064: Can You Really Practice Conscious Capitalism? with Lauren Elizabeth

July 1, 2021

Kate Kordsmeier



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  1. CN Wood says:

    An excellent episode that truly resonated with me. I’m all about making a profit, running my own business, which means convincing clients that what I have to offer is worth their time and money. But I’ve often wondered, is that all my business can be? All it can mean? This episode has made me realize that what I personally stand for and my business can be one — that they don’t have to be separate parts of my identity. This episode has also brought more clarity and focus about being authentically me with other people and not just when I’m alone (i.e.. fuck is a part of my vocabulary when I’m alone). I don’t have to be all things to all people, something that can be so tiring and its own form of prison. Lots to think about. Thank you.

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