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035: How to Create Facebook Ads with Monica Louie

Feel overwhelmed around how to create Facebook ads? Learn how to get started on a budget, even if you’re brand new, or how to best outsource this important task.

Wondering How to Create Facebook Ads?

So, you’re curious about Facebook ads and if they can work in your business, but you…

  • feel completely overwhelmed at the prospect of learning this new skill, frozen in analysis paralysis
  • fear wasting money
  • don’t want to get discouraged in the process
  • have no clue where to even start this strategy

Look, I know what it’s like to have ups and downs when it comes to Facebook ads.

I lost A LOT of money–I’m talking tens of thousands of dollars–on Facebook ads during my second launch of the Six-Figure Blog Academy in 2019.

Thank God, even though I wanted to at times, I didn’t give up. Instead, I learned a new strategy and brought in $100,000+ during my next launch–thanks in part to Facebook ads.

Ultimately, I do think that you can figure out how to make Facebook ads work for you, and that they can help you fast track your success!

how to create Facebook ads without overwhelm or losing money

My guest today, Monica Louie, is a Facebook and Instagram ads strategist who helps ambitious online entrepreneurs increase their impact with high-converting ads. You may have heard her on the Smart Passive Income Podcast, the Boss Mom Podcast, the Art of Online Business Podcast, or her own podcast called Flourish to 7 Figures.

Along with her premium agency, Team Flourish, Monica manages ads for 6- and 7-figure online business owners, has managed more than $2 million in ad spend, and has taught hundreds to successfully run their own ads through her online training program, Flourish with Facebook Ads.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How do Facebook ad strategies differ for bloggers vs. course creators?
  • What a ‘lookalike’ audience is and how to use this strategy
  • What you need to know if you want to try Facebook ads yourself, including how to budget and average costs to expect
  • Our take on “The Social Dilemma” documentary
  • How Monica sold her blog and pivoted in her career
  • Should you use Facebook ads when you’re a brand new business?

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Kate Kordsmeier 0:01

Welcome back to the Success with Soul podcast. I'm your host, Kate Kordsmeier. And today we are chatting with Facebook and Instagrams ad strategist, Monica Louis. So this makes me laugh because a friend and I were just talking about this the other day, and she was saying, What's the opposite of something being in your zone of genius, and we decided to call Facebook ads, her zone of despair. I'm sure some of you can relate. It's something that you maybe have toyed around with, or you've maybe just frozen and complete analysis paralysis, so afraid to spend any money because what if it doesn't work? And you throw money down the drain? And oh, man, can I relate? You may have heard I talk about it quite a bit, that I lost a lot of money like 10s of thousands of dollars on Facebook ads during my second launch of the six figure blog Academy. Thank God, I learned a new strategy. And with my third launch of my course, I actually brought in six figures with the help of Facebook ads. So I too have had my fair share of ups and downs when it comes to Facebook ads. But I do think that there is a very valuable place for them and your business and they can really help you fast track your success. So I'm so happy to share Monica's advice with you. You've probably heard her before she has her own podcast flourish to seven figures. She's been on Pat Flynn's podcast boss mom, the art of online business and her ads agency team flourish, manages ads for six and seven figure online business owners. They've done actually more than $2 million in ad spend. And they've taught hundreds to successfully run their own ads through her online training program flourish with Facebook ads, you can head over to to learn more about Monica's course, she also has been so generous to share a free starter kit with y'all. So if you go to, you can get your hands on that freebie. Thank you, Monica for sharing. All right, so in this episode, get ready for some serious Facebook ad strategy. Monica really gets into the nitty gritty of Facebook ads, because I know y'all have a million questions just like me, whether you're a blogger or a course creator, or you want to hire a Facebook ads agency, and you don't even know how to find a good one. Or maybe you want to learn yourself, we're going over all that including budgets and average costs and the power of lookalike audiences and getting your targeting. Right. So buckle up, we've got a great episode for you today. And best of all, we're really humanizing the ad experience because I think it's important to remember that on the other end of those leads are real people. And Monica is another heart centered entrepreneur that I am so humbled to have her on the show today. So let's get into it. You're listening to the Success with Soul podcast with Kate Kordsmeier x journalists turned CEO of a multi six figure blog and online business. But it wasn't that long ago that Kate was a struggling entrepreneur who lacked confidence, clarity, and let's be honest money. But all those failures, experiments and lessons learned helped Kay create a thriving business that impacts thousands and brings freedom, flexibility and fulfillment to her life. If you're ready to do the same and make something happen with holistic, soulful, step by step strategies from Kate and other experts, you're in the right place. here's your host, writer, educator, Mom, recovering perfectionist, bookworm and sushi connoisseur, Kate Kordsmeier. Welcome, Monica. I'm so glad to have you.

Monica Louie 3:56

Thank you so much, Kate. I'm so excited for our conversation today.

Kate Kordsmeier 3:59

Me too. Now, I first learned about you because I was listening to pat Flynn's podcast, and you are on it. And I was so blown away by your expertise. So share with everybody. What is your expertise? What are we gonna be talking about today?

Monica Louie 4:15

Yes, so I am a Facebook and Instagram ads strategist. And I have an agency I have a couple different sides of my business. I have an agency where my team and I manage ads for six and seven figure online businesses. And then I also have my signature program flourish with Facebook ads, where I teach others how to create their own high converting campaigns. And I do speaking during normal, you know, normal years where we can travel and go to events, but I just love teaching and speaking about Facebook ads and helping people get over that fear and that intimidation factor which I know I certainly felt when I was getting started with it.

Kate Kordsmeier 4:50

Yeah. So now do you just not just but do you have your course. Do you also do one on one clients as well like where you will done For you services.

Monica Louie 5:01

Yes. So that's with our ads agency. So we Yeah, so my team manages the ads for our clients. So we have several different clients all in the online space where we manage their ads for them. But when I started, I started off with one on one coaching. And that's really built into my program. Now, before I do that,

Kate Kordsmeier 5:19

gotcha. So how did you get to become the Facebook and Instagram ads expert?

Monica Louie 5:26

Well, I actually started, I know your story I started online several years ago with my own personal finance blog. So in two years back in starting in August of 2013, my husband and I paid off $120,000 of debt, all on a single middle class income. So thank you, it was when we were, you know, we were just starting to our family and have kids and I realized that I wanted more flexibility around my schedule, I wanted to be in control of my schedule, especially when my kids were little. And you know, they're so precious, and they changed so fast. And so I ended up leaving my corporate job, we thought that we were making, you know, some some smart decisions and get putting ourselves in a situation where we could do that financially. So we paid off our car, we built up some savings. And then it was after I left, that we realize, wow, we've got to be a bit more intentional for this to really work out and for us to not just always be financially stressed. And so that's when I went to the online community and learned about other people who were paying off their debt. And we just realized that that would help us feel so much more financially secure, we felt very vulnerable, intentionally going from two incomes down to one. And so we just hit the debt hard. And then people were asking us how we were doing that. And really my goal and leavings, and staying at home was to figure out how I could make money and build a business from home. But I had no idea what I could do what that would even look like. So when people started asking us for how we were doing this getting out of debt so quickly, on a middle class income, then I was like, well, that's how I can help people. And so I started with my debt freedom blog. And that took me down the route of listening, you know, following people like Pat Flynn and Amy Porterfield. And it was really Amy Porterfield, who shared the benefits of Facebook ads. And you know, it can help you find the right people who are interested in your message, as opposed to just you know, willy nilly posting on social or, you know, hoping people stumble across your blog. And so I was like, Okay, I've got an important message to share, I want to help other people who are like me, who need to create a plan to get out of debt. And so I use Facebook ads, and it was really scary at first, because we didn't, I mean, my business wasn't making money at the time. And, and I, you know, we were still kind of getting out of debt and being very, you know, careful with our spending, and I just didn't want to, you know, shoot it over to Facebook and just lose it all. And so, I was very intimidated. But I've followed exactly what she said, and I had great results with my first campaign. And then I did it again, a couple months later, had even better results with the second campaign. And then as I was meeting people in the online space in the personal finance world, online, the blogging community, they started reaching out for my help with Facebook ads. And so this was 2016, when I started helping others with their Facebook ads strategy. And by the end of 2016, I realized that one we were getting amazing results doing, you know, not just the same strategy, but different types of strategies. And then secondly, I was having so much fun, helping business owners grow their businesses and share their message. And so I ended up selling my blog, and then it was an of 2016, where I was like, Okay, I'm gonna just jump into this and start. So I started with Facebook ads coaching, and the rest is history, I guess.

Kate Kordsmeier 8:37

This is so cool. And I have a similar story, and that I had never really done Facebook ads myself, until I took Amy Porterfield course, which is not a Facebook ads course. But there's a module or bonus, I think it even is in there. And I followed hers. And the first time I had come off of a launch that left me in debt, and then I took digital course Academy learned her Facebook ad strategy. And then two months later launched and had a six figure launch using that strategy. And I mean, there was a lot of other agents. It wasn't just the Facebook ads, but right, you know, it was Yeah, and I was so scared to do Facebook ads again, because that launched the left man debt. I tried to do my while I didn't try to do myself because I was too intimidated. I hired an agency, and I got screwed, and we lost so much money, and I learned a ton from it. So it was definitely one of those things where as cheesy as it sounds, I'm like, I'm glad it happened because it gave me so much clarity. But I wish that I had I wish that I had known more what to look for and a Facebook ads agency. So as somebody who runs one now, what would you suggest to people who are like, I don't want to learn myself? I just want somebody to do it for me. Right? How do you Find somebody that's not going to leave you in the red.

Monica Louie 10:03

Yeah, that's a good question. And I know a lot of people have have those horror stories of hiring somebody. And you know, they you don't know if they know what they're doing. They you know, they say they know what they're doing, but you're not quite sure. Or you know, at the end result, you're like, Well, I'm not really sure that they knew what they were doing. So it's really important. First of all, my my first tip, I guess, is to find somebody who does the strategy that you want to do. And successfully, they have case studies, they have stories behind them. So like when I started out, and I was just kind of figuring out, I accidentally niche down initially with the personal finance community, it was because that was my network online. And those were the people who were reaching out to me. But then as people started to learn that I do Facebook ads, other people started to reach out to me in different spaces, different niches, like local businesses, real estate agent, and as I started to work with, you know, I kind of helped a little bit, you know, here and there, but then I realized, well, I really know the online space really well, I understand the strategies that bloggers want to use to grow their blog, and make money with affiliate revenue, grow their email list, you know, drive leads into their sales funnel. So I just decided that instead of, you know, trying to be everything to everyone, I was going to focus on what I know really well, the strategies, I know really well, and where I know that I have the confidence level to help people get success and achieve those goals. And so, you know, if a local business reaches out to me, even today, my team knows that we, you know, we're going to point them elsewhere or if like, e commerce with physical products, that's a different strategy, you know, a different business model than those of us who are building digital products and programs. So I would recommend looking at who has done what you want to do successfully with other clients who has case studies testimonials, to back it up, and then just, you know, find out about their experience level is a big one, because I know that there are a lot of people out there that are saying they can do Facebook ads, and maybe they're very low cost. So that looks very appealing to you know, to not spend a lot of money and and hire this out. But that's where you might be unsure of what is their experience level. Because if they are good at what they do, and they have that those case studies to back them up, then they're going to be charging enough where they know that they're working with the clients who are going to be a best fit for them. So like with us, with our clients, our clients that are six and seven figure business owners, where they have the funds to invest in Facebook ads, and they're going to put up enough that their budget, which is separate from our fee, where we're going to be able to do some testing. So you know, I've worked with small budgets and large budgets, but for our team for somebody to hire us as an agency, if they have really small budgets, and the more they need that return on investment right now, you know, then that's going to be a harder situation, to really know that we can have success, because we're going to be limited with our testing abilities. But then also, our best clients now we know are the ones that are looking at it for the as a long term strategy. So that's the relationship that we like to build with our clients is that they're in it for the long term, because it can be really stressful when, you know, I really need this to work, I need this to work, you know, and I need to get a return on investment. And I want to be you know, one of those other success stories that I hear about about like, Oh, I turned on the campaign. And then you know, the money just started rolling in. And there's so much more as you already touched on, that goes into the success of your launch or your funnel than just the Facebook ads. So that's what I always teach teaching Facebook ads, is that it can be a really important part of your marketing strategy, but it is not the entire marketing strategy. So know that going in as well.

Kate Kordsmeier 13:37

Yeah, I love that. Okay, I have like 10 follow up questions. like, Okay, wait, go back. We got to, we got to get through this. So I'll just add another thing, from my experience to anybody who's looking for an agency to help them run ads, get referrals from people, because if you know somebody who's used them and had success, you'll you'll be much likely to get success with them much more likely to get success with them as well. So, okay, I'll start with the quicker question. And then I have a little bit of a lengthier follow up to so when it comes to budget, if somebody is I know, it's one of those answers that like it depends. But what is kind of the average agency fee that you think people could expect? If you're an online entrepreneur, and you're kind of like, I'm going to dip my toes into Facebook ads, what could I expect to pay an agency?

Monica Louie 14:32

I think if you're going to find somebody who has the experience to back it up of what they're doing, and they're building an agency, they're not just like a VA who also happens to be able to put an ad together, then you should be looking to spend a minimum probably $2,000 a month and that's on top of the adspend.

Kate Kordsmeier 14:51

Yes. Okay. And then when you're getting started with Facebook ads, what do you feel like a good daily ad spend is to get started? Yes.

Monica Louie 15:00

So when you're getting started, then it really is dependent upon what you're comfortable with. So many of my students will start with literally just five or $10 a day. And they're just like, I want to learn the process, I want to get my feet wet, I want to drive traffic to this blog post or promote my lead magnet. And that's where I can say you can have success with as little as five or $10 a day, you can't really do much testing with that, I recommend minimum five or $10, a day per test that you're doing. And by test, I mean the different audiences that you're submitting in your campaign, or even if you're doing different ad variations, but you can get started with as little as five to $10 a day, if you have like a smaller budget, and you're like, I want to start figuring this out on my own, then that's where, you know, I can say, if you have 20 to $30 a day, so that you can do a little bit of testing, then I think that's a good place to start. But I have had several students over the years, who have very successfully gotten started at five or $10 a day. Right?

Kate Kordsmeier 15:57

And I think it's important to just remember that, like we're saying getting started. So yes, you start there. And then as it starts working, and you start testing and figuring out what's working and turning off what's not, then you can grow from there. I think people sometimes hear like $30 a day and well, you don't have to start at $30. Right. So while we're on the topic of money, I have another question that's come up for me, I have an evergreen funnel for a course. And we I wasn't using face while I was kind of doing it myself for a little bit. And then I hired an agency. And I'm curious if you found that is it as simple as saying like, let's say your ads are getting a two to one return on investment? And can you just double your ad spend, and then you'll be getting, you know, like, you can just keep moving it up, and it just works proportionately,

Monica Louie 16:54

you know, we all wish that it did. We so wish that that was the case. So when it is working, you're finding like, Okay, this is working. Now I want to scale it up, you really need to do it slowly, because the algorithm is what, you know, Facebook's tool. I'm not a very techie person. But I understand like, how the algorithm works, where it basically is deciding which ads are going to be pushed out, right. And so the algorithm has to learn, the algorithm wants you to have success with your ad campaign. So as it gets going, then it's learning within the audiences that you selected, that you told it show your ads to, you know, which people in those audiences are more likely to take the take the action that we want them to take. So if you want to scale up, then you need to give the algorithm some time to readjust. So if you're going from $50 a day and you want to go to $100 a day, then in order to get the same number, you know, same amount of results at that rate, then the algorithm needs to find twice as many people who are going to opt in or whatever that action is, you know, it was so if it was going along, it's like $50 a day things are going well, things are going well, things are going well boom, we're going to 100 there's going to be some adjustment period. And it may be a week or two, it may be longer, but usually by that time when people see oh my gosh, my, my costs are spiking, that's where they turn it off and run away, or they bring it back down or you know, they don't give the algorithm enough time to adjust. So that's why we like to increase the budget slowly. Right? People have different, you know, schools of thought around like what that means. But if you're doing a $50 budget, then we may increase it by five or $10 a day and see how it goes just so we're giving it a little bump, you know, we let it adjust. And then when when things are still going well, then we'll give it a little bump more, and then let it readjust. So you've got to understand that Yeah, yeah.

Kate Kordsmeier 18:50

I had a feeling that's what you're gonna say. And I'm glad I asked that. Because I do think it seems counterintuitive, like you would think you could just oh, I'll just go to $100 a day and Facebook will be happy. But that has not been my experience either.

Monica Louie 19:03

Well, and I mean, look at it. When you think about it. It's like these are real people who are seeing your ads. They're not just numbers. They're not just you know, a number of reach or impressions. Like these are real people, we're seeing your ads. And the algorithm is trying to show it to the people who are going to take action. But it's got to adjust and you know, real people are the ones that are clicking through real people are the ones that are joining your email list and going through your funnel. And so you can't just you know, unfortunately, just a double it and I want to get the same results such just unfortunately not how it works.

Kate Kordsmeier 19:35

Yeah, and I'm so glad you said that too. Because it's so easy and marketing to just start forgetting, you know, you just it's easy to forget that these are actual people that we're talking about other human beings on the end, they're not just like bleeds and yeah, looking at all just the numbers, so thank you for humanizing that part of it. I think that's important.

Monica Louie 19:56


Kate Kordsmeier 19:57

Okay, now I want to back up again. You said in the beginning, you started with a blog, a debt freedom blog. So I had a couple questions about this, too. I've been curious in my experience. So I have written rebel, which is a holistic wellness blog. And then I have Kate Kordsmeier, calm and my personal brand, which is where all of my business advice is Right, right. I have experimented a little bit over the last five years with running ads just to my blog, where I don't sell anything of my own. I have affiliate links and sponsors, but I don't sell any products. And I have not had success with that. And generally, when people ask me, should I use Facebook ads, just like for blog traffic and affiliate revenue? I mean, my answer is always like, well, don't ask me. I'm certainly not the expert on that. But I have not had good luck with it. So I'm curious, you had good luck using ads, not luck. You had, you know, it was a good strategy that you had to use ads when you weren't selling a product, or were you selling something as well. So

Monica Louie 20:57

for my own personal finance blog, I was following Amy's, you know, Amy Porterfield webinar strategy. And so I was driving traffic to get people to join my webinar. So that that was the strategy that I use with my blog. However, my first I mean, many, many clients were in the personal finance space, most of them bloggers, and their goal was to increase their affiliate revenue from their blog posts. So that was the strategy that we did time and time, again, very successfully, we still do it to this day with some of our clients, where it makes sense. That's one of the key strategies that I teach in my program as well, because it's still to this day works very well. So the strategy is where we're driving, low cost, traffic, low cost, high quality traffic, to the monetized blog post. So the way that we were doing it is, you know, the affiliate marketing affiliate affiliate links would be throughout the blog post. And so many times when people are wanting to get started with that strategy, I think it's a great place to get started. If you do have a blog, and you do make money via via affiliate marketing, or monetize blog posts in some other way, I think it's a great place to get started with Facebook ads, because you can have that lower budget and still see results. Because the cost per results, and Facebook terms is much smaller than if we're going to you know, drive a lead or get an email subscriber or webinar sign up. Those can be you know, a few dollars too many dollars. Whereas for if we're driving traffic, then it can be a few cents. So my team and I shoot to drive traffic at less than 10 cents per landing page view from the ad. So

Kate Kordsmeier 22:31

saying, and how do you track that then since they don't own the, you know, you can't attract purchase?

Monica Louie 22:37

Yeah, so that's the hard part is the tracking on the affiliate edge. So we can track the traffic driving from the Facebook ad, because we've got the facebook pixel installed on the website. So then we'll optimize for the landing page view, we're doing a traffic campaign. And we're optimizing for that loading of the page view, as opposed to just the people who click from the ad, and you know, some of them will bounce back. So that's what we're optimizing for. But then for the affiliate, on the affiliate side, there are a number of different factors that are going to kind of weigh in on how successful the strategy is going to be. So what we found is that low, like low barrier to entry affiliates, can work really well for the strategy. So if you're driving traffic, and it's an affiliate blog post, for all these courses that are, you know, $200 or more, you're gonna have a bigger commission from that. So you may need, you know, fewer affiliate conversions to make your money back, of course, but it's just kind of a bigger barrier to entry. Whereas the most successful affiliates that we've seen are just those lower, like, you'll get maybe something a kickback for a click over, which is kind of early days, but or there's you know, just lower barrier of entry for like a lead will be the conversion, or maybe it's a low price point product or something like that.

Kate Kordsmeier 23:52

And would you say the price points like less than $100, less than $25, how low are we talking?

Monica Louie 23:58

I would say probably less than less than $25. So these are going to be like low barrier to entry type products type offerings that you're putting in your blog post. And so where I've seen the most success is where you have multiple different affiliate offers, in that blog post. So listicle post about, like, these are the top 10 tools that helped me grow my business, or, like in the personal finance space, you know, Here are seven ways to improve your finances today. So and then each of those ways has, you know, potentially a coordinating tool, or app or something like that. So that's where you're giving people multiple options. And then you can track the revenue from that blog post, if you've got it set up correctly with the affiliate. I know some, like some affiliate programs have, you know, give you more options with tracking than others. So that's where it can be kind of difficult to see. But what we've seen is more of just like a general Okay, we're getting we're driving traffic here, and we see the spike on this affiliate, which is in this blog post. Right, we're seeing that it's going Reading well, and then my, my most successful clients with a strategy are always tracking, which are the affiliates that are converting for me which ones are getting the clicks, which ones are, you know, getting the clicks and converting, because if I'm sending a lot of clicks somewhere away from my blog, but I'm not getting the conversions, then I'm going to, you know, see if I can replace that with a better converting affiliate, that will also, of course, we're always thinking about the end user, but we'll also, you know, be a benefit to my reader. So, like all the it's like the Facebook ad side of it, but then the affiliate and kind of figuring out what works on that side of it. And when it all goes together, that's when it can work really well.

Kate Kordsmeier 25:34

Yeah, so interesting. And do you feel like you have I know, it's a low cost per page view traffic lead? But do you find that you have to have, you know, like a minimum threshold of daily spend to see a difference in something like that? No, I've, um,

Monica Louie 25:51

I've had students that have started with five or $10 a day. And then I think one student spent $90 on her ad, and made $500 from that affiliate, because she knew that was the affiliate that I'm driving traffic in that blog post, she didn't have a whole bunch in there, she had maybe one or two, but I mean, doing the strategy. So it can be, you know, successful the other way where you are focusing on just one. But again, a lot of it too, will come back to the targeting, that we're getting the ad in front of the right people who are likely to be interested in the affiliate offer, right?

Kate Kordsmeier 26:28

Want to connect with other heart centered entrepreneurs? Don't forget to join the free Success with Soul Facebook community at, I go live often to answer your burning questions. Plus, you'll get to hang out with like minded bloggers and other heart centered online business owners exchanging priceless feedback, encouragement and other golden insights from the trenches. That's See you there.

Okay, this is really interesting. I've always just thought of ads more like to get people to a webinar and you know, opt into lead magnet, and then to get them in a sales funnel and re sell your own product. So let's talk about that other model, then, Joe, and what are the differences that you see in strategy there?

Monica Louie 27:22

Yeah, so that's where we are offering a lead magnet, whether that be a free webinar, you know, free challenge, maybe we have like a free download that initiate our email funnel. So you know, wherever that starting point, that's what we're going to be promoting in the ad the free offer. And so we'll drive traffic to that what I like to do so when it comes to targeting, targeting is a big piece of this. So we've got to have a great ad that's going to grab attention and get people to click over and opt in. But the targeting is a really key component as well. So when it comes to targeting, I like to use look alike audiences. If the goal is to grow our audience, then I like to use look alike audiences of people who have already taken the action that we want more people to take. So if we have a list of customers, you know, people who are on the have purchased through this funnel, or you know, that products that we're promoting at the end of the funnel, that is at least 100 people, then you can load that into Facebook, and then Facebook will match similar people, its users who are similar to those people who are your customers. So that works really well. And so look at that on any strategy, whether you're driving traffic to that blog post that we were talking about, then if that blog post is already getting decent traffic, I'll create a look alike audience of those specific blog post visitors. And I'm telling Facebook, you know, these are the people who've already purchased, clicked opted in whatever. And so help me find more of these people, because these are the ones that are that are doing what I want, you know, want people to do. Yeah, so um, so that's why I was targeting.

Kate Kordsmeier 29:02

So when would you recommend doing lookalike audiences, like have people so on your list already, or who have done like, versus me saying like, oh, Monique, has audiences similar to my audience, could I do a look alike of yours.

Monica Louie 29:19

So that's where that's the detailed targeting option. And this is where a lot of people start when it comes to targeting, because it's kind of cool that we can go you know, target Amy Porterfield or Pat Flynn downsample and get in front of their audiences. That's really kind of cool. Because you know, and we can do that because Facebook knows everything about us, it knows who we're following, and of course they have the pixel installed so it's collecting that data too. But I go there when I don't have a good source audiences called the source audience to create a look alike audience from or if I've test I'm testing a few look alike audiences, but I also know, you know, Amy Porterfield has my people. So I want to get in front of her audience, then I'll create kind of an avatar or like a profile of my avatar, with the detailed targeting options there. So I will add that in to supplement if I have more room in my budget to test. But I don't usually start there. Unless you're really just starting from scratch. You know, I just installed my pixel, my, you know, email list is just a baby email list. I don't get much engagement on social. I'm really just getting things off the ground, then that's where I will start there.

Kate Kordsmeier 30:29

Yeah. But if you if you have, if you have at least you said 100 customers say, so if I have I sell my course. And I could download my list of 100 customers upload it to Facebook and yes, do a look alike of these people.

Monica Louie 30:43

Yes, yes. Yeah. Yeah.

Kate Kordsmeier 30:45

Cool. Okay, so this brings me to the question, have you seen the social dilemma?

Monica Louie 30:52

The social dilemma?

Kate Kordsmeier 30:54

Yeah, it's a documentary, I think it's on Netflix.

Monica Louie 30:58

No, I have not.

Kate Kordsmeier 30:59

Okay. So you'll have to go watch it now. Okay, at home. It's basically, you know, talking about how social media as a whole is like the demise of our society and, and all of the problems that it's causing. But one of the big main ways that the documentary poses that it's a problem is that because these platforms like Facebook, or Instagram, or Pinterest, Twitter, have all of this data on us. And they can, they're feeding us information that they know we want. So in something like this, I'm like, this is great, because I personally am like, Yeah, when I'm shopping for baby clothes, and I get an ad for an acute baby store. I'm like, perfect. I never knew about this store. This is great. But in the documentary, they talk about how Well, yeah, but look at how something politically speaking might happen. If they know that you lean to the right, they're gonna serve you with right leaning things. versus if you go to the left, you're so we're like, we think that we all have the same reality. And we're looking at, at the people around us going, how, you know, we all have the same information, how can we feel this way, and they feel that way. But we don't all have the same information, right, so much are getting, you know, our news from social media, and it's being fed to us in this way, that is like pandering to our preferences. So maybe the question won't really land if you haven't seen it fully. But I'm curious if you have any initial thoughts off of my synopsis there.

Monica Louie 32:36

So I think I've heard the concept though, around that, you know, we're basically putting ourselves in our bubble, because Facebook knows what we like, you know, what we follow on Instagram. And so they're serving us more of the same. And so I think, you know, as advertisers that works to our benefit, because we know that Facebook, you know, most of the time, they get things wrong, for sure. Because I'll see some things come through my feed, sometimes I'm like, why does Facebook think I'm interested in that, you know, or they serve you your own ad? And you're like, man, so?

Kate Kordsmeier 33:10

Well, at least they know you're interested in it. Right?

Monica Louie 33:12

Yeah, you're interested in the topic. So you know, they don't i don't think they get it. 100%. Right. But they are serving us what it thinks we want to see. And so I think as advertisers that benefits us, I think for like on a, on a cultural level, I, you know, I haven't really thought about like, I don't like the idea of that we're creating our own separate bubbles. And, you know, we're not, we're not intermixing like, you know, it used to be we get the newspaper, and the same stories on the newspaper, no matter if you're on the left or the right, or whatever it is, you know, but because of the way the algorithms work, you know, what we wanted things we want to see. So, from an advertising standpoint, it's a good thing, because we know that our ads have more of a chance of hitting the right people, whereas opposed because I thought about the, you know, the ad blockers and things and it's like, you know, sometimes me as a consumer, I would like to turn that off just so I'm not distracted of things. But I also know that I'd rather be served ads that I might be interested in than the ads that I'm really not interested in. So that's my take on it. Of course, I know that I'm biased because I'm in this world of of helping others advertise online and I do it myself. So I want to get my message in front of the right people who are going to be likely to be interested. So I think they're, you know, it could be like a double edged sword where there's definitely a benefit, you know, you want to see cute baby clothes, so you're gonna get served cute baby clothes, and you know, but then on the other side, you might not be seeing something else that maybe you didn't know, you needed to see for lack of a better word. Oh, and that's

Kate Kordsmeier 34:54

I was so curious to get your opinion on it because when I was watching it, I did have this internal conflict of like, well shoot. I mean, both from a business owner, I love Facebook ads. And as a consumer, I really like the I mean, they work well. And I like being, like you said ads that oh, I actually am interested in this. But you know, it's interesting where they were talking about like the election at the 2016 election and saying, everybody says, you know, Russia hacked the elections, like Russia didn't hack the election or hack facebook, they just ran ads for fake news to certain people based off of what you know, they had told Facebook, yeah, this is what I'm into. And so when I know it is kind of like, Huh, so now what, because there's, that's scary, right? And then, actually no time when just we're so divided as a country. And hopefully that's changing soon. And, you know, I know, we're all we're all working on it. But I think it is an interesting dilemma for sure of its good and bad. And I guess a good lesson that nothing's black and white, nothing's better. All

Monica Louie 36:03

right, I think I think that's where I'm landing is that, you know, there's definitely can be benefits, but that like, just like with anything, right, with any tool, so I'm following Dave Ramsey, he would talk about how money you know, money could be used for good or for bad, right. And so but money itself is just a tool, and it depends on how you use it. So I feel like, you know, with Facebook advertising and Facebook as a platform and Instagram, that, you know, if I know that you're you know, heart centered entrepreneur, and I am too, and that's who I, you know, connect with. And so I think if we are using it in a way that we know, we have something that can help people then right, you know, then we don't need to feel worried about like about that. It could be a negative thing, because we know that we're using it. It because our you know in a right way because our hearts in the right place. Exactly. Yes. Such

Kate Kordsmeier 36:56

a good point. I think intention matters. Yeah. So much. Okay. Now, you said that you sold your blog. So I'm very interested to hear more about this process as well. What was it like? How long did you have your blog before you sold it? Was it hard to let go of your baby? Were you like I'm so ready to be done with this? Where did you land? I'm so interested in the story.

Monica Louie 37:18

Yeah. So I started my blog in January of 2015. And then the sale was final in November of 2016 really initiated guess beginning of October, it was pretty fast. And so and it was still a little blog, it was not a big a big blog like yours. But it was a little a little bitty blog. And so I had actually connected with somebody in the personal finance pays in the blogging space. And he we realized that we live close to each other. So we ended up having coffee one day. And he actually ended up becoming my first Facebook ads client later that kind of stemmed from that conversation. But we talked about blogging, and he has this portfolio of personal finance blogs. And he was always asking me, Monica, if you know of anybody who wants to sell your personal sell their personal finance blog, let me know, let me know. And I was like, Well, how often does that happen? And so you know what I was like, I will let you know. And so then when I started having this, like I start started feeling pulled to helping other people, because I'd started to work with other people kind of behind the scenes, I worked on on a on a very successful book launch, helping promote the launch and promote the get like, kind of activate the launch team and all of that. And that was really fun for me. And I and on a couple different strategies. And then I started working with other people. And I really liked helping other people, you know, build their brands and share their messages. And so I started to feel like well, maybe I could be a business coach or you know, something along those lines, because I really love it. But I also felt like but I have a baby blog. And so I just was starting to feel pulled to kind of help other people grow their businesses. So I went to fin con in 2016 for the first time. And are you familiar with fin con?

Kate Kordsmeier 39:04

I was gonna ask you I have wanted to go before but I'm not in the personal finance industry. And so I was always like, I don't know if this actually makes sense for me, but it always looks amazing.

Monica Louie 39:14

Yeah, it's an amazing conference. And I had heard about it, I think in 2015. So I kind of followed this was back in Periscope. I followed on Periscope when everybody was all in at fin con in 2015. But we were still like, you know, trying to save money at that time. So I was like, okay, 2016 is on for sure. So finally, I made it to fin con in 2016 with all these other people's money, we call ourselves money nerds. And it was just an amazing experience. But at that conference, I had four different conversations with four different people just kind of sharing a little bit about like, I feel I'm kind of pulled to help other people get their businesses off the ground or something along those lines. But I really didn't know what that would look like. And so do I continue building our debt free family that was the name of my blog, and you know, maybe like Make it a good, you know, consistent, like, just have it be like a separate income stream and while I pursue this new idea, or do I sell it? Do I, you know, what does that look like, and everybody encouraged me to kind of follow my heart if I was being pulled in that direction, to just kind of follow my heart. So at the end of fin con, actually left for the for, you know, my, my first time attending the the money conference, deciding to move on from my personal finance blog. So I reached out to James, and I said, you know, are you interested in my personal finance blog? And he was like, Yes, absolutely. And so then it was just really easy, because we already had this, you know, working relationship before. And so it was just really quick. And he had bought other personal finance blogs. And so he kind of just, you know, drafted the contract and everything and ended up making two payments. And then we were, we were done. And then it was kind of this weird transition a little bit. Like, once I was done, I felt good about knowing that I had this, you know, clean, clean slate, but also like, closure, yes, yes. Like this closure around our debt free family, and then like, okay, now I'm gonna see, you know, where my energy and you know, like, I could focus my energy on on my new path. And I didn't realize that was going to be Facebook ads until a couple months later. But anyways, so it was just really easy. But for a while, because I was the face of the brand. And I had a YouTube channel. And I was doing videos and stuff. My face was up there. And so as I started, you know, going more down this Facebook ads route, people were like, well, I see you over here, but are you doing Facebook ads? Are you doing? What's the deal? And I was like, No, I sold that. So it took him and his team a little while to like, kind of update it to remove my face. But it did feel nice to have that closer.

Kate Kordsmeier 41:41

Yeah, yeah, for sure. That was gonna be my next question was, how much of the face were you because I think a lot of bloggers listening are like, how could I sell? Like, who would want my blog? It's all me and my stories and my family, my pictures or you know, whatever. So how was that process? Yeah,

Monica Louie 41:59

so it was our debt free family is the name of the blog. And so it was all about my family getting out of bed. And so I had, you know, pictures of me and my little kids all over the blog. And I that felt weird to me to be, you know, letting somebody else take it, and run with it. And, but it was also, you know, coming back to the closure thing, it was also just kind of nice to just put an end to that. And then eventually our pictures did go away. And they he hired writers and stuff to kind of take it over. And it was very different than it did you know, today and so but it was just kind of like, okay, I just kind of had to accept like, it's going to be what it's going to be. And I don't have control over, you know, what he does with it or anything. But it was nice to get that closure. And also like, kind of, you know, get a little something for all the work that I had put into it.

Kate Kordsmeier 42:55

This episode is brought to you by Bluehost. If you want to start a blog or online business, what's the first thing you need a website, duh, I promise, it's easier than you think to get started, you simply need a name and a host. My favorite hosting service for beginners is Bluehost. Because it's the best cheapest and easiest option to get started. And when I say cheap, I mean, you can get started for just $2 and 95 cents per month when you use our special link. It's Not only that, but Bluehost gives you both your domain name and a security certificate for free and provides outstanding 24 seven customer support. To top it all off, they have a one click Install for WordPress, which could not be any easier. Plus Bluehost has a 30 day money back guarantee, just in case. Ready to get started. Head to Yeah, so I don't know if you're comfortable talking money about this. But I think, you know, I've looked into selling route and rebel in the past and have just explored different options. And you know, once you get to a certain point, you're like, do I want to keep going with this? Do I want to try something new? In my experience talking with a few brokers, it seemed like there was quite a wide range, but it was like two to five times your annual revenue is what you could sell it for. Was that about what you found? or How is your process? So

Monica Louie 44:29

I really lifted up to James to give me an offer because I was it wasn't a big blog, and it didn't have that kind of traffic, you know, traffic and traction that you have. And so I was just like, you know, whatever. Like, I was happy that he wanted to pay me something for it, honestly, right, you know, and it was nice to get a little something for all the work that I had put into it. And so I just let him make me an offer and I thought it sounded good. And then we just went from there. So that was very simple. And it wasn't like I That's I didn't feel like it was at the level where I could have and I didn't even know that was the thing to like, hire a broker, like I was very, you know, still new to the online world. And so I, I didn't know what my path would be if he had said, No, you know, I don't want, you know, I don't want it, then I probably would have just let it sit. And because I didn't really realize that there were other avenues that I could approach with it. So

Kate Kordsmeier 45:22

yeah, well, I don't have you know, much experience in this realm either. But I will say there adthrive as the network that the ad network that we use on Route and rebel for our display ads, and a lot of the Facebook group discussions and that for other adthrive bloggers is around selling blogs and buying and selling. And so it's interesting to see, you know, I think that's when it's like it had never even occurred to me like, Oh, I could sell

Monica Louie 45:48

Yeah, blah, then

Kate Kordsmeier 45:50

you just feel so personal that it just feels like I would either just stop doing it, or do it forever.

Monica Louie 45:57

Yeah. One of my, so one of my, she's my former team member, but a good friend. She actually did sell her blog that she had for several years, she looked going down the broker route, but she ended up selling it for nearly six figures. And then she wrote a book about it on on Amazon, so she might be a coffee. I'd have to look it up. But I can connect you with her. If you Oh, yeah. Said and, and having her on perhaps picking her up? Yeah, geez, she really looked into like all the different paths that were potential options for her.

Kate Kordsmeier 46:30

Yeah, I think that is interesting. Because there's something to have, like, I think a lot of bloggers are very passionate about one specific thing, and they could talk about it forever, which is great. Because if you're gonna blog for longer than a year, you need to be able to talk about it forever, and have just endless ideas and things to say about the topic. But I think a lot of other bloggers are like kind of serial entrepreneurs. And I think that or where it sounds like you and I definitely where I fall into is like I love like the challenge of something new and figuring out something else. And then kind of getting it to a point. And I think there's some times where I go like maybe it's at that point, maybe this is like a good place to close this chapter and do the next thing. Yeah, but it's really difficult. I just had Jada sellner was on the podcast a couple weeks ago. You know, she sold simple green smoothies to her business partner. It's a little bit of a different situation. But we talked a lot about kind of the energy around, well, I could stay on maybe I would just like have a portion of the profits. But I wouldn't really, you know, almost like be a board member or something like that. But I think there is something and maybe it's easier for men to do than women. I think women can't compartmentalize, as well. But yeah, it's it's so interesting to me to think about all the different avenues that you could take your business and

Monica Louie 47:53

yeah, for me, when I came home, when I was flying home from fin con and kind of hadn't come to this decision of like, Okay, I'm gonna move on from our debt free family. It kind of felt like a relief, even though it was a big part of my life in my world, you know, for the last, you know, nearly two years, it kind of felt like a relief to be like, Okay, I'm going to do that. And I'm going to move on, even though I didn't even, I mean, I hadn't even thought about selling it. I know. But I was struggling with like, I felt like there was still so much potential there that I didn't know if I should devote my time and energy toward it, you know, toward helping it grow. But then just kind of realizing like, Okay, I'm gonna move on whatever that looks like, and then just focus on my new thing that just kind of felt very, like kind of peaceful for me to be like, yeah, that decision.

Kate Kordsmeier 48:42

Yeah, I can see that for sure. So as we're coming up on the end here, I'd love to kind of bring it back full circle was just we're talking about selling a business. But let's go back to like the early days of a business. So I've been having this conversation with several friends of mine. And I'll use one of them. For example, she's been saying, okay, I want to create like a group coaching program or an online course. But I'm brand new. I don't you know, like, I just got my website up. What do I do first? Should I be blogging weekly? And trying to grow an audience organically and then launch? You know, in a year or two, should I launch immediately use Facebook ads, but I don't have any money yet? How could I pay for Facebook ads? And so I'm curious what your recommendation would be for somebody just starting out like that just

Monica Louie 49:34

starting out whether or not to use Facebook ads or just what they how they should kind of get things going. Well, I

Kate Kordsmeier 49:40

guess specifically towards Facebook ads, like do you feel like that's a good way to start a business or do you feel like you have to be at a certain place before Facebook ads could really work?

Monica Louie 49:50

Okay. So I think it's a matter of you know, do you have the money and budget to to invest in marketing and the time to figure it out. So if you can, some people Go into building a business and say I'm going to treat it like a business, I'm going to have this kind of budget for marketing, I know it's going to take a little bit, you know, and maybe that's, you know, some money and some time to invest in it, right. Or some of us, you know, just kind of stumble into it. And then we're like, oh, I guess I created a business, you know, and then kind of, you know, get serious about like, Alright, well, then I need to be focusing on these different areas. So I think if you're starting off in business, and you realize that you that you really want to go for it, and you have some budget, because many of us start without anything, you know, to put toward it. But if you do have some budget, and you want to learn Facebook ads to really help fuel the fire. I know many people have done that very successfully early on. Other people do wait until they kind of established themselves, they have a little bit of income coming in. And then they're like, okay, now I'm gonna reinvest some of it into Facebook ads. So I think it's really I would never encourage somebody to spend money on Facebook ads, when they just don't feel ready or money is tight, or, you know, they don't have the time because they're focused on maybe launching their podcast or, you know, getting their program off the ground or something like that. So I think we definitely have to have this the space and the time and the money for it. But it can be something that can really help to fuel the fire. If you get started early on, or if it comes in later, then that's perfectly fine, too. Yeah,

Kate Kordsmeier 51:20

I totally agree. It doesn't. I feel like with anything, there's no one one right way only for sure. But I think it is a good distinction. And what I kind of told her myself was, well, do you have more money? Or do you have more time right right now, right? Because if you have more time, and you can you're okay to wait and learn how to do things and maybe get more organic traffic focus on that with producing weekly blog content or a podcast or something? Great. that's a that's a good business model. But it's going to take you longer right to make a profit than if you just said, Okay, I'm going to take $5,000 over the next however long a month, six months, whatever, and try to use Facebook ads to to speed this process along, then I think, right. So I think it's just kind of balancing, you know, personally, which do you have more of money or time

Monica Louie 52:16

and that's one of the things I mean, I love so many things about Facebook ads, but that's one of the things that I really love about it, because I'm an introvert and so I like I love connecting with people in person. But like, like being everywhere on social, I feel like, you know, there's not a direct ROI for me, and I hate to like use that kind of term, but but like, Am I am I making progress? And am I building connection? Which is what you know, the goal is? Or is it having a direct, you know, impact on my bottom line? Am I really moving the needle, the needle for my business. And so Facebook ads, I mean, what if you can get very specific as to I am promoting this offer for this purpose. And I'm going to get it in front of these people who are likely to be interested. And then you can see the results right away. And you can see, we're going to be, you know, some edits and changes made to it. But it is a way to fast track it. And that like when I had, I was doing my webinar back with our debt free family, I knew I was going to do a webinar, I had really low traffic. You know, my Facebook page was just beginning to grow. And but I had an important message to share. And so I was like, I'm gonna, I'm gonna do it, because I know that I can get in front of the right people with this method. And sure enough, I did.

Kate Kordsmeier 53:26

Yeah. So were you selling something on the webinar? Or you were just getting people into on your list?

Monica Louie 53:32

Yeah, so I was using it to grow my list. But also then I was offering my coaching program on the back end of it. And the second time I repurposed it into kind of a group coaching format. So yeah, so I definitely had an offer on the back end of it. So there was that, you know, the revenue potential?

Kate Kordsmeier 53:48

Yeah. And I mean, I think, also, you may not have a ton of money or time. And so using a combination of the two makes sense to like, I always recommend, I think you should have free weekly content of some source podcasts, YouTube blog, or even just weekly emails, all that you have to have people on your email list actually get emails. And then you can like you said, maybe you have a smaller budget, but you can fast track some of that growth for things. Yeah, why use ads and I think it's really important to what you said about like you're an introvert and marketing based on your personality type. So we had an episode with Brett colo, that's all about this. She has a company called marketing personalities, because what works for one person isn't going to work for another and I'm like, you like spending much more than five minutes a day on social media makes me crazy. So I'm like, I that's not how I want to show up in my marketing. It doesn't feel aligned to me, but I can create an ad and then let that do the work. You know, that worked for me and then I'll nurture my audience once once we're already in connection. Absolutely.

Monica Louie 55:00


Kate Kordsmeier 55:01

yeah. Okay, so we're coming up on the end here, I have a couple lightning round questions that we ask everybody. So we'll just go through those pretty quick. What's your favorite way to make time for self care while running your business?

Monica Louie 55:16

So I love to workout and so I try and do it daily weather I try and get it done in the morning before I really even start my workday. As soon as the kids get on the bus. They get on the bus pretty early to go to school. And so then I kind of have peaceful time in the in the house. And so I like to get my workout done in the morning. If not, then I to kind of wrap up the day with a with a good workout.

Kate Kordsmeier 55:38

Yeah, what kind of workouts do you like to do?

Monica Louie 55:41

So I have Jillian Michaels DVDs from way back when and oh my god. So Julian like workout. But then like, if I want to mix it up a little bit, then I've got the Beachbody subscription. And so there's like tons of programs on there. So if I have a little bit of time, I can find something if I have a lot more time than I can find something. And so that kind of helps adding in. But I love I love Jillian Michaels programs, so I kind of that's always my default to go back to.

Kate Kordsmeier 56:06

Yeah, oh my gosh, it's so funny. I used to do her workouts all the time. Now I don't have a DVD player anymore.

Monica Louie 56:12

I'm like, we realized we need to not get rid of this because then I won't be able to use them my Julian

Kate Kordsmeier 56:21

so funny. Um, what's one tool or strategy that you use to help with time management.

Monica Louie 56:27

So I like to schedule everything on my calendar. So I obviously put meetings on my calendar, but then I like to schedule in tasks, and when I'm going to get something done, and then when I do this, like, then I can see Am I being realistic with my time, my adding in time for lunch every day? am I adding in like a stopping point of like when I'm going to go, you know, step away and spend time with my family in the evenings. And so I and then you can just see, because we think oftentimes we can do so much more than we actually have time to. And so then I can see like, Okay, well, this just just gonna have to move, or I need to kind of limit my availability for external meetings or, you know, adding things to my calendar, because I've got this project I really need to focus on over the next couple of weeks. So that really kind of helps me feel more in control. Because there can be so many opportunities that come our way as we're growing. And we want to say yes to everything. But then when you look at it, you know, realistically, how much do I really have time for with my priorities that I'm working on right now?

Kate Kordsmeier 57:25

Yeah, it's so true. What's one of the most powerful business or mindset books that you've ever read? Or maybe just one you've read recently? Sure.

Monica Louie 57:35

Okay. So for mindset, what really, really connected with me was when I read grit by Angela Duckworth, and it's not really just for entrepreneurs, but I think it can be great for those of us who are parents and wanting to teach perseverance, you know, and so perseverance and our children. So it's a really, really great book, for that purpose of just like, you know, no matter what happens, if you've got a goal, then you can keep going. And you know, there may be challenges ahead, but you can keep going. So I really, really like that one for the Can I share for the marketing side of things? Yeah. Okay. So for the marketing side of things, building a story brand by Donald Miller is a fantastic book, highly recommend it. And that's actually the process that we use in our agency to understand our clients avatar, or sometimes they have multiple avatars and understand their offerings, and so that we can authentically position know how to position those offerings to the avatar. So I think that's a great book that every business should be using.

Kate Kordsmeier 58:38

Yeah, for sure. I'm gonna add grit to my list. I haven't heard of that one before. Let's see, okay, do you have like a mantra or an affirmation or even a quote that you're telling yourself these days.

Monica Louie 58:51

So growing up, I would always tell myself, I was very, very ambitious, you know, good student, I always wanted to get an A in the class. And so I would tell myself that if it's possible for anyone to do it, then it's possible for me. And so I still kind of live that to this day, as I you know, and shoot for goals in my business, that I know something is possible, then I can make it work for me, I just need to figure it out. And that kind of goes along with Facebook ads, a lot of times people will try Facebook ads, and they'll get discouraged because they don't get the results they're looking for. And they feel like they're wasting money. But my most successful clients and my friends in the online space are the ones that you know, commit to a strategy, whether it's Facebook ads or something else, and they see that there's potential there. And then it's just about figuring out how to make it work for them. So that's something that I'm always looking to instill in my business and hopefully help others with too.

Kate Kordsmeier 59:43

Yeah, so good. Oh,

last one. I

forgot. The podcast is obviously called Success with Soul. What does Success with Soul mean to you?

Monica Louie 59:51

Success with Soul to me it means being authentic to myself as I grow my business and doing it like you mentioned, you know, in the way that works for me, but then also in who I want to help, and hopefully, you know, then I connect with the right people who are who are looking for my help, and who are meant to be in my world. And so my team and I, we are always saying that we help people who help people. So initially, you know, I started off wanting to help other people get out of debt and really make this change in their lives. And now I'm so grateful that I have the business that I do, because I get to help other amazing business owners help so many other people in you know what they do. So I feel like it the the ripple effect is just expanding exponentially. And so that's what that means to me being authentic, but then also helping people in the way that you really, you know, truly want to help people. So beautiful.

Kate Kordsmeier 1:00:43

I love that we help people who help people. I love it. So good. Okay, Monica, where can everybody find you?

Monica Louie 1:00:51

Yes. So I'd love to offer my free Facebook ads starter kit to your audience. if that works. That's it's my free guide that offers the six simple steps to creating campaigns that convert, plus there's a glossary. So some of the terms that maybe I've said today, like, you know, if you're not exactly sure what I was talking about, there's a glossary of key terms in there and a checklist because I love checklists and being organized going into the ads manager. So they can find that at And then I'm on Instagram and Facebook @ flourishwithMonica. My website is Monica Louie. Oh, I'm also at flourish to seven figures podcast. It's my podcast.

Kate Kordsmeier 1:01:29

Yeah. Awesome. Thank you so much for being here and for sharing that gift with everybody. So appreciate.

Monica Louie 1:01:36

Oh, thank you so much for having me. Always great to chat with you. You too.

Kate Kordsmeier 1:01:44

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