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059: How to Harness the Power of Your Feminine Energy in Your Business

Learn how inviting your feminine energy into your business will give you access to greater financial resources, spiritual connection, power, autonomy, freedom, health, and deep joy (bye bye patriarchy)!

Utilizing Feminine Energy in Your Business

We’ve talked before about the hustle mentality, patriarchy, and cyclical living.

In this special episode, it’s all coming together as I talk about the amazing power of inviting feminine energy into our entrepreneurial badassery! This episode epitomizes WHY I do what I do; why I’ve devoted my work to making sure other female business owners have the skills, the structures, the strategies and the support that they need to create a business and a life they love.

A true holistic business isn’t just about making money. Obviously, profit is important, and you can’t have a business or a sustainable income without it.

But, integrating our feminine energy into our businesses is really where we discover that:

  • we don’t have to choose our business or our family
  • we don’t have to sacrifice our health to make more money
  • we don’t have to work longer, harder hours to reach that next level of success
  • we don’t have to struggle to survive the feast and famine cycles of big exhausting launches to create miracle-like results for ourselves and our clients

Instead, our feminine energy incorporates factors like:

  • how we feel
  • what we can efficiently accomplish during certain phases of our menstrual cycles or of the moon
  • when our kids, or our fur babies, or friends need our attention most, and what their unique schedules are
  • how much support we have both at work and at home
  • how much mental bandwidth is taken up with the emotional labor of maintaining a household AND a company

The magic happens when we can have a balance of both the masculine and the feminine in our business and in our lives.

So buckle up for this episode and get ready to say a big bold “YES!” to having abundance–without the side order of exhaustion, burnout and toxicity.

How to Harness the Power of Your Feminine Energy in Your Business

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What the patriarchy is, and how this applies to your business success
  • How to opt-out of toxic ‘Bro Marketing’ tactics and the patriarchy while still making a sustainable income
  • What it means to embrace your feminine energy and the power of cyclical living
  • What a holistic approach to our business actually looks like

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FAQs About Feminine Energy

What is the patriarchy?

Dr. Valerie Rein defines the patriarchy as a system of oppression where historically, the power, economic, political, and moral superiority belong to men. In turn, this reflects in how women are perceived, judged, and how we subconsciously do not trust ourselves, each other, and are not trusted by society.. This helps explain why women aren’t thriving in our modern world because it’s not set up for us to do so. But the beautiful thing is, once we can see the invisible, then we can actually liberate ourselves and create a better world.

What is Bro Marketing?

‘Bro Marketing’ is all about hustle, working harder, pushing harder, scarcity, treating people like numbers instead of people, profit at all costs, desperation, and manipulation. These strategies that use psychology to coerce you into buying are icky at best, and prey on people’s vulnerabilities, guilt, and shame you into buying. It’s called Bro Marketing because it’s really a nod to the patriarchy.

What is feminine energy vs. masculine energy?

Everyone has both feminine and masculine energy inside them. Regardless of your anatomical sex, we’re all a blend of both energies (though we live in “masculinized” society run by the patriarchy). Feminine energy is soft, fluid, allowing, and nurturing. It is sensual, emotional, receptive, empathetic and flexible. It has the ability to go with the flow, is aligned with the moon, and is expressed through a more subtle realm. Masculine energy, on the other hand, is focused, goal-oriented, stable, strong, structured, logical, driven, and expressed through the physical realm.

Kate Kordsmeier 0:00

Welcome back to the Success with Soul podcast. I'm your host, Kate Kordsmeier. And today we are doing something a little different here. It's a solo episode. And we are talking about something a little controversial. I've never really shied away from conflict. But this is something that has really been on my heart for the last couple of years. And it's kind of new to me. It may be new to you, and maybe something you've been thinking about for a while as well. It may be even something that's triggering to you. So I won't keep you. I won't keep you guessing anymore. Let's just come out with it. Today we are talking about the patriarchy. Now, my family doesn't understand me when I talk about the patriarchy. And sometimes I can't blame them. I honestly didn't truly understand it either until January 2020. No surprise because of course the patriarchy would hate for us to truly understand this system of oppression because then we could actually do something to dismantle it. But let me back up. When I first heard the words the patriarchy getting tossed around. I rolled my eyes. I didn't get it. It's 2020 right we women we can vote we can work we have our own bank accounts, cars, homes, we've come so far in the past 100 years. What more do we want? Are those talking about the patriarchy just blaming men for our problems? But then I had to read a book for my mastermind last January called patriarchy stress disorder. It's written by Dr. Valerie rain who is actually a guest on episode 26. If you want to go back and listen to that after after you listen to this episode, which I recommend. I kind of had to laugh about the patriarchy until I actually read it and my mind was blown, wide open. If you're like the former me and think the patriarchy is just a bunch of liberal snowflakes playing the victim game, I beg you before you make any judgments about it, keep listening. If you're feeling at all triggered by the word patriarchy, let me make something clear that was confusing for me to the patriarchy isn't the fault of any particular person or even group of people. It's not even men as a whole. Everyone mostly unconsciously plays a role in upholding this invisible system. And the system. While it may benefit men more doesn't actually serve anyone. As Dr. Valerie explains in her book, the patriarchy is not a question of men versus women, both the masculine and feminine are severely traumatized and patriarchy is oppressive system. The cost of membership and patriarchy is that we must fit into very narrow definitions of gender and the roles and expectations that come with it. And this oppresses the authentic expression of everyone. Men are conditioned to repress and disown feminine qualities like kindness, emotions, empathy, nurturing, and that's denying their humanity, which is also deeply traumatizing thinking about things like boys don't cry, don't be a sissy, Don't be a pussy. I mean, the worst thing you could possibly be is a woman right? These unprocessed emotions often result in anger and violence. So I just want to put that out there as a disclaimer first, this is not an episode that's playing the blame game. And in fact, there's actually a lot of actionable advice that I'm sharing, both in how you can use this information to help you live a more fulfilling, safe, beautiful life of your own, and how you can use it in your business and create a business that is harnessed by the power of your feminine energy. So you're ready to go on this journey with me? Let's do it. You're listening to the Success with Soul podcast with Kate Kordsmeier x journalists turned CEO of a multi six figure blog in online business. But it wasn't that long ago that Kate was a struggling entrepreneur who lacked confidence, clarity, and let's be honest money. But all those failures, experiments and lessons learned helped Kate create a thriving business that impacts 1000s and brings freedom, flexibility and fulfillment to her life. If you're ready to do the same and make something happen with holistic, soulful, step by step strategies from Kate and other experts, you're in the right place. here's your host, writer, educator, Mom, recovering perfectionist, bookworm and sushi connoisseur Kate Kordsmeier.

Alright, so I gave you some information about what the patriarchy isn't. But let's actually define what the patriarchy is before we get started. So Dr. Valerie defines the patriarchy as a system of oppression where historically the power economic, political and moral superiority belong to men. In turn, this reflects and how women are perceived judge and how we subconsciously do not trust ourselves each other and are not trusted by society. This helps explain why women aren't thriving in our modern world because it's not set up for us to do so. But the beautiful thing is, once we can see the invisible, then we can actually liberate ourselves and create a better world. So some of you may be thinking, but Kate, you just said, Look how far we've come in the last 100 years. And that's true, there has been a lot of progress. But a we still have a lot of work to do and be 100 years is not that long ago. I mean, think about it. It wasn't that long ago that women were considered property. Women of Color didn't even get the right to vote until 1965. We weren't allowed to have our own bank accounts or open a line of credit without a male cosigner until the 1970s. I mean, a lot of us were alive during this time. This is not ancient history.

We know that even today, there's still a gender income gap where women make less than men for the same jobs. We know that even women are represented less in top C suite positions. We know that women make up a small percentage of top earners in the country. We know that men make more than women and every single us industry. We know that women spend far more time on unpaid care work. We know that American men have three times more retirement savings than women. We know that us college debt is greater for women in all racial groups than it is for men. We know that women have significantly higher poverty rates than men. And we know that globally, an estimated 736 million women that's almost one in three women have been subjected to intimate partner violence, non partner sexual violence, or both at least once in their life. And most of this violence against women is perpetrated by, of course, men. And sadly, fewer than 40% of the women who experience violence seek help of any sort. I wonder why I share all this because women are at this precarious place in history. I mean, for the first time ever, we're trying to juggle and be perfect at Of course managing our households caretaking both for our kids and aging parents, and running a successful business or just working. In contrast, men historically have only been responsible for breadwinning slash you know, running a business or making money not having to take care of the Family or Household. And after the 2020. In the pandemic, research has shown that women have been forced out of the labor force at unprecedented rates. In fact, a report between the century Foundation and the Center for American Progress estimates that the risk of mothers leaving the labor force and reducing work hours in order to assume caretaker responsibilities, amounts to 64 point 5 billion per year in lost wages and economic activity. In fact, 80% of adults currently not working due to childcare obligations are women, and 90% of women and minority entrepreneurs were shut out of the paycheck Protection Program. As Rachael Rogers said, when I talk about women and money, it's political. Whether we like it or not. Money is literally the source of power in American society, there's very little any of us can do to get paid for the true value of our work to make our own decisions to control our lives and much less to move women and society forward. Without the independence that money can buy. It's time to start pursuing money the way men do. Money is power, and women need more of both. But we've been conditioned our entire lives to believe that the role of women is that of the caretaker. Women have been raised to serve and repress their desires while men have been conditioned to chase ambition and power. So let's talk about what this might actually look like in your life. If you feel like you have to earn your worth through achievement if you feel like your body or your parents is the most important thing about you and where your value lies. If you feel like you have to sacrifice so much and yet are still financially dependent on men. If you struggle to give voice to your desires to truly understand your own needs, you can think the patriarchy. The patriarchy fears, our inherent strengths and desires, which of course, are our most valuable assets. And the patriarchy has been around since the beginning of time, not to mention for your entire life. So this is a lot of unlearning. That has to happen. If you think you're bad with money or that you have to tolerate hostile environments to achieve success. If you've been over delivering and undercharging if you've created adaptations to survive, like chronic high stress levels, or workaholism, trying to act more like men. Or maybe you struggle with issues like sleep and weight adrenal thyroid, female reproductive system anxiety, depression, addictions, relationship problems, dead or unsatisfying sex lives. Prescription med masking, these are all the expected price of sex among high achieving women, per Dr. Valerie and her book, one way to look at how this has actually shown up in our lives is something that I learned from Christie Harrison's book anti diet, which I highly recommend every woman and man read. It was a total game changer. But Christie talks about how the times in history when women have made the greatest political gains like getting the right to vote, gaining reproductive freedom, securing the right to work outside the home. I mean, first of all, the fact that these are even things that we had to do is living proof of the patriarchy. But that aside, all of these moments have also been moments when standards for ideal beauty became significantly thinner and the pressure on women to adhere to those standards increased. So Naomi Wolf, who's another brilliant author, she wrote a book called The beauty myth, she explains that this serves both to distract women from their growing political power, and to assuage the fears of people who don't want the old patriarchal system to change. Because as Christy says, If women are busy trying to shrink themselves, they won't have the time or energy to shake things up. It's hard to smash the patriarchy and an empty stomach or with a head full of food and body concerns. And that is exactly the point of diet culture. As will famously put it, quote, dieting is the most potent political sedative and women's history, a quietly mad population is a tractable one, and quote, as Christy adds, quote, it keeps us too hungry, too fixated on our bodies, and too caught up in the minutiae of our eating regimens to focus our energies on changing the world and quote, so that's just one example of how we see this showing up in our real lives. As you can see, our systems are set up based on this patriarchal model. And then we wonder as women why it's not working for us women, it's leaving us stressed, burnt out sick, overwhelmed, scattered, not showing up as our best anywhere.

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So I want to talk about another way that the patriarchy shows up. And this comes from something I learned from one of my mentors Kate Northrup, she talks about how the patriarchy can show up as an over identification with the masculine way as being the only normal and valuable way to do things. So this can happen no matter what your gender identity is. And it's not to say that masculine is bad. We need The masculine and the feminine for everything one is definitely not better than the other. But the thing is that it's been out of balance, and that we have over emphasized the qualities of the masculine as being better or good or right and valuable, and those of the feminine as being bad or wrong or worth less. It's also not to say that one is better than the other, but to say that too much of anything can become toxic, right? We've know like too many vitamins can be toxic to your body. And I think what we've been seeing is this hyper masculinity, this toxic masculinity. And that is the difference between wanting to dismantle the patriarchy and wanting to remove all aspects of masculine energy. I say this because I think that even though life has been probably much easier for most white cisgender men than other groups, I do feel and I hear from a lot of the white cisgender men that I know that it can feel sometimes like they can't do anything right or that they're punished for something that they can't control either, which is just like the flip side of the double standard. That you know, we're trying to dismantle when we talk about ending the patriarchy, it's not to end the patriarchy so that it becomes a matriarchy. It's more about equity. Alright,

so with that being said, I want to talk about how this shows up in online business. And that might be in the form of bro marketing. Now, you've probably heard this term before. And you may recognize it if you see somebody standing in front of a private jet or with a picture of a Lambo, or talking about winning and crushing and killing things, bro, marketing is all about hustle, working harder, pushing harder scarcity, treating people like numbers instead of people profit at all costs, desperation, manipulation, using psychology to coerce you into buying these tactics are icky at best prey on people's vulnerabilities, guilt and shame you into buying and quite frankly, just make people feel like shit, they are harmful. And it's called bro marketing because it's really a nod to the patriarchy. Now, I read this book earlier this year that was not about this at all. But there was a line in it that just made me laugh so loud, and I feel like fits perfectly here. So the book was called make them beg to work for you. And it was by Dr. Angela Lauria. So she says quote, right now, what is happening is that the dick centric models from the pre information age have erectile dysfunction. That's why these masculine systems are collapsing. So under the patriarchy, it's like, we feel in competition, because we are taught that there's only a few spots at the table. So we have to work incredibly hard to the point of exhaustion and sacrifice everything and be perfect in order to get one of those spots. And when we do that, we never identify our true purpose, because we're usually going after somebody else's. So what I think is really important is to recognize that being in our purpose is what actually will fuel our power. And only when we are in our power, can we truly disrupt the system? So how do we mindful business owners opt out of bro marketing and the patriarchy while still making a sustainable income? Is it possible to even feel good about both? How we're personally showing up in marketing and selling and empowering our clients to consciously choose to work with us and make a really aligned purchasing decision? And how do we do all of this while honoring our own energy and caring for our families and enjoying life and still being true to who we are as women? I do believe there's another way I've actually lived it myself. And I want to share it with you today. And some of it again, might be a little triggering, or just a little bit like what the heck are you talking about? Now, probably, if you've been listening to Success with Soul for a while, me talking about feminine energy and cyclical living and working with our bodies is not going to be anything new or woe to you. But if this is the first time you're hearing it, stick with me. I was a skeptic at first too, but I swear it will transform the way that you work and live. Now to go back to this concept first about work life balance. Another thing that I read in that same book by Dr. Angela Lauria was this concept of work life balance, and she says, quote, The problem with the very idea of work life balance is that work is a subset of life. It's not a separate thing. You can't balance work on one side and life on the other ever, because work is a part of your life. Just like your health, your family, your hobbies, your chores, your bills, all of these things are a part of your life. So work life balance is really just life balance, and that scale has multiple measuring trays. I couldn't agree more. And as a working mom with a very full schedule, I spent most of my career trying to find that elusive work life balance until I realized it doesn't exist. And that's actually a good thing. Because we don't have to choose our business or our family. We don't have to sacrifice our health to make more money. We don't have to work longer, harder hours to reach that next level of success. We don't have to struggle to survive the feast and famine cycles of big exhausting lunches to create miracle like results for ourselves and our clients. Now, of course, the patriarchy tells us things are either or black or white, yes or no, on or off. But it's a lie. We can have both, we can have it all. But we can't do it all and we can't do it alone. We need support, we need community, we need systems, we need passive income and organic traffic, we need to feel safe to be our truest selves. And we need a holistic approach because you are more than your business. You are a whole person. And the sooner we start acting as such, the easier things get. So what does the holistic strategy for our business even look like? Well, for starters, it factors and things like how we feel, and what we can efficiently accomplish during certain phases of our menstrual cycles or of the moon, we'll get to that. It also factors in things like when our kids or for our babies or friends need our attention most and what their unique schedules are, in factors and things like how much support we have both at work and at home and how much mental bandwidth is taken up with emotional labor of maintaining a household and a company. So I want to come back to that first part, because it's probably the part that made you raise your eyebrows a little bit what we can accomplish during certain phases of our menstrual cycles or the moon, what the heck am I talking about? Alright, so to back up, I want to share a little bit more of my personal story. Back in 2014, I was diagnosed with PCs or polycystic ovarian syndrome for anyone who's unfamiliar with this hormonal disorder. And around that same time, I was struggling with lots of different health issues. And I was introduced to Elisa Betty's work, she has a book called woman code. And this was my first introduction to this concept of cycle thinking or cyclical living. What I learned through Elise's work is that during different phases of our menstrual cycles, of which there are four, I don't know if you're like me, but I didn't learn this until I was 27 years old, I had no idea that there were other phases besides just period and not on period. But there's actually four phases, we've got your follicular phase, the your ovulation phase, your luteal phase, and your menstrual phase. And each of these four phases, different things are happening inside of our body, our hormone levels are rising and falling and fluctuating, it's affecting our mood and our energy. And it's also means that we have different nutritional needs, our brains function differently during different times. And there are actually different things that we can be doing and eating and moving differently and thinking about things differently and planning and all of that during these different phases so that we're able to truly operate and work with our bodies instead of against them. Now, this also comes back to the patriarchy because of course, our system is was set up by testosterone dominant people. So we have a patriarchal approach that's based on a 24 hour cycle. Men have a 24 hour cycle where every morning they wake up, and they have more or less the same hormonal fluctuations throughout the day, they go to sleep, and they wake up and

they do it all again. So their days are all basically the same from a hormonal perspective. Now, women's bodies, of course, follow a 28 day cycle, give or take. And throughout that month, our energy levels rise and fall or nutritional needs change. And even our brains focus on different things as our hormones fluctuate. So trying to fit our entire lives, whether it's work or personal into a system that is not designed for us is like forcing a bear to give up hibernation permanently. I mean, it's like waking men up at three in the morning and telling them demanding that they do their best work. That's what we're basically doing when we have to show up when we're in our menstrual phase. And we also have to do a launch and we're having to be super visible and out and about and it's just against our nature. So this is my first foray into cyclical living was learning how to manage my pcls and inspired many blog posts on Route and rebel and just the concept of understanding your body through your menstrual cycle. It's been such an important part of my work and life experience ever since. Now, years later, I heard Claire Baker's speak on Janet cutters podcast. And this is when it was introduced to me that the idea that our menstrual cycles actually also mirror the Four Seasons of the universe. winter, spring, summer and fall. This is really cool. I had no idea that like our Our menstrual phase is very similar to winter energy or our oscillation phase is similar to summer energy. I was also learned at this time about how all of this also magically mirrors the phases of the moon. Now I learned about this concept more so from a mentor of mine, Kate Northrup, her book was introduced to me in 2018. It's called do lash. She's been on the podcast as well. So you can go back and listen to her Episode 24. After you're done with this one, what I really learned from Kate was about how to use all of these principles in our businesses so that we are able to do less and achieve more, make more, earn more, feel more. I joined Kate's mastermind in 2020. And I really started embodying cycle thinking and energy management doing less than all of that during this time. And I was also introduced to another amazing woman named Sarah Jenks. And Sarah talked about how the sun is masculine energy and the moon is feminine energy. And this really started resonating too, because I was thinking about, okay, so the sun, it rises and sets at basically the same time every day. It stays in one zodiac sign for almost a month. And when you hear people say something like, I'm a Libra. They're saying what zodiac sign the sun was lined up in the sky the day they were born. So the sun is steady and dependable. And the moon and contrast it rises and sets at very different times every day. It goes through a zodiac sign every 2.5 days making its energy ever changing. It is, as Sara says, mysterious and instills wildness and magic. And here's what's really cool. So the sun goes through a whole cycle, and 365 days while the moon goes through a whole cycle and 29.5 days, which magically is quite similar to a woman's menstrual cycle. So when the moon is a new moon, that is like the menstrual phase of your period, it is like winter energy. And same thing when the moon goes to full. It's like ovulation, it's like summer. All of these things magically line up. Now, this might sound interesting and cool even but you may still be feeling like okay, but cyclical living like What does that even mean? How do I actually embody this practice, but many of us are actually already on board with one aspect of cyclical living like think about how many of us set intentions on New Year's Day, that would be part of cyclical living, right. But as I went down the rabbit hole of cyclical living, I've been introduced to lots of new women's work and different ideas on this concept. You've heard Lisa Hendricks and jack on the podcast, she wrote the book, The fifth vital sign, and viani Lee. And all of this has helped me in so many areas of my life, including entrepreneurship and managing my PCs.

So I now know without a doubt how to manage my time and energy, like when I'm the most productive and efficient when I should make time to plan when I'll make the most impact by being visible and when I should rest and reflect. And I understand my body and I whole new way I truly didn't even know was possible, which helped me discover and hone my intuition, creating a new level of clarity in my business and in my life. And I'm no longer fighting against myself, my work my environment. Instead, I'm able to trust the process myself and the universe more than ever before. I've learned how to let things come more easily and letting go of all of the shoulds. And, you know, in the past, I've wasted so much time and energy trying to control every detail of my life and the world around me. By embracing cyclical living, I've really learned more about how to surrender and let things flow and feel free and easy. So I want to share an example of this because last year 2020, I made nearly half a million dollars in my business, it was double the amount of revenue I made the year prior. And yet this was in the middle of a global pandemic. I had no childcare, I had a small email list, there was a social justice uprising, a diabolical election season, and I took a four month maternity leave all of this to say I worked less than ever before. But because of cyclical living and some of the other things that I've learned in business over the years, like passive income and organic traffic, I was able to double my revenue. And if I can do it, so can you. So if this is resonating, I want to share a little bit more about what I'm working on now and how it can help you. It's called the Success with Soul incubator, and I think it all ties back into creating a business that is harnessed by the power of our feminine energy, and is dismantling the patriarchy $1 at a time, when I first started in business, there was something that I realized really quick That's that the standard model for quote unquote successful entrepreneurship is seriously broken. And it's because of the patriarchy, it paints rest as weakness and exhaustion as a virtue. It makes people and relationships expendable in the pursuit of profit. I mean, it turns everything into a zero sum game so that your success can only come if you beat others or lose yourself. You know, it's incentivizing, manipulative, inauthentic, sometimes downright unethical selling tactics, and sobro marketing. And it tells us that everything is either or, you know, it's our business or our family winner or loser us or them, our well being or our bank account, our present or our future. But not only is this approach so broken, as Dr. Angela Lauria said, This masculine model has erectile dysfunction. But it is freaking insane. Because this system is bad for everyone on a deep level. So let's bring it back to the beginning, the patriarchy and this model is unhealthy for men to operate at this super low level of consciousness to and in reality, it's perfectly designed to make sure women don't get the same access to entrepreneurial success and financial abundance. Because most women can't survive under these circumstances. I mean, just look at this past year, women are wired for connection and relationship. And if we're forced to choose between our businesses and our kids, we're almost always going to wind up letting the business go, right. If it's our business, or our partner, our business or our sanity, our business or our lives, the other usually wins. And this is why female entrepreneurship is such a revolutionary act, because access to greater financial and spiritual wealth also means greater access to power, autonomy, freedom, health and deep joy. So here's the deal, our liberation can't be realized under the old patriarchal model. That's why I needed to go into all this detail in the beginning about well, what even is the patriarchal model because we can't revolutionize our business until we can claim it on our terms. So I want to redefine success to include every part of our lives. I'm recognizing that we can allow abundance without sacrificing our health, our relationships, our integrity, or our souls in order to quote unquote, win. I'm re envisioning work as not separate from but beautifully integrated into our whole lives. So this is all restoring the truth. The universe is not stingy. It loves and thrives on both and revolutionary success is Success with Soul. Because sacredly nourished women are seriously unstoppable. So this is the amazing power of inviting feminine energy into our entrepreneurial badassery. Right? When we refuse the false choice, the tired masculine model becomes irrelevant. Turns out we can say a big bold yes to abundance without the side order of exhaustion, burnout and toxicity. This is why I do what I do. It's why I've devoted my work to making sure other female business owners have the skills, the structures, the strategies and the support that they need to create a business and a life they love. So if you're looking for inspiration, I would love to invite you to come apply for the Success with Soul incubator. It covers a lot of what we just talked about in way more detail than I could go into here. But I want to just break it down for you real quick to let you know a little bit more about how the incubator works. So you're going to learn how to grow your traffic and leads organically with content marketing, no paid ads or toxic social media. So you can build a steady stream of passive income with make sales everyday evergreen funnels. So you can create a wildly profitable hands off business harnessed by the power of your feminine energy that's ease flow and alignment, all the things that we just

talked about. So you can get more done in less time and feel good while doing it. So you can make more money while working less thanks to automated systems delegation and sanity saving structures that don't require your constant intervention. So you can ultimately take care of you. Again, you are more than your business, you are a whole person. The bigger you grow, the more self care you need. And we want to help you get back the time you deserve to replenish your spirit and focus on what truly matters, your family, your home life and your well being. If that all sounds amazing, and you're ready to apply, head over to, and we will see if we're a good fit to work together. I hope to see you there. Thanks for another great solo episode. I'm glad you hung in with me until the end and I would love to hear what you thought about this episode. So take a screenshot, share it on Instagram tag me at Kate Kordsmeier or send me a DM and just give me some of your feedback. Of course you can always leave a review as well and I so value hearing from y'all and knowing what resonates and what doesn't. I'll see you next week.

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