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We’re Hiring: Virtual Assistant Position

Our small but mighty team is growing once again and we can’t wait to have you join us as our Virtual Assistant! Interested? Keep reading!

The Basics (KK) is a rapidly growing business that empowers their women with actionable advice and inspirational content to help them make their dreams of being their own boss and building their own online business a reality. There’s a blog component, a podcast (Success with Soul) and an online course, the Six Figure Blog Academy. KK also has a sister company, Root + Revel, a holistic wellness blog. Our team works cross-functionally between all of these.

We are looking for a Executive Virtual Assistant (VA) to help us with customer service, community management, and other administrative tasks that will ultimately allow us to increase sales and deepen relationships with our audience. This role is an integrated, core function of our team. While some online business knowledge and experience is preferred, we are less interested in what skills you have (as we can train you and provide you with further education) and much more interested in finding someone who is super hungry for success, eager to grow into an integral part of our team, and incredibly proactive, taking initiative and full of ambition, drive and enthusiasm for the job.

  • POSITION: Executive Virtual Assistant
  • COMPANY: Kate Kordsmeier  (there are multiple brands and products under KK which include Root + Revel and Six Figure Blog Academy)
  • STATUS: Full-time W-2 employee with benefits
  • REPORTING TO: Director of Operations // Integrator
  • LOCATION: Atlanta, Georgia is preferred, though not required; primary remote work arrangement with occasional in-person attendance

Real talk: This position and our team have very high expectations.

But if you’re the right person for this job, you have equally high standards for yourself and are motivated by high expectations.

You’ll be great in this position if you…

  • Are an effective communicator – proactive in outreach, professional in delivery and enjoy communicating with clients by managing inboxes.
  • Cultivate strong relationships and easily communicate value; have no problem picking up the phone to deepen a relationship.
  • Are committed to the success of our business so much so that you proactively respond to reader inquiries via email, blog comments, on our social channels, and in our Facebook groups. If you don’t have the answer, you find it.
  • Are a self-starter, eager to take initiative and anticipate the needs of the team, partners, customers, and readers.
  • Are familiar with the business model of bloggers and online entrepreneurs who sell digital courses, memberships and masterminds.
  • Have a history of following through and closing the loop of assignments.
  • Prefer a team environment over an individual contributor role. 
  • Take initiative on needs and don’t give up until it’s satisfactorily completed, even if it’s slightly out of your scope. All hands on deck is the team atmosphere you prefer.
  • Pride yourself on being resourceful. Before asking a question, you naturally look for ways to find the answer independently.
  • Have a positive, high-energy attitude and “get it done” mindset that searches for solutions instead of focusing on struggles. You think about your work in terms of outcomes and results, not hours worked.
  • Prefer working in a supportive role, rather than being the owner/CEO/visionary/face of the business. This is a behind-the-scenes job and you need to be comfortable without public recognition.
  • Are efficient and succinct.
  • Exude a high level of professionalism and emotional maturity. (We understand everyone has a personal life, but we don’t love drama).
  • Technology comes naturally. You don’t have to be a pro or coder-type, but a general understanding of online tools would make us a good combo.
  • Inherently compassionate, empathetic and truly want to help others.
  • Can handle tight deadlines, last-minute requests, and quick changes.
  • Take ownership and pride in your work, whether you’re doing high-level projects or more tedious administrative tasks (there will be a mix of both!)
  • Work during the hours of 10-4 EST and have dedicated childcare (if necessary) so you can focus and be available for calls during work hours. 
  • Prefer to work in an honest, candid environment; Have thick skin that can handle direct, honest feedback, be coachable with no ego and course-correct when needed.
  • Have a little woo in your life. We talk about cycle syncing, working with the phases of the moon, manifesting and the law of attraction, etc. Skeptics need not apply. 
  • Prioritize self-care, movement, nature, healthy food, relationships, mindfulness and spirituality into your life.
  • Bonus points if you have an artistic skillset that includes creating graphics in Canva.

Job Responsibilities

  • Respond to reader and customer emails, taking ownership of customer (and prospective customer) issues and follow problems through to resolution with the intention of increasing conversions, satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. 
  • Familiarize yourself with our business and what we teach, so you can independently respond to customers (i.e. take our courses, listen to our podcast, read our blog posts)
  • Manage multiple inboxes and respond to customers within 24 business hours.
  • Research and locate appropriate contacts  (name and email address) for various campaigns
  • Manage Facebook group approvals using our detailed SOP for tagging and segmenting in our CRM
  • Learn how to manage our private Facebook group community by creating prompts, responding to questions, and encouraging engagement
  • Assist in social media engagement and community building on Instagram
  • Nurture dozens of relationships simultaneously with appropriate follow up and hyper-personalized communication (not mass emails).
  • Assist in data entry, tracking engagement, keeping records of program metrics and key stats
  • Assist in creating social media images using Canva to be posted on Pinterest, Instagram, IG Stories, and other platforms.
  • Schedule social media posts using Tailwind
  • Create audiograms using our templates for podcast promotion
  • Assist in managing the founder’s personal and professional calendar, appointments, and e-mails.
  • Occasional research for programs, books, and apps that increase productivity and improve our systems

Our Team Values

Want to know a bit more what we’re all about? You’ll fit in well with our team if you value the following:

Confidence: Why Not Us?

  • We dream big and don’t let fear hold us back
  • Positive Inspiration, Friendly, Lifting People Up, Believing in Ourselves and Our Students/Readers

Growth-Oriented:  Always striving for realistic perfection and excellence

  • The company’s success is your success
  • Hungry for achievement and success

Integrity: We Actually Care and Always Do The Right Thing

  • Accountability: We do what we say we’re going to do and follow-through

Commitment: No matter what, we find a way

  • We’re resourceful and dedicated and make shit happen
  • We’re always willing to help and jump in wherever needed

Always Learning: Interested in continuous self-improvement

  • Professional and personal development 
  • We take courses, read books, listen to podcasts, attend conferences and do what it takes to always be learning new skills and improving ourselves

Fun + Creative: When you love your work, it doesn’t feel like work

  • There’s a playfulness to our work
  • We have a family dynamic on our team

Radical Candor: We care personally and challenge directly

  • Open dialogue with respect, honesty, and empathy
  • We receive feedback graciously and are never defensive

Diversity, Equity + Inclusion: We welcome and honor all walks of life with respect and love

Our Core Focus 

  • Our commitment is to empower women to create purpose-driven, profitable online businesses without burning out/overworking so they can truly enjoy their lives and find power and freedom.

Team R+R Perks

Did we forget to mention all of Team KK’s perks? While we strive to always work from a place of rest, we are RAPIDLY growing with a goal of hitting 7 figures (as in $1 million dollars in revenue!) by 2021. But we can’t do it without you! Our small but mighty team is full of talented and motivated individuals who actually enjoy going to work every day. But these awesome perks and benefits help just a little too: 

  • Competitive compensation with room to grow, bonus commissions, profit sharing and annual raises based on performance
  • Complete autonomy–I don’t care when, where or how you work, so long as you get the job done and respond to team messages during the day.
  • Forget the traditional corporate culture. Kate only lasted 4 months in it for a reason, and Team KK’s culture couldn’t be more opposite–no micro-managing, no “working” just to look busy, no clocking in and out, no asking for time off to go to a doctor’s appointment or pick your kid up from school or have a personal life. No need to apologize or ask permission. I don’t even need to know the details! I’m not paying for seat warmers. There is no such thing as being late to work (although there is such a thing as missing deadlines). You’re not a child who needs to be watched and constantly told what to do. You choose how you get your work done. Your time is yours, so long as the work gets done and the clients are happy.  
  • A group of co-workers that’s more like a family–we really like each other and talk often about so much more than just work. We are here to support each other and often get together in-person, whether it’s for happy hours, team trips or a friendly phone call or video chat. We even take professional and personal development courses together, attend conferences and workshops together and prioritize learning and genuine connection. We like to work hard and play hard! 
  • While taking care of business, we like to take care of our community and the environment too! Kate will match up to $500 per year of any monetary donations you make to charity. 
  • Full-time employees receive Health Benefits, 401k matching, 2 weeks paid vacation, plus 9 paid holidays, and more after 90 days 

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Affiliate Disclosure Policy

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  1. Deborah Lacreta says

    Hello Team Kate Kordsmeier,

    My name is Deborah Lacreta, I am very interested in this position. I have 5 years of experience working in fast-paced call centers. I have a BA in Theatre and Film from UNCC. I am currently taking a VA Crash course and I love all things social media. I am eager to learn and continue learning. I have open availability and willingness to fully dedicate myself to this position. It would be a pleasure to work for this company.

    In my previous jobs, resourcefulness is a requirement, as we have to go through many databases to search for answers for customers’ questions. I am highly coachable and taking willing to take constructive criticism to make me a better employee.

    I look forward in hearing from you.

    Deborah Lacreta


  2. Traci Howell says

    Hello Team KK,

    I have done freelance writing, editing, and proofreading for over fifteen years. I incorporated social media into my work a bit over four years ago and love it all! I am a writer by heart. I have two children’s books published, multiple poems published, and various articles and blogs published.

    I love working in Canva, which I use to create social media posts, articles, etc, as well as to help brand clients. I love being able to look at things and make them aesthetically pleasing. I make quilts and crafts, so getting to play with design and color is a blast.

    I love Facebook. I know how to use and integrate LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest, but I find Facebook intriguing. I have been a Facebook Community Manager for over a year and love the interactions.

    I am one who learns very quickly, so there is not much I can’t figure out. I like being able to “hold hands” and achieve dreams while still being able to do my own thing. I like clear defined goals, be it from being told or helping create those goals. I am pretty flexible on everything I do and am not offended if you don’t like a direction I take. I like to receive feedback so I can become better. I love big projects but I also thrive in the minute projects.


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