she does not disappoint. So let's get into it. You're listening to the Success with Soul podcast with Kate Kordsmeier ex journalist turned CEO of a multi six figure blog and online business. But it wasn't that long ago that Kate was a struggling entrepreneur who lacked confidence, clarity, and let's be honest money. But all those failures, experiments and lessons learned helped Kate create a thriving business that impacts thousands and brings freedom, flexibility and fulfillment to her life. If you're ready to do the same and make something happen with holistic, soulful, step by step strategies from Kate and other experts, you're in the right place. here's your host, writer, educator, Mom, recovering perfectionist, bookworm and sushi connoisseur, Kate Kordsmeier. Hey, Madison. Oh, hey, Kate. I'm so glad you're here. Just a couple weeks ago, I was on your show. And now you're on mine. And I just love that we always seem to have fun ways to collaborate together because we've known each other like a long time now.

Madison Surdyke 2:49

I know. It's so crazy. I like love the evolution of our like, yeah, friendship. And I feel like you like came into my life at the perfect time as a mentor and like really helped me start my business. And we're I think one of the really big reasons that I finally did it, because I had been thinking about it for years and like seeing how you know, to go from that. What was that like? Probably like five years ago or something like that. And now we're like friends going on each other's podcast, like going to our friend's weddings together. Like it's

Kate Kordsmeier 3:22

wild. I think we met, we moved back to Atlanta in 2013. So I think that's when we met was around that time, maybe 2014? Yeah. Um, so it's been like six or seven years, which is nuts. But that's really sweet of you to say and tell everybody like, what was that first business because now you've had a couple rounds like iterations of this business. And I love the way that you've just pivoted so naturally with what's aligned with you at the time and tell us your story.

Madison Surdyke 3:56

Yeah, so taken aback a little bit before my business, which kind of this ties it together why I started that first business. So I had an eating disorder in high school, I struggling really a lot with anorexia and just like, not eating, and it was like coming from this place of control. I was like, looking for a sense of control and certainty in a world that felt like there was no control and certainty. Like I think we're all looking for that illusion of control. And my eating disorder was what at that time gave me that illusion of control. And so that was kind of going on in high school and then through it, realizing how much I was hurting my family by doing that to myself, and obviously, I was hurting myself too. But when I really saw how much I was impacting my family, I was like, okay, like this, this can't continue and my mom was kind of like, you can get yourself better or we're gonna get you better and better. You into some sort of treatment. I was like, Oh, hell no, I can No, I am not going there. So I got really determined. And I was always very determined once I decided something and set my mind to something like, nothing was going to get in my way. So I decided like, Okay, I'm gonna figure this out on my own. And for the most part, I did and went on this journey of recovery and kind of just healing on my own. And I kind of say I was pseudo recovered by time I went to college, so I had like, physically recovered from my eating disorder, I was physically okay. But I was still anxious, 24 seven about food, and not just food, just kind of like everything. It was like this underlying constant anxiety all the time. And in college, I basically masked that and buried that with drinking and a very active social life and studying all the time, to where they're just like, wasn't really room for that to come through. And so, after college, I moved to Atlanta, I met you and we lost over

Kate Kordsmeier 6:04

that part, I just realized that with the way we met was that my husband and your now fiance, were working at the same company. And we met at like one of their company happy hours. So it was like a very random, random day. And then I was like, obsessed with you because I always wanted to.

Madison Surdyke 6:24

I was like, Look at her. Like, I've got to become friends with her. And Trevor was like, I can make that. I can make that. No, like coordinated. I think he like coordinated for us to go to coffee one day, or something. But really, it was like, yeah, it's like a big moment turning point in my life. So anyways, after college, I went to Atlanta started working as an actuary and living life in the real world. And because I was in drinking and studying all the time, and I went to Atlanta, really only knowing Trevor and didn't have a ton of friends, there was all of that stuff I had buried in college started coming back up to the surface. And so my food issues kind of started resurfacing in their own new way. And this at this point, kind of turned into orthorexia, and obsessing over you know, what's good, and what's bad, and, you know, trying to eat so perfectly clean. And it kind of got to the point where I felt like nothing in the world was safe for me to eat. Because I had read so much information about you can't eat this, this is and I was like, Oh my god, well, what the heck am I supposed to eat and I was just so stressed, I developed chronic back pain. I had chronic back pain for like two years and was in like severe pain all day, every day I had eczema, I was in this job where I was working 12 hours a day, and also taking actuary exams, which for those of you don't know what an actuary is, you can Google it. But it's not even worth mentioning. Because I think it's terrible. I'm just kidding. No, I don't want to hate on it. Because it's for some people, but it wasn't for me, there was no creativity involved. It was just numbers, numbers, numbers, very high stress, and you had to take these exams that you had to study for, like eight months for, so I would like, wake up at 4am take Adderall study until like 8am, go to work, work for 12 hours, wash it all the way with a glass of wine and do it again. And at the same time, I have the chronic back pain, eczema, my hormones are totally out of whack. And I just had all these issues, and I was thinking about food. 24 seven, so it was what is gray combo, gray coffee. And

Kate Kordsmeier 8:37

many people can relate to a version of that exact life. Yeah, like, maybe the job title is different. Maybe the stress is manifesting differently than back pain and eczema. But it's there.

Madison Surdyke 8:52

Yeah. And it's like, I feel like those physical symptoms come through. It's like our souls way of screaming at us being like, hello. Something you're doing isn't an alignment for you. And for me, it was the way I was approaching food. And the job I was in just like was totally out of alignment. I was like, overworking knots. I slept like two hours a night like I just was like a total disaster. And I around that time, I found this book called intuitive eating. And it kind of positioned this idea that like you can listen to your body and you don't have to have all these rules and you can be free and you can trust yourself around food and you don't have to think about all the time and I was like Wow, that sounds nice. So in true me for him, I was like, I am so determined. I set my mind to it. I was like I'm gonna figure out how to eat in a balanced way without all this anxiety and guilt and constant thinking about food like I can. If I think about food again, I'm gonna drive myself crazy. And so I went on this mission and went through this whole process of questioning everything I had been told To be true about food and my body and and by health and just really letting go of everyone else's idea of what I was supposed to do, and really started checking in with myself of like, well, what is my intuition telling me what feels good for me and really just started letting feeling good in my own self and my own, so be my guiding compass. And also really looking at, like, my thoughts and my beliefs about food and questioning, like, Is this true, but if it's enough to be true, what what I like to believe instead, what will allow me to live the life that I really want to live and just started, what I look back on now, but it was rewiring my brain. And I didn't know that's what I was doing at the time, and basically manifesting away my issues with food. And so I, through that journey of, of really tapping into my own intuition, I got to the place where I had as eliminated all of my worries and thoughts about food and got to this place where I was so appeased around food, I could eat what felt good for me, there were no rules, and there was so it was the best thing ever. And during that journey, so I'd always wanted to start a business I'd actually tried to start one a year before I don't know if I ever told you this, I named it always sunny in my belly, calm, kinda like sun in my belly, the restaurant in Atlanta. Yeah, it was always sunny in my belly, I bought the domain, I bought a camera to do food photography and recipes, because I was really into that. And then it was like, it felt like I can't do this, like who might do this? It felt impossible. Like, how do you go from no business to business? Like I was, you know, in my head, there was like, No, it wasn't like, oh, let's take the next step. It was like, well, I it's too overwhelming to go from zero to 100. Therefore, like, I kind of just let that

Kate Kordsmeier 11:52

that's interesting that you say that? Because I think so many people think that exact thing. Oh, and zero to 100. And it's like, No, you can go from zero to one, and then one to two

Madison Surdyke 12:02

and talks about that exact same thing on my podcast. So funny. That's coming up again. Yeah,

Kate Kordsmeier 12:11

but I mean, because imposter syndrome, obviously is something everybody no matter who you are, where you live, how much money you have, how much success you have. Everybody deals with it. I've not met a single entrepreneur who's not like, Oh, well, I've never doubted myself or been scared.

Madison Surdyke 12:29

Yeah, it's still a practice like having those fears and doubts and like, what I would say about entrepreneurs is that it's not that they've eliminated the fear and the doubt it's that they've they learn how to do it anyway.

Kate Kordsmeier 12:43

You know, I like work address the fear head on not fear, control them.

Madison Surdyke 12:50

Yeah. And see it as like the best container for growth it's like the scariest things the things that feel the most impossible like are the places you can go to grow the most So yeah, I had bought that website did nothing with it for a whole year and I like to sit like tell people that like because it's I had made it this big huge thing that was so hard in my head and like, I have to remind you, I realized like it didn't have to be that complicated or or that hard. And it was something I could get started now and like there you know, I was always like oh someday I'll do it someday I'll do it and say no, like the time is now

Kate Kordsmeier 13:32

so that came before Sunny Times.

Madison Surdyke 13:35

Yeah, there was never anything on the website. I bought the domain Okay, it did nothing. Literally nothing with it. Besides maybe take a few terrible pictures in my apartment. Which is another great reminder like you might feel like you're so bad at something at first and then my pictures were awful in the beginning and then a year later they were like beautiful and being featured and like amazing magazines because I was willing to be quote terrible. Yeah, I was willing to be a beginner. So yeah, that was before sunny time so as I was healing my relationship with food I I think I met you and really decided like okay, like I want to start a food photography and recipe development business and you are like oh yeah, like I make well over six figures doing not like I can show you how and I was like shut the front door like yes I me up and you really just gave me like it was almost like the permission I needed to finally go for it and like you were the proof that I felt like wow, like if she could do it then you know So could I and I really opened that door for me and that was like the another one of those points where I made that decision of like, Okay, I'm going all in I'm doing this and started doing recipe development food photography and my business at the time was called sunny times. And as I you know, progress in healing my relationship with Food I started, like thinking, once I had really healed with food, I was like, wow, I need every woman in the world to know about this. So I kind of pivoted, that was one of my first pivots was going from the food photography and recipe development to coaching women on their relationship with food. So that was pivot number one. And I started coaching women on their relationship with food. And I created this course called the subtle art of food freedom, which still is out there, if anyone is struggling with this stuff, I highly recommend that program I've had, like 30, over 30 women go through and just have their relationship with food and lives completely transformed through that. And so did that for a while. And, you know, I noticed with myself, I started applying all the same principles I had used to heal my relationship with food to all other areas of my life and questioning who I was supposed to be and what I was supposed to do and how things were supposed to be done. And really checking in with my intuition in all areas of my life. And it's like it was kind of like my gateway into personal development, spirituality. And I've just, and especially business too, I think that being an entrepreneur, like catapults you into personal development, in a way like nothing else I've experienced. So I really got really, really into personal development and spirituality manifestation. I was like gone way down the rabbit hole, reading all the books, all the podcasts, everything I absolutely loved, and started noticing my all areas of my life, transforming once I healed my relationship with food through applying the same principles of really, rather than I think so many people look at their behaviors in their external world and try to change that. But it's our thoughts and our beliefs in our energy, that drive our behaviors that drive our external world. So if we really want to create change in our life, we have to look at our thoughts and energy and intuition. And I started expanding that into all other areas of my life and everything else transformed, I started making way more money in my business, my relationship with my boyfriend, now, fiance progress, so much more my back pain, completely disappeared, like gone, never been back. My anxiety is gone from being 99.99% of the time to maybe 3% of the time now. And it's just like every single facet of my life, transformed by really honing into the power of my thoughts and my energy, and intuition and letting feeling good be my guiding principle in all areas of my life, not just with food. And I noticed the same thing was becoming true for all of my clients, they were applying this to all others of their lives and creating massive change and growth and transformation in their lives, like getting into grad school, beating their soul mate landing their dream job making more money, all these things were happening for them too. And I was like, wow, like, I think it's time to pivot again. Because I think I meant to teach this on a much grander scale and really expand this and I had been getting nudges for a while to get pivot and to really share kind of what I had been doing behind the scenes for like a year, which was like the deep inner work, the personal development is the spiritual manifesting work that allowed me to really start transforming all other areas of my life. And so I was like, okay, like, I'm ready to share this with the world now. And so that led to that pivot. And now I have a podcast called magnetically you my magnetically view on Instagram. And what I do now is help women transform their lives and create basically like a, what I like to call a holy shit is this even real life, using the power of their thoughts, energy, and intuition. And I think like, I what I like to tell people is like, I feel like the biggest thing from what I teach that it all comes back to is like doing what feels good for you. Like, if that's all you ever did the rest of your life. More magic than you can ever imagine would come to you. So that's my 20 minutes.

Kate Kordsmeier 18:59

No, I love it so much. I feel like there's so many good things in there. When one day I want to touch on that you said that I heard this quote the other day, and I was thinking of it how I've Okay, so the quote is, by following your dreams, you're inspiring others to do the same. And when you said that, like you see me going after my dreams and going after what I want you were like, well, if she could do it, I could do it. And that is like such a powerful thing that to realize, like I didn't even know I was having that impact on others. But that's there's a whole nother reason to just like go for it. It's not just for yourself. It's what you're showing the rest of the world as possible for them to so that was really cool to just kind of see that in action in my own life. Because when I heard the quote, I was thinking, Oh, yeah, that's true, because I started a blog after I saw what the pinch of young people were doing. And I started a course after I saw what Amy Porterfield was doing, and I you know, like, and the same thing has happened for people who follow me so I know this Same thing is happening for people that follow you. And I hope that is just more inspiration to anybody listening. Like, go for it.

Madison Surdyke 20:06

And it's the crazy ripple effect. It's like, through that one conversation over coffee we had, it's like, I started my business and through my business, I've been able to help like, hundreds, if not thousands of people transformed their lives. And it was like a, it's almost like, through you, that was like, possible. And then it's like, through me, it's made possible for all these other people. And for those other people, it's like, it's a never ending, like critical recall.

Kate Kordsmeier 20:33

Yeah, I love that. That makes me feel like really warm inside. Thank you. Hey, there interrupting this programming for just a second, tell me Do any of the following sound like you. You've been trying to create a successful blog for months, maybe even years, but haven't gained any serious traction that inspires you to keep going. Or maybe you've had some on and off blogging successes, but you feel like you're just winging it. Time isn't your friend, you've got a never ending to do list and you don't know what you need to be doing right now, to stay on track and earn a consistent income. Maybe you don't even have a blog yet. And you're just not sure where to start when it comes to growing and monetizing a blog. Or let's be honest, if it's even possible to make money blogging, well, my friend if you relate to any of these challenges, I've got you covered. I'm about to show you how to generate some serious blogging momentum and my free training three behind the scenes secrets to profitable blogging in 2020 and beyond. If you're frustrated by your lack of progress with your blog, despite working tirelessly on it, and if you're ready to unleash your inner entrepreneur badass, who already knows she's worthy and successful and can do anything she puts her mind to, even if your inner critic is currently calling the shots, then this masterclass is a must attend. Head on over to to register now, it's totally free. That's I'll see you there.

The other thing I love and I have a question about it, too. I actually saw on Instagram The other day you were reading a book and on your Kindle, there's a sticker that said my only job is feeling good, or something like that. And I loved it. And I have heard you talk about this before. Explain to anybody who's listening who's like your only job is feeling good. Like, isn't that selfish? Or isn't that what's the difference here?

Madison Surdyke 22:56

Yeah, so I spend most of my life like fairy and like the masculine energy of like, push, push force, hustle, like, go get doo doo doo doo doo, like a very outward focused energy kind of like, go like, grab that and like reel it into you like very like forced and like pushed and struggle. And I realized that when you allow yourself to go more into the feminine energy of allowing things to come to you allowing yourself to be in a more surrendered state, letting go of your expectations of how things should be how they're supposed to look who you're supposed to be. And just kind of let yourself be guided by what feels good, which puts you in that energy of surrender and openness and creates kind of this opening for the universe to deliver the things that you want in the most magical way and they come to you easily. You don't have to go out there and get to do do it's like when we take a step back and like stop all that pushing and forcing outward focus energy, we create the space for what we want to like come into our lives and tying it back to feeling good is my only job it's like our how we feel our energy, our vibration is what creates our reality because how we feel impacts our thoughts like when we when we're feeling higher vibe, feeling better, we have access to higher level thinking and higher level ideas and higher level thinking on ideas leads to higher level actions, higher level actions lead to higher level results. And it's like, our internal reality is creating our external reality, like our external reality is just a reflection of what's going on on the inside. And through my whole journey. It was like that became so clear to me that it's like, none of what's going on in the outside matters. It's like when you can change and transform on the inside. It's like one that feels good. Since we don't we all want to feel good and two, it's like that then creates that opening for everything to come to you. You become Essentially, like magnetic for the things that you want, rather than having to push in force and go out there and get them. And by feeling good, you it's kind of like the same thing we were saying with the business, it's like, by you having a really successful business, like I thought, Oh, I could do that too, by you feeling good, you give permission to other people to feel their best, you radiate that good feeling to them, and you show you're able to show up as your higher self when you feel good. And this doesn't mean you have to feel good all the time. But like, what if all, all you needed to do was to feel good, and that you would create such a beautiful impact on everyone around you, you could have all the success you wanted? Like, what if that would be true? I'm not saying it is or it's not. But what if and if what you're doing now, it doesn't feel good if you're struggling with the pushing and the forcing, and the, you know, also all the outwork focus energy. It's like, what if you just experimented, what if you set the intention for the next week of like, Okay, this week, feeling good, it's my only job. And just notice, notice what happens, notice how the people around you are positively impacted. Notice all the magical things you manifest that come into you and just give yourself Yeah, like a little experiment to see, see what can happen and what that can open up for you.

Kate Kordsmeier 26:21

I love that so much. And one of the things I so Madison's always saying, Oh, I had such an impact on her, but it has definitely been a symbiotic relationship. And particularly, I've spoken about this many times on the podcast before but I have had a lot of postpartum body image issues and food issues kind of going towards that Orthorexic wellness diet with my wellness blog route, rebel, one of the ways that you have been so helpful to me is the questions that you pose. And I love the way that you ask these and even just what you said right now is like, what if this were true? And like, what would I like to believe instead? And I love the way that you think like that. And it's so powerful when you really sit with those questions. So okay, like, where to go from here, because there's so many things I want to say now. You said, you know, how we feel is what creates our reality and talking about how external really doesn't matter as much as internal. And I think that's so true. I mean, there's one of my favorite quotes. I want to say it's by Henry Ford, but it's like it goes, whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right. And I love that because of course, if you go into anything thinking you can't do it, it is going to be a self fulfilling prophecy, the same way that I believe if you go into something saying I can do this, you will do it. But can you give us like maybe a specific example of something in your life where you've applied, applied this thing of like, I'm going to change my thoughts and beliefs, and that's going to change my reality. And getting into that feminine energy where you are receiving instead of hustling and going and going and doing, because I think the thing that comes up for me and a lot of people who are new to this line of thinking is like, Well, I have to do something, I can't just say, I'm going to launch a course, and then do nothing. So what where's that balance?

Madison Surdyke 28:26

Yeah, this is so good. So one example that comes up is, uh, last year, I was like having this time where I was like, really upset that clients were not coming to me, I wasn't signing clients. And I was like, What the heck is the problem? What am I doing wrong, and I would go out and force and push and I have this like idea in my head of like, if I take x action, then y is supposed to happen if I post on my Instagram stories, and so much would reach out if they don't reach out. That means the Instagram story was terrible, and it's not working. And I was like, this constant like push and pull. And like, if I'm not seeing then the immediate result for my action that I must be doing wrong, I must go fix something, I must go change something. And it was like, just total like, not why I started my business. I didn't start my business to worry all the time and be stressed all the time. And for it to be so difficult. Like I started to be fine and fulfilling. And I was like, You know what, like, I'm letting go of the need to do anything. I just completely let it go. And like there's there's nothing actually I need to do right now. Because like I'm thinking like, well, it's not working therefore I need to do more, do more, do more. And I was like you know what, let's take a freakin break. Let's meditate. And I did this meditation that is actually now included in my five day meditation challenge on my websites for you if anybody wants to go get it, but the day two of it is all about letting go of control. And I did that meditation it's about 10 minutes and I kid you not I went on Instagram afterwards and had a message from someone who had just followed me just messaged me and said, I love what you're doing, basically, how can I pay you? How can I work with you and she became a client like that day. And it's just like, every time, every time you can go into the place within yourself where all the issues on the outside don't exist, it's like, that's when the magic happens. It's like, as soon as you can go to that, kind of like that inner inner sanctuary that's always there. And like, let go of all these fake stories and identities and, and problems that don't even exist. They're really just figments figments of our imagination, when we can come back to that place within us where none of that actually exists. Because in the present moment, it doesn't exist, like it's always Okay, in the present moment. We only, you know, feel like there's problems when we go off in the pasture, and the future. And what I like to say about action is that, you know, I think there's so many different views on action. And you know, everyone's like, well, you have to take action. And like, what I say about action is that like, honestly, what I truly believe is that things in your external reality can change without action, literally. But it's the craziest thing. By doing that meditation, literally nothing else I did different in my external reality. It's like the client came and I've had that happen. So many times where I truly make those interchanges is an inner shifts, and my external reality starts aligning, however, there is a thing called the law of action, right? Like, if we, you know, a lot of times we take a step towards the universe, the universe can take a step towards us. And there is that like, kind of like, yes, symbiotic relationship between, like, action and receiving. And it's really like a dance between the two. And what I like to say about action is like, the actions that are right for you are the actions that feel like the most natural thing in the world to do the actions that feel light and inspired. They feel fun, they're coming from this place of like, I'm doing this action because it feels inspired. It feels light, it feels fun. It feels like you know, the highest like self expression of who I am. That's why I'm taking this action. And sometimes, you know, it might not make sense, like, you might be thinking, well, how

does this tie to me getting clients like, I have this inspired idea to go buy a magazine, or something, and you're like, I was really three clients. And then you open the magazine. And there, you read something that gives you like, the most brilliant idea for your next course you're going to create. And it's like, I think it's all about trusting those intuitive actions. And again, it's like intuitive eating then can turn into like, intuitive and all other areas of your life. And it's like, taking the actions that feel the most intuitive, even if they don't make sense and letting go of the attachment of if I take this action that I'm supposed to get this result, when we do that we're strangling the universe, like there are infinite possibilities for what we can experience what we can have a week, who we can be what we can do. And if we're saying, if I do this, then I'm supposed to get this. It's like, we're literally like cutting all those other options. And we're so laser focused on this one thing that we can't even see the million other amazing things that are right there waiting for us. And it's like, when we let go of that expectation, we can finally see those like, million other like opportunities that are waiting for us. And again, it's like we create that opening for those things to come into us.

Kate Kordsmeier 33:32

Yeah, that's amazing. I mean, I'm like, kind of speechless. It makes me think that, you know, there's really, it's like, there's hard action, and they're soft action too, because even though you're saying I didn't go do something, I didn't go on Instagram and do this post or follow this marketing strategy. But you did go meditate. And that was like, after action that you were doing something you were working on the inside. So you were doing the inner work instead of the outer work. So I feel like there's a level of doing, but it's where where's the focus? And I think like you said, I know. I think you actually told me about her the manifestation babe, who I followed for a while now and she talks about the same thing of like, aligned action and like, you can still be in alignment and work like a 12 hour day, if you feel like if it feels so good to you the whole time and it feels inspired. But when you're like slogging away for 12 hours, and then you feel like you have to numb and, you know, drink yourself to sleep or like take an Ambien because wired or whatever like that. That's the difference. So I love that. And I want to come back to something we talked about at the beginning too, which was this permission to be a beginner. And I think you're such a beautiful example of like you've pivoted in your businesses and you've tried a lot of different ways of doing things and you have given yourself that permission, like how have you found the confidence to start a blog, and then pivot into your subtle art of food freedom course, and then pivot into this more spiritual coaching, when maybe you haven't had fancy credentials, or like things that people feel like they need before they can do that you've been a beginner, but you've been successful.

Madison Surdyke 35:24

Yeah, so I love talking about my thoughts on having credentials. So what I like to tell people is, if the biggest driving factor of you wanting to get certified, and whatever it is, you want to get certified in is so that you can feel confident you can feel more qualified, you can be more qualified, don't do it. Because you're going to get to the end of the program, you're going to have spent the money, you're gonna have spent the time and you're going to be stuck with the same brain and the same thoughts that had you feeling the lack of confidence, and the doubt and the lack of qualified ness that you had before. Now you just are like, oh, and I'm also certified in Boise. It's like what? So I would say like, and I love, I love getting certified things, because I love learning. So it's like, it's like, what is the intention? Are you coming at it from the place of like, this is the thing, this external thing is going to create this feeling on the inside, which, I mean, we all know that's not true. It's like, oh, once I lose 10 pounds, then I'll feel better. Once I get a client, then I'll feel better Once this happens. And then then it doesn't, we're still stuck with the same energy and the same brain when we're in there. And so we have to find that within us now. And like what a beautiful opportunity to be forced to find that within yourself and to realize that it doesn't come from outside things. And so I think, with the credentials, it's looking at, like, what is my intention behind this, and confidence comes from practice, like, confidence is not something that you you've got confidence, and then you can do the thing. It's right. It's like you do the thing. And the confidence develops, and it's like this constant practice. And if you're waiting for confidence before doing something, you're never going to feel confident, because you don't give yourself the chance to develop the competence, which is what makes you feel confident. And it's like this terrible like, cycle that you kind of never get out of. And like it's, there's always another level to have confidence, like food photography, that required, you know, a certain level of confidence, like reaching out to brands, and that kind of thing that required a level of confidence from me to do that. My business now I'm doing live videos, I have a podcast, I'm sharing a lot more authenticity, authentically, and vulnerably. Like, that's forced me to step into a new level of confidence and go through periods where I don't feel confident anymore. And it's that place where you don't feel confident is the place where the most like growth can happen for you. And one of my little questions I would ask is like, what if you didn't need to feel confident? to do it? What if it wasn't required? What if you could feel not confident and do the thing anyways? Yeah, and I think it's just goes back to trusting, trusting the nudges, like letting go of what everyone else tells you you're supposed to do or be or whatever, and really trusting like, Okay, what feels good. For me what truly feels right for me. And it's like, when I I'm trying to think of I know, there were so many signs, when I was thinking about pivoting my business we like went to Hawaii, which is such a beautiful and like spiritual place. And there were just so many signs that like it was time to pivot, and I kept getting this like, this feeling like wash over me of like, it's timeout, and it's time to totally pivot. It's time to start the podcast, and I let that come in. I let the nudge come in. And I I acted on it. And again, it's like it comes back to allowing the action when it feels so inspired. And I think it's important to when the inspiration and those intuitive nudges do surface to act on it immediately. While that inspiration is high, like

Kate Kordsmeier 39:14

yeah, I've done it. I'm so glad the conversation went here, because this is something that I kind of not argue, but we have discussions with my husband and I know about intuition and intuitive nudges. And I'm kind of telling him most of the time that I feel like his intuition is so dulled down by all the other voices like many of ours and like mine definitely was and still is in certain areas for sure that he can't separate intuition from, like fear or, like let's use this example of I hear this all the time with my potential students. I really want to start a blog. I've been thinking about it for five years. I'm so excited but I'm scared. So I tell them sometimes something like well, action stops fear. Just start it. What is the worst that could happen? And what is the best that could happen? And but then sometimes I'm like, well, is that what I want to tell them? Because? Is it their intuition telling them? This doesn't feel good? This feels scary. This feels hard? Or is that just fear? And how do you tell the difference?

Madison Surdyke 40:28

Oh, I love this question. So much. So I think it's different for everyone. And the more you kind of like practice, using your intuition, the more you will be able to know what those signals are for you. So it's like, it's like a muscle, just just test it. Give yourself permission to experiment. And if you do feel like, oh, maybe this is a nudge, like, run with it, see what happens. Learn from it. Don't let it be this thing of like, Oh, well, my intuition failed me like never gonna try that. Again. It's like, what if it's just like this experiment? And for me, my intuitive Yes, feels it feels very light, expansive, I usually get covered in goosebumps, even sometimes even teary eyes. Like I have a very physical like, yes, when something is a no, it feels, it feels tight, it feels heavier, it feels urgent, there, I feel like usually when it's like fear and ego, there's a sense of like, I have to do this now. And there's like, definitely, you know, a feeling of like scarcity of like, almost like a sense of like the other shoe gonna drop kind of thing. And so I think it's, and that's just for me, and I think that feeling of intuition versus fear is different for everyone. And the more you give yourself permission to experiment and figure it out, the more you will, and it becomes a thing where you like, get to the place where you can trust yourself. And I think we're so scared of trusting ourselves. Because we've been raised in a society that tells us just the opposite to not trust ourselves. And so trusting ourselves feels so scary. And it's like, one of the most vulnerable things you can do. Because if you're doing whatever knots told you, then if it doesn't lead to what you want, then you can be like, Oh, well, they're thing they told me to do didn't work. But if it's like you were listening to yourself, then you're kind of the one cause for your life. And it forces you to take responsibility within yourself for your life. And you can no longer turn to external, you know, things and be like, Oh, well, that's why that happened. It's like you become the, like, conscious creator of your own life. And it like forces you to take self responsibility in new ways, if that makes sense.

Kate Kordsmeier 42:47

Yeah. So let's use another example. Because this is what more so what my husband and I have our discussions about is when it comes to intuitive eating, so he's always like, I felt so good when we did the whole 30, like five years ago, and I really want to do it again, right? That's great for you, I will never do another. And so we get talking about well, why did you feel good? Was it what you were eating or not eating? Or was it that when we did the whole 30 you know, we really slowed down, we stayed in we like, really paid attention to cooking and having this like experience with our food, instead of just being brushed and like shoveling whatever we can into our mouths and then not even thinking about it. We weren't drinking. So we weren't hung over. We weren't you know, dealing with anything like that like, or was it that you didn't need gluten? Like, maybe it was maybe it was everything? Maybe it was ation of things, maybe whatever. So he says, My intuition tells me that I should just eat like pizza and tacos and ice cream all day every day. Yeah. So isn't that my intuition? And I'm like, no, it's, but I can't explain it. And like, I cannot verbalize it. It's like I know it in my head. And then when I go to talk to them, I'm always like, I don't know. But that's not it.

Madison Surdyke 44:09

Well, that comes from the overarching belief that we can trust ourselves. I can't trust myself to eat the amount that feels good for me. Therefore, if I give myself permission to eat all these things, then I will eat all of these things. And that's absolutely fear. And, yeah, just programming from the world we've lived into, make us think that we can't be trusted and we're so out of control. And well, if we get in front of a box of cookies, we'll eat the whole thing. And it's like, what if that wasn't true? How do you know? And it's like, fulfilling prophecies.

Kate Kordsmeier 44:48

Yeah. Well, it'd be when we've tried it because we ever since I got pregnant with my first son, which was in 2018. I have followed up Absolutely no form of a diet or restriction. Or I eat this way, or even just like clean eating or anything. I just like I eat what I want when I want to do something about it. Well, I think about it too much about it. So yeah, and but what we've found is that Yeah, you kind of had this little like rebound period where all of a sudden, you're like, Oh, my gosh, I cannot play every day. And then after like, three days, you're like, I don't want chick fil a anymore. Yeah, I want something else. And your body's got you,

Madison Surdyke 45:34

your body's Yeah, you it will always guide you to learn to really hear your intuition. You might have to go to more extreme places that force you to tap more into the into the intuition. But eventually, it's like, you don't have to go to those extremes anymore to like, bump up against your intuition. It's like, you can kind of stay in the middle and be in that intuition.

Kate Kordsmeier 45:56

Yeah, yeah, exactly. But I think it's good.

Madison Surdyke 45:59

I think it's like, I love that you bring that up, because I like experienced that a lot of to where people would say these things. And I'm like,

Kate Kordsmeier 46:06

I'm like, No, that's not true. Like you can,

Madison Surdyke 46:08

it's not true, you can listen to your body. And like I wanted so badly to convince everyone that that was the way and what I realized is that, like, everyone has to have their own journey, their own shit. And it's like, the best thing I can do, again, is feel my best and right to listen to my own intuition and to trust myself, what everyone else says that does their own journey. And maybe they need to go through whatever it is they're doing in order to learn their feel good. Whatever feels best for them.

Kate Kordsmeier 46:36

There's this separation where people I think we, I think there are people that are going to hear, I just do what feels good, or I'm always like chasing what feels good. And they think it's like this hedonistic endeavor of just like, that's how you become an out of control addict to just, like, only cares about pleasure, but it's like, no. And again, I get stuck on the next part where I'm like, No, it's not that it's,

Madison Surdyke 47:01

it's not a matter of whether or not you will be out of control, it's a matter of, do you have self trust? And that's, I think, where we have to go is to learn how to develop that self trust. And it's scary. It's scary, because we're putting you're basically putting your ass on the line, when you trust yourself. And like, yeah, it's, it's vulnerable. And it's, it's tough to trust ourselves and to not know, should I do this or show you guys this, right? Is that right? It's like, what do you really need to have it all figured out?

Kate Kordsmeier 47:35

One size fits all, like everybody wants to say, No, there's just one right answer here. And this is what I love that you said before, to, which is like, there are infinite possibilities out there, whether we're looking at business, or food, or just life, whatever. And it's like, I think this we we can all get stuck in this trap of, especially in like the entrepreneur, you know, online business field. of there's these experts, and there's these big names, and they have a way and they make you feel like or if you can end up feeling like if you don't do it their way, it's not gonna work.

Madison Surdyke 48:13

Yeah. Because what people are doing is they're essentially out there saying is like, I have it all figured out. I have all the answers using my ex process. And if you're not doing this, you've got it wrong. And then you see that as a consumer and you think, holy shit, I'm not doing that I must be doing wrong, and then you feel guilty, and then you feel wrong. And then you go do their thing. And it's like, well, that's anymore for me anyways, because it's, it's what worked for them. And it's also like, I feel like it's such an illusion, when it's like we have it all figured out. It's like nobody has it all figured out. And someone's telling you that like get rich quick scheme and the I have it all figured out. And this is the perfect formula. It's like, No, no, there is no perfect formula. For everything. The perfect formula for is different person to person. And again, it comes back to feeling good. It's like just just try it just that feeling good. Be your guiding light already in your life. And notice, notice what happens and check, check. It's like, I feel like I had to learn the hard way with business to like, check in with my intuition. Like I went, I spent way so much time like devouring everyone else's strategies and trying all these things being like, why doesn't this work for me? What am I doing wrong? And it you feel like you're doing something wrong, but it's not you're not doing something wrong? It's just you're doing something that isn't aligned. It's like nobody ever told us. Oh, wait, let me check this with my intuition. Does this feel good for me? Does this feel aligned for me? And it's like, what if the best strategy for you was the one that felt most intuitive and aligned and easy for you? Like what if it gets to be easy and fun? I think we all have this idea that like, it has to be hard and we have to struggle and you have to sacrifice and hustle. Like, what if it was? What if it could be easy?

Kate Kordsmeier 50:04

What if it could be fun? And that written on a sticky note on my computer? It says, What

Madison Surdyke 50:10

if it was easy? Yes, it's such a good question. And like, the only time things are not easy is when we have thoughts and beliefs about they're not being easy. It's not our circumstances that caused us to struggle, it's our thoughts and our feelings about the circumstances, and the thoughts and feelings, we think are going to be available to us when we get there, like, oh, once I have 10 clients, then I'll be confident that I'll do Instagram lives, then I'll put myself out there, it's like, those thoughts and feelings you think you're gonna have when you get quote, there are available to you now. And, you know, something that can really help with that is guy again, tapping into your intuition or higher self, if you want to call it and thinking about like, who is a version of me who already has all the clients and the six figures or whatever it is you which I think is kind of like a ridiculous, like, arbitrary number, like we all throw out there like 10 k months, 10 k months? And it's like, who pulled that one out of their ass? And it's like, yeah, it's like when we can just let go of the need to have all of these external validations. It's like, that's when the most magic increment to us by I forgot what I was saying. Because I just went off on a tangent, oh,

Kate Kordsmeier 51:24

on on point.

If you're a side hustling, blogger, or aspiring blogger looking to make more money by working less, then you probably already know that you need to improve your blogging strategy, or create one from scratch. But why would you start from zero when I have a proven method that works not just for me, but for so many students in my six figure blog Academy as well? Look, I'm going to guess that you're feeling totally overwhelmed by all the things you need to do, and you have no idea where to start. I've been there, I get it. And I got you. What if you had a roadmap that told you exactly what you need to do step by step, minute by minute to create a six figure blog, my free 99 step checklist will get you from overwhelmed to profitable blog in no time. I should know following it is how I was able to grow my blog to $150,000 in revenue in just three years, get the only roadmap you need to make money blogging about what you love at It's free, what do you have to lose? That's

I mean, the point is, just because some expert is out there saying webinars are the way to sell your program or, you know, high ticket masterminds, or the new thing or whatever they that may work for you, it may have worked for them, it may be worth trying. But, you know, like you said, Stop, ask yourself, how does this feel? Does this feel align for me, because it's not necessarily going to work for everybody the same way that some people may cut out gluten or dairy or whatever, and go, you know, I actually do feel better like this. And other people like, Oh, I don't feel any different, except now I'm depressed that I can eat these things. You know, it's just, there's no one size fits all. So we keep coming back to this, like, you got to tap into your intuition, you got to tap into your intuition. How do you do this?

Madison Surdyke 53:36

I think meditation is one of the most powerful ways. So I would definitely recommend trying the free five day challenge I have on my website. So meditation is a really, really powerful way to do this. Another thing I like to do is journal on this question. So ask myself, higher self, what do I need to know today? What do I need to do today? Or you can say intuition? What do I need to know today? What do I need to do today? So those are like two really quick ways to tap into it. And then when you when you think about like, who is my like, or you cannot match up? Like what would my intuition say about this? If you're finding yourself in this like a struggle of what to do or you don't know what to do, you can ask yourself, Well, what would my intuition say about this? What would I tell a friend about this? Sometimes, when we think about what we would say to someone else, that's when our intuition can come through. And it's just a practice and giving yourself permission to practice and not be perfect. And I feel like we always are on this chase of getting there and arriving and I had Natalia Benson on my podcast yesterday, and she's like, I haven't arrived anywhere. We never arrive. And I was like, well, that is profound, we never arrived. Therefore, you better enjoy the journey because you're never going to get there. Do never arrive because then is always somewhere you're not. And we can never be anywhere but the present moment. And it's like when we can come back to right here and right now. It's that's really where our intuition can come through is in the present moment, because that's really all that exists. And now like right now is perfect. Where you are is perfect. You're exactly where you're meant to be. You're not meant to be anywhere else. If you were meant to be somewhere else, you would be somewhere else. And the constant like energy of like waiting to get there sucks. So what if you let go of feeling like you're not there yet? What if you are there? What if you are already successful? What if you already perfect as you are? And, and that doesn't mean you can't grow? It's like what if you can be both truly believe everything is perfect now, and you're perfect now. And it can only get better. And you can only grow. And it can only get easier? Like what if we get to have both it doesn't have to be so black and white this or that either or it's like, this is an and reality. This is a both reality, you get to have it all.

Kate Kordsmeier 56:04

I really just got chills.

Madison Surdyke 56:11

That happens where I like, I almost like blackout. And I go on like these tangents. And I'm like, Whoa, like, what did I just say? So that was one of those moms

Kate Kordsmeier 56:22

who was on this show, as well. But she always talks about the golden and that you can have to conversation, you can have two feelings at once you can be excited and scared you can be you know, I love that just as you're thinking about I'm like this, the golden and I'm exactly where I need to be, and it's going to get better too. And like,

Madison Surdyke 56:44

yeah, they have that ability to allow that paradox to exist, is such creates such a magical sense of surrender, and peace of mind. Because it's like it takes the pressure off, you don't have to be perfect all the time. Like you can feel negative emotions. And then five minutes later, you can feel good. And it's like, our emotions aren't good or bad or right or wrong against black and white thinking. It's like, it's all serving us. It's the human experience. You're okay, you're allowed to feel what you're feeling. And it's like by allowing ourselves to let those feelings and it's like, that's what allows them to dissolve. It's just when we put up all that resistance and fight that we perpetuate the struggle and something that's coming up right now randomly into my mind. So I feel called to share is something called the observer effect. And it's this kind of like proven concept in quantum physics where the when the scientists were observing matter, the matter physically changed without them doing anything, just by observing it, they physically changed the matter. And it's essentially evidence that just by observing our reality, we're literally creating and perpetuating it. So this concept session of the way things are, well, you know, this I have X dollars in my bank account and x clients in my business, and bla bla, bla bla all these like stories we have about who we are, it's like, our continued focus and attention on those things just perpetuates those things. And when we can take our attention off of those things, come back to the present, come back to the place within us where none of that bullshit exists. It's like, that's when we are able to observe a new reality. And it's literally science, it sounds crazy and out there, but look into it and start doing your research. If you're like me, and you want to have the science and stuff. It's so real. And it's so unbelievable. And like, does it even matter if it's true? No. For me, this is empowering. This makes me feel good. I like this belief system, it empowers my life. My life is better than it's ever been. And feels good for me. Does it work for someone else? I don't know. That's for them to decide.

Kate Kordsmeier 59:01

Yeah. I mean, it's I think it's the same thing like for all all religions and beliefs and higher powers and stuff, like there's really not a lot of proof for any of it. It's all just that something that you have to feel if it if it's right for you. And I mean, I think there are some that are more backed in science than others. But yeah, that I think that's so beautiful and such a good note to end on. So before we officially wrap up, I always ask everybody the same five questions, my lovelies.

Madison Surdyke 59:33

I wanna I want to start this on my podcast. So I keep telling myself I'm gonna do it. So I'm excited to hear what your questions are. I think these are so

Kate Kordsmeier 59:41

I need to I've been doing it now this year, like, I don't know, Episode 30 or something like that. Don't quote me on that. But, so I've asked the same ones 30 times or so and I think I really liked them. If you're listening comment in the Facebook world. Let me know Do you like these questions? Would you rather me ask a different question I would love to know. So, as we are the five questions we have today, first one is what is your favorite way to make time for self care?

Madison Surdyke 1:00:14


Kate Kordsmeier 1:00:17

I mean, I want to be journaling, you're always journaling.

Madison Surdyke 1:00:21

I actually have something funny to say about that. This is going to turn into not not lightening, I apologize, but I'll make it quick. So I would actually say, I think it changes for me. But something I always come back to is bass. I've fucking love a hot bath. Yeah, Love it. Love it. Love is so cliche. I'm all for it. love it so much. But I was gonna say about journaling is that I love journaling. And I will absolutely come back to it. I know. But what I noticed is I journaled every morning for like, I don't know how many months every day and I started getting to the point where I would like wake up and be like, Oh, my God, a journal about it, like check that off the list and it like started becoming this like, have to rather than get to rather than this feel good thing that it initially started out. So actually, like three weeks ago, I was like, screw it. Like, why am I doing something every day that isn't really feeling that good anymore. So I haven't journaled the last like, three weeks. And another thing that came up on my podcast history with Natalia, she was saying how like, what she does for selfish she gives herself like, seven to 10 day challenges were like, this is going to be my morning ritual for the next seven to 10 days. And then after that show, like change it again, I'm like, wow, that speaks to me so much. Because I don't like to be caged in. I don't like rules. I don't like I need all the freedom. But at the same time, I like having some sense of routine. I love my daily rituals. And so like setting that container to do something just for a week, and then to give myself permission to check in and be like, Okay, well, what do I want to do next week?


I feel

Kate Kordsmeier 1:02:02

Yeah, I don't thing every morning. But I always try to incorporate at least just 10 minutes of something that I can do before I just sit down at my desk and start working. Yeah, so

Madison Surdyke 1:02:15

I yeah, I just wanted to mention that because I think it's like, the tools that we use to take care of ourselves and to feel our bus and to do whatever it's like the tools don't actually matter. They're just a tool. And it's, you know, I think we have to remember to not turn the tools into a to do list and really use them as a way to feel good. And if they stop feeling good. It's like, give ourselves permission to shift gears and try something else and come back to them when they feel feel right.

Kate Kordsmeier 1:02:50

So yeah, yeah. Okay,

speaking of tools,

what is one tool or strategy that you use to help with time management? Um,

Madison Surdyke 1:03:04

this isn't something I use on the regular but something I've used in the past when I feel like I was like, total workaholic, overachiever, overworking and I thought I had to work over work in order to achieve anything in my life. And I know you work with Kate Northrup and she her whole thing is about like, doing less. And I've found time and time again that there's less I do, the more money I make, the more opportunities I have, the better my relationships. It's like, wow, everything is just better when you can do less. Wait, what was the question?

Kate Kordsmeier 1:03:41

Well, it's funny, I have another theater. That's what the more I relaxed the more money I made. The question was, how do you like a tool for time management? Oh, okay.

Madison Surdyke 1:03:54

So anyways, so at that time, when I was really struggling with time scarcity, something that really helped me was tracking my time, every single minute of the day, for a week. Everything like I showered for five minutes. I played on Instagram for 10 the whole day. And it is you just bring so much awareness and yeah, ability to be intentional with your time and I think, Hmm,

Kate Kordsmeier 1:04:25

what do you use?

Madison Surdyke 1:04:26

Like, was it like a piece of I was gonna say Pete's favorite. No Google Doc, a piece of luck. Again, it's like time is one of those things. It's not even real and just try this like tell yourself like, I am the creator of time. I can always create more time if needed. Tell that to yourself. When you feel like you're running out of time and watch how the time expands. It's unbelievable.

Kate Kordsmeier 1:04:50

I had a mantra last year that was like I have all the time in the world. I would just just tell myself that over and over and then it was weird. It was like all the sudden I would find like pocket whitespace in every door, it's just like, do have extra time. This is weird.

Madison Surdyke 1:05:05

Yeah. And yeah, it's, it's crazy. Okay.

Kate Kordsmeier 1:05:10

Okay, what's one of your favorite mindset books that you've ever read? Oh, I

Madison Surdyke 1:05:15

love books so much they make me so happy. You are the placebo by Joe dispenza. If you're wanting to some science and prove behind some of the stuff I was saying today, like highly recommend that book. It is amazing. It shows us the power our minds and our energy. Have. It's crazy.

Kate Kordsmeier 1:05:42

Yeah, okay, it's added to the list. Um, okay, speaking

of mantras, do

you have a mantra that you're telling yourself these days,

Madison Surdyke 1:05:50

I'm okay, a bunch of stuff written on my wall. So let me look at it. I've kind of like let go of affirmations for the time being because they haven't been vibing. And I sometimes feel like, if we try to flip something in our life that feels negative directly into a positive, the positive just shines light on the lack, you know what I mean? defeats the whole purpose. So I've kind of like let go of that a little not feeling good. But some kind of like guiding principles I've been feeling into the last few weeks is I have an infinite source of happiness and abundance within me. And I truly believe that, like, everything we want comes from the inside. And I've been like, in this like, since we got to Dallas, like I love nature. And I'm like, I need to get out of Dallas, I have to go live in nature to live my best life. And it's like, but what if I could fully create that level of happiness within me? What if I could have that in Dallas? What if I could create that and that was what I didn't need my external world to change. So that's really been speaking to me. And then the other thing is, really, basically I wrote intuition. And then the greater science greater than thought, like, I feel like we can like think ourselves in circles. When we, like, separate ourselves from our thoughts like we are not our thoughts. Were just the thinker of our thoughts. Hopefully that makes sense. And wow, it's like, yeah, I feel like intuition just always Trump's thought. And when I operate from that, things always seem easier. Better, lighter, happier.

Kate Kordsmeier 1:07:24

Yeah. So good. Okay, the last question, What does Success with Soul mean to you?

Madison Surdyke 1:07:31

Oh, man. So good. Okay, Success with Soul. To me, it means I'm thinking about how I want to say this and kind of the essence of it and my brain.

Kate Kordsmeier 1:07:46

We basically been saying it the whole time. But if you could sum it up in a sentence or two,

Madison Surdyke 1:07:53

yeah, so I mean, Success with Soul, for me is like, living from a place of love and joy and like, tapping into your infinite infinite potential within, like, I think success is feeling your best. It's growing. It's learning. It's being a human. It's having the experiences making the mistakes. And it's just allowing all of that to be perfect, perfectly imperfect. So that's, that's how I would sum it up.

Kate Kordsmeier 1:08:29

Perfect. I love it. Where can everybody find you?

Madison Surdyke 1:08:34

My podcast is called magnetically you. Instagram @magneticallyyou, website and free meditation you guys can grab it,

Kate Kordsmeier 1:08:47

Thanks, Madison.

Thanks for listening to the Success with Soul Podcast the place to be for holistic online business strategies and achieving more with less, as this show is a brand spankin new any and all support is greatly appreciated. So if you haven't done so already, please subscribe on the apple podcast app, Google podcasts, app Spotify or wherever you listen. This makes it possible for me to continue to provide free helpful content and bring you amazing guests. You can also give us a rating and review with your honest feedback so we can improve and better serve you in the future. Plus, you could be featured on a future episode during our listener spotlights. Your reviews are super helpful and motivating to me personally. But beyond that reviews help with rankings, which helps others find the show and allows me to keep providing you with free content every single week. Share the podcast with your friends, family, coworkers, dogs, cats, neighbors, whoever. And don't forget to join the free Success with Soul Facebook community at We have follow up conversations About the podcast episodes and I often go live to answer your burning questions. Plus, you'll get to hang out with like minded bloggers and heart centered online business owners exchanging priceless feedback, encouragement and other golden insight from the trenches. That's Kate Until next time, remember to celebrate your progress, not perfection.

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