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Food Blogger Pro: How to Start, Grow + Monetize Your Blog

Learn how to start, grow and monetize your blog with Food Blogger Pro--Root + Revel is living proof that it works! See how I made over $30,000 in my first 1.5 years of blogging here.

How To Monetize Your Blog

I have a confession to make. I never wanted to be a blogger. You see, I’m a journalist. I went to journalism school, graduated with two relevant degrees. I’m a professional. I write for legitimate magazines and newspapers and online publications and, dammit, I get paid for my work!

I have another confession: I was wrong.

As it turns out, not only are blogging and journalism not mutually exclusive, but there is in fact money in blogging.

And when you treat your blog like a business (rather than a hobby or a way to get free food) and you’re professional and honest and entrepreneurial, you can actually make GREAT money from blogging.

Just ask Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom, the couple behind the wildly successful food blog Pinch Of Yum.

As a longtime fan of POY, inevitably, I came across their Income Reports, where I saw that the duo was making nearly $100,000+ per month from their blog. MIND. BLOWN.

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Intrigued, I started studying other successful blogs, watching what these professionals were writing and sharing. They had beautiful, well-designed sites, gorgeous, professional photography and their writing was engaging, inspiring, personal.

Though I was beginning to realize that blogging could actually be a lucrative career choice for me, it wasn’t until I was diagnosed with PCOS, leaky gut and insulin resistance and subsequently healed my body through food and natural means (i.e. no prescription medication!) that I decided I truly had something worthwhile to share.

Learn how to start, grow and monetize your blog with Food Blogger Pro--Root + Revel is living proof that it works! See how I made over $30,000 in my first 1.5 years of blogging here.

Choosing Your Blog’s Niche

Which brings me to today–Root + Revel is a food and wellness site dedicated to helping people live naturally, without sacrifice.

It’s so important to figure out exactly what you want your blog to be–just saying you’re a lifestyle blog isn’t enough to stand out amongst the competition anymore. You must really narrow down your niche, hone in on a particular topic and really figure out what is it what you want to do.

For me? I wanted to help people, to connect with others who were struggling with their health and who could find healing naturally through the amazing power of nutrition and simple, holistic remedies.

I wanted to share my story in a more personal way than traditional journalism allows–I was living proof that food is medicine, after all–and I wanted to start investing in myself.

So I crossed over to what I had long considered “the dark side” and started a blog.

Now, just a year and a half later, nearly 340,000 people have visited Root + Revel, and the blog has brought in over $32,000!

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Root + Revel has been featured on Food Network, Clean Eating Magazine, The Today Show, Fitness Magazine, Well + Good, Mother Earth Living, Hello Glow, Food Gawker, Buzzfeed, The Everygirl, Brit + Co and more.

And I’ve connected with so many readers who have been helped by the stories here (which is just the absolute best feeling in the world!), or inspired me with their own stories! It’s been amazing.

I’d love to take all of the credit and tell you that I’m just so brilliant and talented and that explains my growth, but (like almost everything in life), it takes a village. I did not do this by myself… I couldn’t.

Starting a blog was so much more work than I ever expected it could be, and I was completely overwhelmed. I had so many questions, but I didn’t know who to ask.

But then the clouds parted and the skies opened up, the hallelujah chorus was cued and I found Food Blogger Pro.

Start & Grow Your Food Blog

What is Food Blogger Pro?

Food Blogger Pro is an insanely helpful website that teaches you how to start, grow and monetize your blog–think of it like an online blogging school.

Founded by the POY couple who is straight killin’ it in the blogosphere, FPB boasts over 300, easy-to-follow tutorial videos, covering everything from setting up WordPress to essential plug-ins, ad networks, affiliate programs, Photoshop and Lightroom, email marketing and more (they’re adding new videos all the time, too!).

And all those videos come alongside an active community forum, where you can connect with other bloggers and industry experts. This has been insanely helpful when I’ve had a quick tech question or want advice from people who are going through the same thing. And they’ve even got industry experts (like the most amazing SEO guy ever) who jump in to answer your question with authority!

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I’m also a huge fan of their blog (which anyone can read, even if you’re not a member).

And I love their weekly podcast (you can actually listen to an episode with me here, all about making an income as a freelancer writer) and the Live Q&A’s they host every month where you can dive deep into a blogging topic (like SEO or eBooks, video or sponsored posts) and learn more about it from other experts in the field.

All of this for just $29/month (or $279 a year, which is A 20% savings!).

There’s also tons of special discounts on helpful services, like Tailwind and Convertkit, that are exclusive to members, and really up the savings ante.

In fact, there’s a coupon for 10% off yearly memberships right here!

And if that weren’t enough, right now, everyone who signs up for a YEARLY Food Blogger Pro membership will get 1-year of access to Nutrifox (an $89 Value), where you can make custom nutrition labels for your recipes. All of the nutrition labels you see on R+R come from Nutrifox, and I love that you can even add custom brands so you can really get an accurate panel.
Start & Grow Your Food Blog

Should You Invest in Your Blog?

Absolutely! It can be tough to spend any money before your blog is making money, but I swear Food Blogger Pro is one of the best investments a blogger can make when they are getting started.

I never would’ve known the things I know now about blogging and SEO and photography and monetization techniques, etc. if it wasn’t for FBP.

If you watch the courses and follow the steps, you WILL see results. You won’t have to waste time digging through the entire internet–it’s all in one place and they cover everything you could ever need to know. And if they don’t, you can ask them. And someone will actually respond!

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Learn how to start, grow and monetize your blog with Food Blogger Pro--Root + Revel is living proof that it works! See how I grew my blog here.

I’m interested, how do I sign up?

Signing up is easy, but you have to ACT QUICKLY!!

The Summer enrollment is only open from June 20th through June 27, 2017.

Visit this link to join for Summer 2017: Sign up for Food Blogger Pro

I missed the enrollment dates, what can I do?

If you missed the enrollment dates, you can join the waiting list by filling out the form on the homepage here: Join the Food Blogger Pro Waiting List!

You can also download these free e-books (and this awesome PDF that’s all about how to create those viral recipe videos you see on social media) to enjoy while you wait for a spot to open up:
7 essential tools for making recipe videos.
Learn how to start, grow and monetize your blog with Food Blogger Pro--Root + Revel is living proof that it works! See how I grew my blog here.Learn how to start, grow and monetize your blog with Food Blogger Pro--Root + Revel is living proof that it works! See how I grew my blog here.


What are you waiting for?

If you’ve been thinking of starting a blog, or want to take your current blog to the next level, I strongly suggest you give Food Blogger Pro a try. It’s a wonderful resource and community. I’ll see you in the forums!

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Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, and I will earn a commission if you purchase through these links. Please note that I’ve linked to these products purely because I recommend them and they are from companies I trust.


  1. Cindy says

    I would love to read your monthly income reports and learn more about how you started your blog!

  2. Keri and Kelsi says

    Hi Kate! Just listened to your interview with Bjork on FBP. You were fantastic and offered lots of insight- my sister and I have already listened to it twice. We admire your go-getter spirit in freelance work and now your own food blog, which is terrific!
    We’re just starting a blog too and would love to know more the insides about how you run your blog and monetize it– without ads too!!
    Keri and Kelsi

    • Kate says

      Oh you just totally made my day, Keri (And Kelsi!). Thank you so much for the kind words and I hope you’ll start following along here on Root + Revel. I definitely plan to start sharing more of my monetization strategy soon, so if you sign up for my newsletter, you can be alerted to those posts. Thanks!! And best of luck to you with your new blog 🙂

  3. Nikki says

    Hi Kate! I’ve had my blog up and running for about a year now, so it’s all set up. I just haven’t really thought much about monetizing. Do you think it’s still a good investment for someone who doesn’t need the help setting up a blog? Thanks!

    • Kate says

      Hey Nikki! Thanks so much for checking in. YES! I absolutely think that Food Blogger Pro is still an AMAZING investment even if you’re already a year in. The forums, podcast, Live Q&A’s, blog posts and new videos cover topics that apply to newbies and established bloggers alike. I’m a firm believer that we should always be learning, and I swear, even after a year of running Root + Revel, I still learn something new from FBP every single day. It’s just the most incredible resource and I can’t recommend it enough! Enrollment just opened TODAY, so I highly recommend joining ASAP. Use my links above and you can get 10% off your yearly membership plus a free year of Nutrifox. Amazing value! Good luck 🙂

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