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Take it to the next level!

Take it to the next level!


Stop the

Grow your traffic and revenue on auto-pilot while working from a place of rest, ease + alignment.


You’re building a life, not just a business.

When you picture yourself 5 years from now, what do you see?

More time with your family + friends?

Freedom from the toxic cycle of financial feast and famine?

A profitable business you feel excited to engage in each day?

A community of like-hearted women who are driven to succeed and support each other?

A healthy body, grounded mind + satisfied soul that fuels your business?

Multiple six figures in your bank account…or even seven?

Pride as you look at the whole life you’ve built?

What if you could accelerate that 5 year plan in just 12 months - and do it in such a way that your soul is just as full as your bank account?

Are ready to go from business burnout to building a life of aligned abundance?

The Success With Soul Incubator is specifically designed by ambitious, heart-centered women, for ambitious heart-centered women.


You’ve already built a business, and that deserves to be celebrated! But you’re burned out, overwhelmed, + can’t see how you can grow and scale without working longer, harder hours…

You’ve launched your course a few times, but feast or famine is real, and you can’t afford to wait until the next “cart open” to make more money. You need consistent income, and a predictable, scalable sales system instead of hustling for every customer. 

You’re exhausted from live launching and simply can’t fathom hosting another challenge, summit or launching yet another new program just to keep generating revenue. (hint: there is a way to make more money while working less).

You’re sick of showing up on social media every day, feeling uninspired, like you’re constantly selling instead of serving.

Sound familiar?

You’re wondering what happened to that chill business you were promised…you know, the reason you became an entrepreneur in the first place, where you had time for your family and, er, a life!

You keep finding yourself “in the weeds” with your biz, doing everything yourself and unable to really focus on the revenue-generating, needle-moving tasks. 

You feel like you’re in this alone, unable to truly let go of control and delegate to your team, (assuming you could even afford to hire help). 

You see other female entrepreneurs sharing their successes and you’ve even tried modeling your biz after theirs…but it never feels aligned and you never see results.

 If you find yourself wishing someone would just take you by the hand and guide you through each step, allowing you to ask questions along the way and get real-time personalized feedback whenever you need…I’ve got good news.

The Success With Soul Incubator was *quite literally* designed for YOU.


Let’s break it down!

Here’s how The 
Incubator works:

You’ll learn how to                                                                           with content marketing (no paid ads or social media!) so you can…

Build a steady stream of passive income with “make-sales-everyday” evergreen funnels so you can…

Create a wildly profitable, hands-off business harnessed by the power of your feminine energy (that’s ease, flow, and alignment!), so you can get more done in less time (and feel good while doing it!) so you can…

Make more money while working less thanks to automated systems, delegation, and sanity-saving structures that don’t require your constant intervention, so you can…

Take care of YOU. You are more than your business. You are a whole person. The bigger you grow, the more self-care you need. Get back the time you deserve to replenish your spirit + focus on what truly matters: your family, home life and wellbeing.

grow your traffic + leads organically

Where actionable business advice meets deep personal growth.

With a self-paced online course, a community of successful, wholehearted women, and support from professional coaches, spiritual healers + wellness practitioners, the Success With Soul Incubator gives you all the tools you need to uplevel your existing work and grow it into the business of your dreams…

A business driven by both purpose and profit.

A business that lights you up, not drains you.

A business fueled by rest, not hustle.

At the heart of the incubator:

Imagine the holistic goodness of Root + Revel — intuitive eating, joyful movement, eco-conscious habits, mindfulness, cyclical living, and feminine energy — all wrapped up in no-nonsense entrepreneurial know-how. It’s…

Financial + Spiritual Abundance. 

Wellness + Wealth.
Soul + Strategy.

The Incubator is your one-stop shop for building a sustainable business + life you love!

Instead of buying a dozen different courses on business strategy, feminine energy, blogging, funnels, email marketing, affiliates, team building + more, The Incubator includes everything you need to build a wildly lucrative business while intentionally serving your spirit.


Part Course // Part Mastermind // Part Coaching

The Coaching

High-touch group coaching complete with personalized feedback on your work every step of the way. There are 4 live calls/month, including live trainings, Q+As, critiques of your work + experiential “soul sessions” with spiritual + wellness guest experts. As an integrative health blogger, Kate brings her holistic perspective to business. This is where soul meets strategy, where wellness meets wealth…because you can’t have one without the other!

The Mastermind

Be in community with like-hearted, like-minded women, led by someone who’s done what you want to do, been where you want to go, and can support you on your journey. This is the thing you think you don’t care about (“Really, another FB group!”), but ends up being the best part. You’ll get exclusive access to Kate and her team, so anytime you have a question, we can provide an answer and guide you to the best solution for YOU. 

The Course

Immediate access to 6 modules of actionable, self-paced trainings so you can set up a profitable + aligned business. Strategies include organic traffic, passive income, scalable systems, spiritual alignment + holistic wellbeing so you can create a hands-off business from a place of rest, giving you back time to do the mind-body-soul care that’s required to be an effective leader. New content is rolled out monthly!

Hey there!

I’m Kate Kordsmeier, your teacher!

And this is most definitely not my first rodeo…

You may recognize me from my holistic wellness blog, Root + Revel, or my Success with Soul podcast, or some of my other programs like 21 Days to Impact (which now lives inside the Incubator) and the Six-Figure Blog Academy (which is a bonus if you join us this week!). 

While I built a multiple-six-figure online business from scratch in 4 years, I’m more proud of the fact that I did so while:

showing up every day as a loving partner to my husband, Matt

taking plenty of time for self-care, nourishing my body + rest

bringing two beautiful babes into this world (being a mom to Jackson (3) and Gemma (1 year and a half), easily my best achievements)

Yup, in 2020, amidst a global pandemic, social justice uprising, and what can only be described as a disruptive election season, I had a baby, took a four-month maternity leave AND more than doubled my revenue to nearly $500,000 working LESS than ever before (did I mention I had no childcare?!).

But let me be clear: this isn’t an overnight success story with a “six-figure launch!” on my first try. 

Nope! I’m in this for the long haul, creating a business that can stand the test of time, leaving a legacy, and creating a future. That means: slow and steady growth, based on data, no hustle, and less than 15 minutes a day on social media.

I tell you this not to induce any kind of comparison-itis, but rather to show you that I pride myself on “walking the walk”...

Check it out:



YEAR three


Including a 4-month maternity leave



Including another 4-month maternity leave where I made $135,000+





The first year I sold anything of my own!



AND I am still in the trenches with you (read: I'm not one of those coaches who teach what they couldn’t do or haven't yet done themselves). I stay current with the latest trends, testing techniques, and finding what actually works so I can save you time, energy, money and mistakes! ​

Which brings me to why I created The Success With Soul Incubator…

For too long, women have been stuck trying to succeed in a society that’s built on an out-dated and misaligned model of “hustle + conquer”.

This masculine model doesn’t work for us because it’s not designed to. 

Here’s the truth: Some days, being a woman, a working mom, running a company + a household, feels at best exhausting, and at worst impossible.

I had to learn the hard way that if I didn’t want my mental and physical wellbeing to suffer and achieve the kind of financial success I envisioned for myself, I had to reject the traditionally “male” way of doing business…

So, I got rid of the ‘hustle’ headspace and instead learned how to:

Drive organic traffic 

to my website, which is optimized for passive income, so I always have a steady stream of new leads coming in

Create an evergreen funnel 

that turns those organic leads into customers on autopilot + brings in over $50,000 per month (no live launching required!)

Systematize my biz

so I can serve as the CEO I’m called to be, rather than wearing all the hats + doing everything myself

Embrace my feminine energy

to do it all with more ease, flow + alignment (and fewer hours!) than I ever thought possible

Because it’s high-time women are able to build a wildly profitable business

​without selling our soul using cut-throat, bro-marketing tactics
without pimping ourselves out as an “influencer” and spending hours on social media and $$$ on paid ads
without sacrificing what’s really important: our families, our bodies, our health, our spirituality


Don’t just take it from me -  hear it from my lovely clients!

“I joined 100% to get an evergreen funnel built. And I did that. Kate not only told me HOW to create an evergreen funnel, she literally GAVE me hers!!! Her 76-step funnel is now in my Kartra account, and I’m done! I cried literal tears of relief importing it into my account. But what I have received is SO MUCH MORE than I even expected!! Her whole program is worth the price because of how much time and confusion it saved me, [and she gives] doable, actionable steps to making your dream a reality. Seriously so life changing. Like everything I [needed to learn] was all consolidated in one [place]. 💕”

“I had my first $10k month from taking [Kate’s] strategy advice on my old funnel, and this NEW way [Kate is teaching me] is even better! My funnel went live in just a few weeks (and I made 2 sales with less than 60 people!). It would have taken me months to get it done without Kate’s support! The balance in my biz checking account is now the highest it’s ever been. 4 new retainer clients starting THIS MONTH alone.”

Since I started working with Kate, I went from making $400/month to now around $2500/month with a) no social presence (I hate Instagram) and b) working a full-time job. It truly is the most comprehensive [program] I’ve taken (and trust me, I’ve taken A LOT of them). One of the main reasons I enjoy Kate’s teaching style is her focus on not just gaining traffic for traffic’s sake, but really putting value behind that traffic. I really enjoy Kate’s business-minded approach, which I feel like is missing in [this industry]. And I just landed a $30,000 contract YESTERDAY for something I would have been too scared to do [without Kate’s guidance].”

Caroline Fausel, OliveYouWhole.com

Molly Cahill, MollyCahill.com

Kristina Todini, ForkInTheRoad.co


Welcome to

Your Roadmap to Freedom

Inside the Incubator

Like the phases of the moon (and our menstrual cycles, Mother Nature’s seasons, and life!), the Incubator is cyclical, rather than linear (hint: success isn’t linear either!). 

Throughout the 12-month container, you will cycle through the 6-phase success path multiple times, each time gaining more confidence and clarity as you continue to grow and evolve.

Waxing Moon Phase

You’ll learn…

Full Moon Phase

You’ll learn…

Waning Moon Phase

You’ll learn…

New Moon Phase

You’ll learn…

The North Star

You’ll learn…

Solar Energy Phase

You’ll learn…

You’ll learn…

In this phase, we lay the foundation for sustainable growth with mindful planning, aligned roadmaps, habits, rituals and visioning so you can work from a place of rest and flow. Here, you'll un-learn the broken Masculine Model and replace it with flow + feminine energy. This phase is all about optimizing the True You for productivity, efficiency and ease with time and energy management techniques that mirror your menstrual cycle and the phases of the moon. We’re learning how to work less while making more!

Learn how to create, design, pre-sell, launch and market your course, membership or coaching to your ideal client and make money fast!


Get more done in less time and feel good while doing it!


You’ll learn…

In this phase, we teach our proprietary method for growing your audience organically with free weekly content and sustainable visibility in order to build genuine expertise, authority and trust with your audience (without hours on toxic social media or tons of $$ on ads). We’ll continue into email marketing to truly nurture your audience, connect with your people, and prime them for what’s next. Next, we move into safe and sustainable visibility with publicity, PR and media opportunities that will expand your sphere of influence.

Organic Traffic + SEO

Generate traffic and leads without spending a single minute on social media or dollar on paid ads.

Email Marketing

Grow and nurture your email list into your most valuable asset.


PR + media strategy for introverted women

You’ll learn…

In this phase, we teach you how to create scalable systems and streamlined support (read: self-managed teams) so you can run your business as a liberated visionary with ease and joy. This phase is for all the spreadsheet nerds who are ready to dig into their data (and actually know what to do with it!), and grow their team and support systems so they can spend less time in their biz and more time enjoying their lives.

BONUS: You also get access to 21 Days to Impact and set up your blog + website for success!

Team Building

Hiring, leadership, HR and more to help you delegate with ease


Tools, software and tech tutorials to help you scale sustainably

You’ll learn…

In this phase, we teach several different revenue streams for generating passive income including affiliate marketing and automated evergreen funnels so you can kick back, cozy up and hibernate while you watch your profits soar without lifting a finger. Of course revenue is key, but equally important is the white space we create during this phase to free you up to actually think and dream about where your biz can go next. ​

Evergreen Funnels

Never live launch again and yet makes sales every single day with our proprietary method

Affiliate Marketing

Low hanging fruit that’s easily the most lucrative form of passive income imaginable

You’ll learn…

The North Star is the undercurrent of the entire program; it’s the guiding principle of your biz that drives everything--your soul, Polaris. Finding this means you know and trust the direction you’re headed, as you have all the answers within. We look at the whole picture of who you are, rediscovering your vision, values, and mission so you can stop paddling upstream. These lessons are dedicated to mastering key mindset blocks and generally focusing on YOU with self-care, spirituality/woo, personal development and wellness, which are the cornerstones of a healthy, sustainable business.

Holistic CEO Nourishment

Including defining your mission, vision, values, boundaries, mindset, schedule, and more.

You’ll learn…

When you need to channel that masculine energy and make something happen quickly by taking direct action, the ideas found inside the Solar Energy phase will give you that burst with quick cash injections from strategies like paid ads, affiliates, virtual events, and more!

Cash injections

Quick wins with JV webinars, flash sales and paid ads

what you'll learn inside the incubator!

Hear more about

IT'S YOUR TIME to shine like them!

join us for as low as $450/month

Grow your traffic and revenue on auto-pilot while working from a place of rest, ease + alignment


Stop the hustle! 

What’s included?

Access to the 12-Month Success with Soul Incubator Program + Our Full Curriculum

This program is very intentionally designed to be a 12 month container, as it will allow us to optimize your website for organic traffic and passive income and create an evergreen funnel to sell your offer on autopilot, all while harnessing the power of your feminine energy and intuition. 

Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Kate + Guest Experts

The first 3 weeks of the month are dedicated to high-level coaching calls with live Q+As, where we will discuss strategy, overcome challenges, go deep into developing your soulful business strategy and fix any issues in your mindset, energy, business model, sales and funnel.

Monthly Soul Sessions with Spiritual Healers + Wellness Practitioners

The last week of the month is dedicated to a special Soul Session that may include a guest expert guiding us through meditations, sound baths, movement, book club happy hours, astrology, breathwork, and other surprises to nurture your soul! 

Personalized Critiques of Your Work, so you know you’re on the right track

Need help with your funnel? How about a blog post or your sales copy? You can submit your work for custom critiques and we’ll ensure you are set up for success.

1:1 Coaching Calls when you Hit Milestones (Prizes too!)

You reached a milestone in your business. Let’s celebrate together! We’ll hop on a one-on-one call where we can debrief on your results, review your progress, analyze your business strategy, and co-create a plan for your next steps.

Private Client-Only FB Group

Connect with the other high-level members of this exclusive program, surround yourself with successful 6- and 7-figure business owners, ask questions and get support in our private group. You’ll meet ambitious friends, network with other experts, and see the inner workings of soulful, sustainable online businesses.

BONUS Enrollment: 21 Days To Impact

Get complimentary access to 21 Days to Impact—all things tech and behind-the-scenes of building your blog + website for success!


Swipe Files, Templates, Tech Tutorials, Bonus Trainings!

Get access to dozens of Templates, SOPs, Manuals, dashboards and “done for you” documentation including: 

Mindful Planning Printables

Optimized Website Audit + Checklist

Serve-First SEO Checklist with video tutorials

Minimalist Workflow for Maximum Impact Cheatsheets

Swipe Copy for Evergreen Funnel Emails

Job Description Templates for your self-managed team

Employee handbook swipe

Financial spreadsheets

Journal prompts and so much more!

But that’s not all!

Timely Bonuses to Accelerate Your Success


Enroll now and get your 13th month free

A $1,555 Value!


Access to the Six Figure Blog Academy

A $1,597 Value!


1-hour 1:1 Coaching Call with Team KK

A $1,111 Value!


Quarterly Mastermind

A $4,444 Value!


Free Ticket to All 
Virtual Conferences

A $129 Value!


Access to Expert Masterclasses

A $777 Value!

Workshop with Kate + Amy Porterfield: How to use your blog to sell your course

How to 10x your publicity to sell more courses masterclass with Selena Soo: Learn how to pitch the media, fast-track your visibility, and target your ideal customers so you can sell more courses without paid ads!

The Fast Guide to Launching with Elizabeth Goddard’s

Not sure you’ll be able to make time for such a comprehensive program?

If you’re feeling like you’re too busy to participate, wondering if you’ll have the time to get as much as possible out of this program, I want to tell you this:

If you commit to showing up in small ways, in small chunks of time, over the course of the next 12 months - you will be setting yourself up for a LIFETIME of success.

I understand that 12 months may sound like a long time. But that’s because true transformation - the kind that changes your life - takes time + practice. No “quick fixes” or pie-in-the-sky promises or claims here.


Have all the SUPPORT you need to do the work!


Weekly Group Coaching Q+A Calls

We meet as a group weekly where we share wins and challenges. Clients pre-submit their questions and receive coaching and support on the call with Team KK. These calls are the heart and soul of the Incubator. Every week we provide information, accountability, and mindset shifts to unlock potential. And the community on these calls is dynamite.


Monthly Soul Sessions

Once a month we meet with leading experts of all things Woo to let go of business strategy and embrace our soul. These sessions are experiential and are aimed at helping us integrate our wholeness into our businesses. Sessions have included tarot card readings, yoga, breathwork, and hypnosis.


Monthly Office Hours

Sometimes you just need to talk it out. Office hours are the place where our clients can show up with questions and get answers live. We have short laser sessions so that clients can get 1-1 support on a monthly basis with Team KK.


Monthly Co-Working Sessions

Working with people is more fun than working alone! During our monthly co-working sessions, we all go through a predetermined lesson and then spend time taking action and working together. At each co-working session, you’ll leave with something completed!


Guest Expert Trainings

We bring leading experts in online business to the Incubator so that you are always learning from the best. Examples of guest sessions have included email marketing and profit-first financial planning for your business.


Milestone Calls

When you hit certain milestones within the Incubator, you unlock 1-1 calls, hot seats, and other prizes to help celebrate your success and pave the way to hit your next milestone.

Team KK has got your back!

Team KK has got your back!

Team KK has got your back!

Team KK has got your back!


Critiques Submission

Critiques aren't technically calls but they are one of our client's favorite parts of the Incubator. You can submit one piece of work for review by Team KK and you'll receive a personalized video critique of your work. Critiques are the perfect way to keep you moving forward and getting actual feedback on your work!

“I wanted to say THANK YOU, Kate. I justified the cost to my husband as a continuing education investment with a blogging mentor. But I actually gained a LIFE mentor, as I allow myself to go down your rabbit hole (manifestation, intuitive eating, cycle syncing, and so many other things that were introduced initially to me by you). You are improving my attitude, vibration, intuition, and energy overall. I see how they will help me with my business, but more importantly, I see how my business will help fulfill a wonderfully satisfying life all-around. I love everything Kate stands for, and love that it all comes from an authentic, soulful place.”

“This is a safe space to drop the hustle and work smarter while staying aligned with my personal AND professional goals with an expert who’s done this. Also, knowing Kate has both the course + blog credentials is a big one for me because I want to grow both. [And I’m so excited to finally be able to get] in FLOW with my business, stop chasing the next “launch model” or whatever to make my $$ goal and just actually flow.”

“I have been doing blogging and business for six years. And only after going through Kate’s program, I had my first six-figure year! Kate’s [program] saved me so much time and helped me set up everything right from the get go.

I’m talking about strategy—where to invest my time, how to work smarter and not harder, how to tell a story, what critical elements to include on the site, how to maximize affiliate income…and gosh, SO MUCH MORE! If you are serious about your online business and want to make it your full-time career, Kate will help you get there!” 

Kristen Cummings, Touristish.com

Alison Marras, FoodByMars.com

Lisa Fenessy, ThisOrganicGirl.com


This is about small, actionable steps that add up to



It’s about investing in yourself so you can show up as your fullest, highest self in business and in life…for the rest of your life.


…actual white space on your calendar so you can take true time off, give back to causes you’re passionate about, and manage your 
wellbeing + energy
in accordance with your body’s needs

…the deepest connection to both your business AND God/The Universe/Source/the divine that allows you to truly live in harmony with Mother Nature and the cycles and seasons of life 

…miracle-like results for you AND your clients with consistent $10k+ months instead of randomly making a few thousand dollars every time you do a big exhausting launch 

…being more present with your kiddos (or fur babies or friends!) + more time with them instead of constantly working 

…waking up to new email subscribers and sales every single day (without spending a dime on Facebook ads) because your ideal clients find you organically and immediately feel that authentic connection with who you really are

…the liberated visionary you know you are meant to be, leading a self-managed team who frees you up to do those things in your business that you truly love + ONLY YOU can do (and delegating the rest!)

Check out this sneak peek to the incubator!

Enrollment to the Incubator is on pause temporarily. We practice what we preach and work from a place of rest. We have capped capacity inside the Incubator so that our clients can get the very best service, we can focus on onboarding, and give attention to every single client inside our program.


Fill out the form below to be notified when enrollment is available again!

Need more flexibility with payments? 

We got you!

We now offer 3rd party funding which means you could join for as low as $450/month (depending on your credit score).

There’s no money down required, no payment due for your first 30 days, AND you can pay it off early at any time with no penalties!

There’s no risk to apply as it’s soft pull, so your credit score is not affected. But you’ll get pre-approved in just a couple hours!


Receive all of the pay-in-full bonuses no matter how you make it happen: ACH payment, a credit card, or funding.

Secure your spot + 20% discount today

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This deposit secures your spot + pay-in-full bonuses + 20% discount until your funding application is approved and the funds have hit your account.


What is the Success with Soul Incubator? ​

It's Kate's hybrid offer, a signature group coaching program, mastermind, and course all in one!

The Success With Soul Incubator is specifically designed for ambitious, heart-centered women, who are ready to go from burnout to building a life of aligned abundance.

Who is Success with Soul Incubator for?​

Does this sound like you?

Ready to ditch corporate 9 to 5 or hustle-heavy job for good
Want to scale your existing business
Course creators or coaches ready to attract your ideal clients + exponentially increase your revenue
Looking for a holistic + supportive system from a leader who takes into account your unique lifestyle, body and soul because you know you can't have a biz that lights you up if you're ignoring the rest.
You want to learn from someone who has actually done what you want to do and has the experience of running both a thriving online business and a family and home.

What do I gain in joining Success with Soul Incubator?​

A mastermind, group coaching program, and self-paced online course. Plus a community of successful, wholehearted women, and support from professional coaches, spiritual healers + wellness practitioners, the Success With Soul Incubator gives you all the tools you need to uplevel your existing offer and grow it into a sustainable business of your dreams…
A business driven by both purpose and profit.
A business that lights you up, not drains you.
A business fueled by rest, not hustle.

What’s included in the program? ​

1. Access to the 12-Month Success with Soul Incubator Program + Our Full Curriculum
2. Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Kate + Guest Experts
3. Monthly Soul Sessions with Spiritual Healers + Wellness Practitioners
4. Personalized Critiques of Your Work, so you know you're on the right track
5. 1:1 Coaching Calls when you Hit Milestones (Prizes too!)
6. Private Client-Only FB Group
7. Swipe Files, Templates, Tech Tutorials, Bonus Trainings!
8. Complimentary access to my blog + website set up course: 21 Days to Impact
And SO much more!

Are there any bonuses if I join ASAP?

Yes! If you enroll in the Incubator this week we are including these amazing bonuses!

  • 1 additional month free ($1,555 value)
  • Complimentary Access to The Six-Figure Blog Academy ($1,597 value)
  • Quarterly Mastermind Days ($4,444 value)
  • Free ticket to ALL Virtual Conferences ($129 value)
  • Access to expert masterclasses (with Amy Porterfield, Selena Soo, Elizabeth Goddard, and more!)
  • + PIF Bonus 1-hour 1:1 Call with Kate ($1,111 value)

As soon as you've paid your first payment and signed the contract, you'll get immediate access to all of the content. Because we just launched this program in Spring 2021, we are delivering some of the trainings live on the weekly calls, followed by Q+As, which means that as part of the first cohort, you have the opportunity to truly shape this program and make it exactly what you want. 

How long does the Incubator last?

The Incubator is a twelve (12) month program, however due to its cyclical, seasonal nature, members will have the opportunity to renew at the end of the container as we're constantly adding new material and the live coaching calls are different every single week.

If you join within the bonus period, you'll get the 13 month in the program for FREE!

What is the refund policy?

Due to the nature of the program, there are no refunds for the Incubator. If you're accepted, you will receive a contract to review so you can make sure this is the right program for you. And if you have any questions, please email us at hi@katekordsmeier.com or send me a text, seriously. (833) 311 - 2413 - We want to ensure this is THE BEST fit for you as well, and we only work with a select number of women to maintain integrity and alignment.

Is this only for women?

No, we are an inclusive community and this program is open to anyone who identifies with feminine energy. We welcome ALL women. 

Do I have to be a blogger?

No, though part of what we teach is using free content to drive organic traffic to your website. But that could include blogging, podcasting, vlogging (Youtube) and more. What it does not include is the need to be on social media (hallelujah!)

I wanted clarity and direction. That's why I joined [Kate's program]! I knew had a voice and had some influence already within my community of friends. I wanted to find a way to get my voice and insight out and to monetize it. I had pinned so many pins on how to make money blogging, but couldn't make sense of it all. It was all half information without clear tactical takeaways. I loved the idea of a course where I could self-learn combined with a real community and real voices to answer questions. I adore this community. The people I've met here are all so encouraging and all so willing to help each other. This is a true rising tide group! 

Since I started working with Kate, I went from making $400/month to now around $2500/month with a) no social presence (I hate Instagram) and b) working a full-time job. It truly is the most comprehensive [program] I’ve taken (and trust me, I’ve taken A LOT of them). One of the main reasons I enjoy Kate’s teaching style is her focus on not just gaining traffic for traffic’s sake, but really putting value behind that traffic. I really enjoy Kate’s business-minded approach, which I feel like is missing in [this industry]. And I just landed a $30,000 contract YESTERDAY for something I would have been too scared to do [without Kate’s guidance].”


Kristina Todini, ForkInTheRoad.co


I passed 150,000 page views which I was not expecting at all. I also earned the most I have yet from my [blogging business], fully replacing my teaching income. 

delilah orpi, holisticenchilada.com