3 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets to Profitable Blogging

003: Part 1, Why I Don’t Believe in Hustle

There is so much talk these days about hustle. Everyone's got a 'side hustle'. We hear so many messages about hustling: it's what the successful people do. If you want to be successful, they say, you gotta work harder than everyone else and at the expense of everything else. Sacrifice, long hours ... READ the POST

002: Is Blogging Dead? 9 Reasons to Start a Blog TODAY!

Fake News Alert! Blogging is dead. I know what you're thinking... Wait, are blogs still a thing? Do people still read blogs? Is blogging worth it? How do I make money blogging? Are blogs dead? I know some “experts” out there are claiming nobody reads blogs anymore, or others who admit they’ve ... READ the POST

Lifestyle Blog Income Report for March 2020: $23,491+

How do lifestyle blogs make money? In my Blog Income Report for March 2020, I'm sharing how to start a successful lifestyle blog that can run itself. I should know! I earned $23,491.76 in just one month from a combination of Adthrive display ads on Wordpress, affiliate marketing (read: passive ... READ the POST

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