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30 Easy Ways to Make Money (Online + Offline) Today!

Think it’s hard to make some quick money? Think again! If you’re feeling stuck in your business, looking for a side hustle, or if you want to generate some cash fast (even if you’re not an entrepreneur), this post has plenty of legit ideas and creative inspiration to help you meet your goals, whether you want to work from home, online, or in your local community.

Think it's hard to make some quick money? Think again! If you're feeling stuck in your business, looking for a side hustle, or if you want to generate some cash fast (even if you're not an entrepreneur), this post has plenty of legit ideas and creative inspiration to help you meet your goals, whether you want to work from home, online, or in your local community.

I often hear from my students, clients, community, and people in general how hard it is to make money.

And while money doesn’t grow on trees, it’s easier today, more than ever before, to generate some income (and quickly!) in so many creative ways!

Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a huge dream, a college student looking for some part-time income, a mom who wants to contribute to her family, a retiree with a passion for crafts or an artsy hobby, a driven employee who feels an income cap at work but who still wants to figure out a way to make some money on the side–this post is for you!

And don’t worry–regardless of if you have a blog, or an existing business, or no entrepreneurial experience whatsoever, we’ve got something for everyone on this list.

So put on your creativity caps and get ready to start making some easy money today!

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Easy Ways Anyone Can Make Money (Entrepreneur or Not!)

1. Sell household items you no longer want or need on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, eBay, Nextdoor, OfferUp, Mercari, your local Online Yardsale Facebook Group, or have a yard sale.

Channel your inner Marie Kondo. If it doesn’t spark joy, sell it! These platforms are amazing and I’ve personally had a lot of success selling stuff I don’t need/use anymore online.

2. Consign or resell clothes on Poshmark or at a local shop.

Declutter and make getting dressed easier by only keeping what you love. I’ve sold a ton on Poshmark!

Easy ways to make money: dog sit or walk dogs
3. Get paid to take care of dogs.

It seems like almost everyone has a dog these days, which means there are ample opportunities to help people with dog walking, boarding at your house, or sitting overnight. Rover is a great app, or simply make some flyers to hang up in your neighborhood or post on Nextdoor and in Facebook groups.

4. Offer other services in your local community.

Get paid to babysit, run errands, help people move, do yard work, cook meals, housesit–people are always in need of great help! Websites like Care, Task Rabbit, and Nextdoor are great.

5. Join a network marketing company.

While I admit that some MLM companies can feel a little sleazy, there are many network marketing companies that have incredible products and business models. I absolutely love being a consultant with Beautycounter (reach out if you want to join my team!), or check out Scout & Cellar for clean-crafted wine (shameless plug to join my team there too if it’s a fit for you!), or essential oil companies if that’s your thing.

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6. Ask for raise.

Get clear on what you want and how you’ve earned it. You never know what will happen until you ask, but one thing’s for sure: the answer is ALWAYS no until you ask!

DIY products to make money
7. Sell your crafts or food.

Prepare larger batches of items you make anyway (like soup, baked goods, tea, DIY cleaning products, DIY soaps, etc.) and sell them. If you have a true craft that you’re great at or a unique interest, get an Etsy shop and sell your crafts online!

8. Sign up to drive a car service like an Uber or a Lyft, or even Uber Eats or Door Dash.

You get to work whatever hours you want, as much or as little as you want. Pretty awesome.

9. Rent a room (residential or commercial).

Rent out your mother-in-law suite or an extra bedroom on AirBnb, or if you have commercial space, rent out your building or room when you’re not using it.

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10. Apply for a credit card with a cash back incentive for new cardholders.

Caveat: ONLY if you KNOW you can pay the balance in full each month–we’re not a proponent of debt and advocate for personal fiscal responsibility. I highly recommend Chase Sapphire Reserve and Chase Ink for businesses.

Kate at her computer
11. Use cashback and coupon apps like eBates/Rakuten and Ibotta.

You literally get deposits into your bank account without having to do anything (except shop, that is!).

12. Look out for referral incentives.

Sometimes banks or apps like eBates (now called Rakuten) give you cash (sometimes $25 or more!) simply for referring a friend.

13. Track all of your expenses and cut what you don’t need.

We all have some kind of subscription service we pay for but don’t use. Cancel it, and get extra cash in your pocket every month. Clarity Money is a great free app to help you find recurring charges you could cancel.

Kate working on her iphone

Easy Ways to Make Money if You Already Offer Products or Services

14. Create urgency with an end-of-month/year/season offer.

People love saving money, and urgency sells. #marketing101

15. Follow-up with existing customers one-on-one to see if they need to re-order or book more sessions.

A personal touch is key, and people usually need more than one (or even two) follow-ups before taking action–so don’t be afraid to reach out…and then follow up. The fortune is in the follow up!

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16. Survey your existing customers or clients and see what their biggest pain point is. Then create a new offer (coaching program, online course, book, etc.) to help them overcome it!

Why wouldn’t you want to cater to what people want?

17. Offer a 1-day workshop, VIP experience, or mini-retreat (virtual or in-person).

This is where you can really go deep with your clients and make them feel special. Nothing compares to in-person connection!

Collaborate with friends to make money
18. Collaborate with a friend or colleague to deliver a special virtual or in-person event.

Collaborating is fun and can be a win-win with the right person where you both get to focus on your unique gifts and what you do best. Get creative!

19. Raise your rates.

There’s a good chance you’re not charging what you’re worth. Claim your value (while still being fair)!

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20. Show up more!

Most of us shy away from ‘selling’ and don’t want to bother people. People can’t buy what they don’t know exists. Do a Facebook or Instagram Live, send regular emails, text your clients–get into a routine and be consistent! (This applies if you have a blog, too!)

21. Ask for referrals.

There’s no better way to get business then from genuine referrals from people who have great experiences with you! As a thank you, you can give a discount or a gift to the client who referred.

Work from home office
22. Freelance.

Graphic designer? Website developer? Writer? Find extra clients on Fiverr, 99 Designs, Upwork, or in relevant Facebook groups.

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23. Run a Kickstarter or other crowdsourcing campaign for a project you want to get started but need funding for.

This can apply to almost anything–a new product you want to develop, supplies or experiences you need to get a specific result–the sky is the limit!

Easy Ways to Make Money for Bloggers

24. Add affiliate links to your posts for products or services you love.

You get a commission on the sale without the person who purchased having to spend anything extra (and often, they even save money because you can get discount codes from the company!). Brands love it because they get positive referrals and new customers; think of it like a marketing cost to them that guarantees a sale.

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Easy Ways to Make Money if you already have a blog
25. Participate in an affiliate launch for a helpful product, service, or online program that will genuinely help your audience.

I have my Six-Figure Blog Academy and we offer our affiliates 50% commission on their sales. That can generate A LOT of moolah without you having to deliver anything or lift a finger besides promoting it!

26. Find a sponsor for a recipe, blog post, or podcast episode.

How? Follow our Guide to Sponsored Content here!

27. Start offering consulting services.

People love one-on-one support! Lend your knowledge and expertise by taking on coaching clients.

28. Shop around for ad networks.

There’s a chance you could make more money with a different network. I’m with AdThrive and my income nearly doubled when I made the switch.

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29. Design and sell an e-book.

This is such a quick, easy, and passive way to earn extra money through your blog! We set up a Trip Wire for our Sponsored Content eBook that all new email subscribers get a limited-time 50% savings for and it works really well!

30. Promote something you already have, like an older product or an evergreen product, more deliberately.

Again, we often shy away from talking about our own products or services. Share about it more often, and optimize your sales techniques and funnels (how does the sales page convert? Is it easy to find on your site? How simple is the checkout process? Do you have an abandon cart email series set up? There are so many ways to optimize!)

Do you have any other easy ideas for how to make money? Let us know in the comments!

Affiliate Disclosure Policy

This post includes affiliate links, and I will earn a commission if you purchase through these links. Please note that I’ve linked to these products purely because I recommend them and they are from companies I trust. There is no additional cost to you.



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